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Make your choice…Will it be laminate or Hardwood?

When making the important and exciting decision between laminate flooring and hardwood flooring there are many noteworthy factors to consider when making your exciting new choice for your home! You will first want to consider what factors are most important to you and what process you will prefer with your flooring choice. Is budget and cost at the forefront of your consideration and decision ? Is durability and ease of installation of utmost importance to you? Well, there are definitely many factors to consider when making the important choice of which flooring type to choose for your home. We will take a look at all of the factors to consider and examine the benefits and potential downside of both choices so you can make an informed decision that will benefit you and your home in the short and long term throughout the duration of your housing experience.

Why is laminate flooring a great option for your new home?

Laminate flooring has many positive points! It is beautiful to start with and in addition to the attractive look for the floor it can be an extremely durable choice considering it’s materials. Laminate floor can actually hold up when it comes to day to day wear and tear throughout your home. Laminate floor is actually known for its extreme durability which is fantastic and can prove to be very beneficial for your home. Laminate floor has the ability and built in properties that shield it from spills and allow spills and messes to be easily cleaned from its surface. This proves to be extremely beneficial when it comes to areas of your home where water is or where the potential of spills is more likely. In areas such as a high traffic, high activity kitchen area laminate flooring may be your perfect flooring option choice! If a child spills their cereal or a grape juice out of a glass it can be easily cleaned and picked dup with the proper cleaning method and process. If the area is a bathroom water spills have the potential to be more likely so a laminate floor in this area can prove to be super beneficial and a wise choice overall. You will want to consider these factors when deciding upon a laminate flooring surface. When doing a general clean of your laminate floor the process has proven to be super easy and highly methodical and easy to perform and remember throughout the life span of the floor. The process is quick and simple if administered accurately, properly and in order. You simply start with a dry sweep of the floor to remove all dirt, grime and particles. You can complete this first step with either a traditional broom and dustpan or you can use a more advanced method and choose an actual vacuum to ensure that the floor’s surface is upper clean and free of all loose debris before administering the rest of the general clean process. Next you will choose a best laminate floor cleaner specifically designed for laminate floors. If the product is made for both hardwood and laminate surfaces this is also acceptable. Then you will finish off the clean with a shine solution using a microfiber sloth, dry swiffer or sponge. You will always want to skip any type of buffing process with your laminate flooring as this is definitely not a necessary or effective method.

The next factor that you will consider when deciding upon laminate flooring is the cost of the floor. This is an extremely affordable option as opposed to other flooring options especially hardwood options. If cost effectiveness is of utmost importance to you when choosing your floor type you will definitely want to consider laminate flooring. If you spare the costs by choosing this flooring type then you are able to have a free budget to spend more freely in other areas of your home when doing a remodel or setting up your newly built or acquired home. Extra money in your pocket and in your budget in general can never hurt but only enhance all of your other home projects and possibilities to make your house look and feel as good as it can! Being frugal when it comes to your flooring is a great consideration especially when the flooring option is a durable and long lasting one with easy upkeep. A all of these properties describe a laminate flooring option. You can get the absolute best quality on a budget that is affordable for your pocket book.

Another interesting factor to consider is the installation of the laminate floor if you are a do it yourself type of person. If you plan to take on the project of installing your new laminate floor on your own without the aid of a professional then a laminate floor can prove to be the best option for you by far. It is overall a simple installation process with the ease of installation process. This floor is perfect to install if you are looking for a timely option for installation. The process can be very simple. All installation instructions are simple enough that they come with every floor purchase and are generally very easy to follow. You will simply start by tearing out the old floor, clean the cement, lay the new floor in plank pieces and clean and there you have it! Done! There are even cases where you don’t even need to tear out the old flooring but can lay the laminate planks directly on top of the old floor. This can mean it can be an even quicker more simple process than ever!

Hardwood Options

Now let’s take a quick look at the Hardwood counterpart option. Hardwood is a beautiful option if you are looking for the real thing and only the real thing. You will definitely dish out more cash with this flooring option but it is by far the most genuine and authentic choice and some even believe it to be the most attractive looking option because of its natural appeal and various tones , textures and types of wood. Hardwood is definitely known to be the highest quality type of flooring on the market and this factor can be of utmost importance to some and maybe even the masses. Hardwood is the real deal indeed and can prove itself to be very durable lasting throughout the years of a home’s general lifespan and lasting and holding up throughout the generations. Hardwood is generally found in older homes and can definitely be installed in newer homes for the same type of genuine appeal. The look of hardwood is truly beautiful and natural and cannot be compared. Laminate flooring is simply a mixture of hardwood and other materials but hardwood is pure and raw wood material which is an attractive feature for some.  Hardwood is definitely not the most cost effective option and can definitely prove itself to be in fact the most expensive option. This floor is highly durable which is an amazing feature and well worth the investment and initial cost. You will probably not need to repair hardwood as opposed to other flooring types that may not be able to hold up to wear and tear as well. There are lot of hardwood floor cleaning machines in the market which are bit expensive than laminate floor cleaner. So, Hardwood is definitely the most expensive option as well!