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How to avoid toxins with steam cleaners

Toxins can be defined as poisonous substances and are normally caused by micro-organisms such as bacteria. Their side effects can be diseases. In our houses, toxins are caused by so many substances that are normally not clean. A dirty environment is a good host of these dangerous micro-organisms. Meaning that the best way to fight them is through constant cleanliness of the house. This is true to some extent, but some cannot be removed by the mere cleaning process. That’s why we resolve to use chemicals that can remove these micro-organisms. The best way is by using a steam cleaner. It’s one of the best cleaning devices that can clean any part of the house. By now, your mind is awash with questions such as what is a steam cleaner? Should I go for it? How does it work? How does it fight toxins? Relax, I will help you tackle these questions in a short while. Simply read this article, and you will be amazed by this cleaning device.

What is a steam cleaner?

The most common question that you probably have. Most of the cleaning apparatus derive their name from how they use to clean. A good analogy is the vacuum cleaner, which creates a vacuum and applies suction pressure to remove dust particles from surfaces such as carpets. A steam cleaner is also named using the same way. It makes use of steam to clean the house. The amazing part is that it does not require any further addition of chemicals, only water. 

How does it work?

A steam cleaner has a coil that it uses to heat the water until it produces steam. The period that it heats the water generally depends on the model that you already have. Some will take the shortest time, but others will take a longer time. Whatever time they take, they all function the same. I presume you are an impatient type of guy like me. I would prefer the one that takes a very short time. As soon as the water is heated, it’s transferred to the nozzle, which releases the steam on the floor.

How does it fight toxins?

Well, nearly everywhere that we step into the house can house micro-organisms such as bacteria and fungus. Examples are our carpets, bathrooms, and the kitchen. Our carpets, for example, is where our shoes normal step into. Our shoes are the carriers of so many germs. Its why others prefer that shoes be left out of the house. This is a good preventive way, but it is not 100% guaranteed. Some will still manage to get into the house. Even so, it’s not a guarantee that germs won’t get into your kitchen.

Using a steam cleaner is a good alternative that works well if the guidelines of using it are followed to the letter. In addition, it will make your floors, carpets, and kitchen look very clean. Steam, in general, has a temperature of above 100degrees Celsius. At this temperature, very few micro-organisms can survive. This makes it a good way of eliminating these types of micro-organisms. Thus any toxic side effects that could have arisen are prevented.

In terms of fighting the toxins, it a very safe way. There are no other chemicals that are used. Only water is needed. Thus reducing any allergic reaction, you might have.

Does steam cleaners have any side effects?

No, they do not have any side effects. For instance, you won’t expect your carpet to be bleached or so. In addition, it’s a very slow and gentle way of cleaning your carpet. So in no way will your carpet be spoiled in the cleaning process.

What type of steam cleaner should I buy?

The truth is there are so many steam cleaners out there that can be used to clean every part of the house. An example is an upholstery steam cleaner that cleans only the upholstery. Always ask an expert before you purchase the one suited to your needs. In addition, sometimes, you could add certain attachments to help you reach certain places. To use a steam cleaner does not necessarily mean that you can buy one, there is an option to rent one and use it. Again always select portable steam cleaners. They are easier to use as compared to large and heavyweight steam cleaners.

What other options do you have for removing toxins?

When it comes to home-made ways of fighting toxins, there are a lot. They can provide a good alternative to using a steam cleaner, which is, at times, expensive. Here are the alternatives that you can use:

  1. Using baking soda to clean areas such as carpets. It helps to remove the bad smell that comes with a stained carpet.
  2. Use hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide has a lot of applications; a common case is to remove germs from wounds. In the same way, it can be used on the floor. It might even bleach the carpet, so it has to be applied sparingly and with a lot of caution.


Fighting toxins when they have already caused side effects such as diseases can be expensive. All of this can be reduced by applying prevention methods. The best way is to maintain a high cleaning standard. This will ensure that you remain healthy. But this needs to be done with the appropriate tools a steam cleaner is a good way of avoiding toxins, which is why you should use it. It will save you a lot, especially if used in the right way, always follow the instructions that come with it, or seek the help of a professional.