Do steam mops cause grout damage?

In the last couple decades, steam mops have grown in popularity quicker than any other floor cleaning machine. A few brands have become household names because of the popularity of steam mops like Bissell, Shark, and O-Cedar. While using a steamer mop for your floors is good for people that are looking to sanitize and … Read more

How to clean large areas of grout?

How to Clean Large Areas Of Grout

Household chores aren’t the most glamorous job, but if you’re cleaning large areas of grout, you might want to get the cleaning done as quick as possible. It’s a full time job trying to keep your grout clean, especially if its in a high traffic area. Sometimes, it’s difficult to tell what the original colour … Read more

The best machines to clean tile floors.

Cleaning floors is a really boring chore that many of us dislike having to do. In today’s world, cleaning up and getting chores done can be completed faster than ever with the help of machines and floor cleaners like this one. You can find so many floor care tools, that you won’t have to worry … Read more

The best way to clean grout and tile floors

best way to clean grout and tile floors

Let’s face it; when was the last time you got on your hands and knees and scrubbed your grout and tile to perfection? A couple of months? A couple of years? Never? With the current COVID-19 situation, it’s important to keep clean. Although you can’t “catch” a virus, dirty floors will make you sick one … Read more