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The Amarey A800 delivers high performance, whilst being a bargain, budget price!

Amarey Robot Vacuum , 1400PA Powerful Suction Robot Vacuums with Schedule Cleaning, Self-charging, 360°Anti-Collision & Anti Drop, Multiple Cleaning Modes Robot Vacuum, Best for Pet Hair, Hard Floor & Carpet.

Amarey A800 Robot Vacuum - Super Suction Robotic Vacuum Cleaner, Long Lasting, Timer Function, Self-Charging, Multiple Cleaning Modes, Amarey Robot Vacuum Cleaner for Pet Hair, Hard Floor, Carpet
  • SUPER STRONG VACUUM SUCTION: With 1400PA powerful suction, Amarey A800 robot vacuum is perfect to clean annoying pet or human hair, dust, debris on carpet or hard floor. The robotic vacuum cleaner also has a large-capacity dustbin (20oz) which avoid using plastic garbage bags. Comparing with traditional vacuum cleaner, this robot vacuum cleaner will stay quiet (under 58 db) when it's cleaning.
  • FREE FLOOR TRANSITION & INTELLIGENT SENSOR: You don't need to babysit your vacuum cleaner, this auto vacuum can fix problems by itself. It has excellent off roading capability, which means that it can traverse different floor types without needing help. Adopting 360° anti-Collision and anti-drop technology, this hardwood floor vacuum can effectively prevent any unnecessary crash and drop. In this way, Amarey A800 robot vacuum is able to clean between wood floor, tile, and carpet.
  • MULTIPLE CLEANING MODES & CLEANING SCHEDULE: Adopting 4 cleaning modes which are automatic, spot, max vacuuming and edge cleaning, this automatic robot vacuum cleaner can be adjusted by the Remote Control in order to fulfill your different needs. You can also set schedules for this robot vacuum to wake up and start a cleaning job, so that it can start working while you're out of the house.
  • SUPER THIN & TTRIPLE FILTERS: The pet hair robot vacuum is fairly compact (2.7inch super thin ). It's able to travel underneath most couches, tables and beds to clean hidden area. This robot vacuum use triple filters(washable Pre-filter/Sponge/ High-efficiency filter), side brushes, and spinning brushes that will do an equally good job of cleaning your home.
  • LONG WORKING TIME & SELF-CHARGING: Powered by a 2600mAh high-capacity Li-ion battery, this robot vacuum cleaner can work up to 100 minutes when fully charged, which means it clean a house of 1400 sq.ft continuously at a time. Amarey A800 robot vacuum will return to its charging dock automatically before it runs out of juice or after finishing its cleaning.

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The Amarey A800 delivers high performance, whilst being a bargain, budget price!

Amarey A800Welcome to the best reviews on the internet! In this review, we will give you the highs and lows of this robotic tool.

There are an amazing amount of robot vacuums available on the market. Many are from household names, but there are still many from smaller, less recognised companies.

It is very surprising then to say that many of the better robotic tools comes from the latter camp. Take for instance the Amarey A800, a name you probably have not heard of before. It is a name that might not even ring bells to the most tech savvy of purchasers.

Wait right there before you write off this little stunner of a robovac.

This bare-to-the-bones budget vacuum gives a cleaning performance that is on a par with the top models. It is at present our current, top choice and best robotic vacuum for picking up pet hair.

The Amarey A800 - 3
Apart from the Amarey Logo that adorns the A800 tempered glass top, there really looks like nothing that separates this from a dozen other models. It has the usual black finish and circular design, standard for budget-priced robotic vacuums. It does however have an uncommonly slim profile. Measuring at just 2.7 inches in height and 12.7 inches diameter.

The Amarey A800 has a powerful 1400Pa suction action. This in turn pairs with the triple filter system. This system ensures everything – including the notorious stubborn pet hair gets sucked up into the 0.5l dustbin.

The vacuum has 4 modes for cleaning: single room; edge, spot and auto. These are all activated by the remote control. The remote can also set scheduled cleaning sessions.

The Amarey A800 - 2


The A800’s 1400Pa suction powers through even the most stubborn pet hair.

It takes the A800 about 100-120 minutes to get a full charge. It also returns to its docking point for recharging, when the battery runs low.

The ideal setting that is most expedient is the auto mode. This will let the robotic tool switch between its various cleaning styles as they are needed. If you have a large spillage or a, bothersome area for pet hair, this technological tool will make simple work of these areas via the spot clean.

Many of the purchasers we polled said that the A800 is exceptionally quiet. Amarey say the tool operates at a mere 58db, which is not enough to drown out the conversation, or even wake anyone from a nap.

They have also noted its navigational skills, where it moves in a methodical path throughout your rooms. It avoids collisions with a gentle tap of its sensor bumper. You will find this robovac smoothly transitions from carpet to hard floors. A couple purchasers did say the device became stuck when it tried to squeeze between the bathroom wall and the toilet.

You will like many purchasers of this bargain budgeted tool go for the auto mode of cleaning. You will however, find that the other functions such as spot and single room cleaning come in well handy also. You will find in spot mode that it is superb for concentrated spills. All you need do is set the robotic vacuum on the area, push the button. It will then spiral out 3 feet and then back towards its starting point for a more intense cleaning action. In single room mode, the tool will clean a room for 30 minutes, which is great for the first few times you use it.

The verdict.

Its nimble navigation means that you don’t have to constantly monitor it. You can also wave goodbye to your stick or upright, other than for spring cleaning. The A800 easily outdoes its competitors where pet hair is a concern.

Someone even compared the Amarey A800 as being better than an iRobot and the Roomba. She has been using those models for the last 10 years. She went on to say that it is quieter and seems much more efficient in what it does.

After you unpack this handy robotic tool, you like other people might find that the vacuum can in fact last for 130 minutes, before returning to its charging station. You will have no problems setting up this robovac, it’s a doddle.

One of the main things the Amarey A800 does exceptionally well is that is gives you fantastic cleaning action, all across the different surfaces.  Some of this is because of the sensors. They encompass the entire all-round viewing span of the robotic tool. This allowing it much easier for the A800 to avoid collisions and also avoid it crashing down the stairs.

The only flaw that we can find with the Amarey A800 is that it does not have Smartphone capabilities. Many devices offer its usage with Smart devices such as Amazon Echo or Alexa. However, the A800 does not offer any of the functions.

The Amarey A800 - 4

The Amarey A800 is top in its class.

All-in-all this robotic vacuum cleaner offers an unbeatable suction power in its price range. What more could you ask for in a robot! Although it may not be for the high-tech gadget collector, it certainly should be the one to consider today. That is if you are seriously thinking about purchasing one. If you are, think carefully because you cannot go wrong with purchasing this one. Rated at 4 to 5-stars by 89% of purchasers to date in our continuing poll.

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