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Best bObi Pet Robotic Vacuum Cleaner, Mint.

bObi Pet Robotic Vacuum Cleaner, Mint
  • bObi features luxurious looks in a compact design. Silicone touch sensors and embedded wall sensor allow soft, bumper-less detection and navigation.
  • Back-to-back rubber and bristle brushes scoop in extra dirt and scraps. Rinse bObi's fully washable dustbin for easy maintenance and a complete clean.
  • bObi comes with a FullCommand remote to give you control of navigation and schedule automatic cleaning for up to 7 days.
  • bObi blOck creates an invisible wall so you can section off a space.
  • bObi is backed by a 2-year limited warranty, 5 years of subsidized service, and an amazing, US-based support team.

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Do you want a pet hair buster without all the hard work? Find out whether the bObi is for you!

The bObi is the name this robotic vacuum tool goes by. This is the latest in the range of robovacs made by bObsweep.

This one in their range has several features. This includes an improvement to its algorithm and more sensors to help it to better avoid any obstacles. It has a UV sterilisation feature, that can be disinfect via the use of ultraviolet rays. This robotic tool is made in Canada. It is not only capable of being a vacuum cleaner but also it can be used for mopping.

Can these features – on the bObi – be enough to challenge the market leaders Roomba and Neato?

bObi Pet Robotic Vacuum featuresThere have been many challengers to Roomba in recent years, but none have matched them, in terms of price and cleaning performance. Neato has come close, but it does lack the equivalence of the Virtual wall. This blocks areas you deem as off-limits.

This particular bObsweep robot cleaner has been especially designed for the clean-up of pet hair. This pet hair trapping is by the two counter rotating bristle brushes. These work in conjunction with a squeegee brush that has been designed to pick up litter and pet hair.

  • It has a massive 5-in-1 functionality. A disinfecting, mopping, vacuuming, sweeping and air purification.
  • bObi block acts as a Virtual wall that stops the tool from entering areas you don’t want it to enter.
  • Has 80 sensors that include edge and wall sensors.
  • Washable dust bin.
  • Equipped with a HEPA filtration device.

Here are the Pros

  • Moping feature for kitchen tiles as a maintenance tool.
  • Low profile that will reach under beds.

And the Cons

  • Cannot clean deep pile carpets.
  • Weak motor.
  • Smallish dust bin.

What to expect from the hair buster!

You could call this overkill, but all the brushes on this unit are necessary, to make up for the weak motor. These brushes also help out with agitation, but this just is not a heavy-duty floor cleaning machine.

Like most robotic vacuums, this one is more for maintenance cleaning, that needs to be carried out daily.

The bObi tool comes with a remote control, that allows the purchaser of this tool to schedule cleaning, select cleaning mode and control the tool manually.

The robotic vacuum only has two cleaning modes – the Waffle and Go modes. The default cleaning mode is Go, while Waffle is for spot cleaning a 3-foot area.  The experts recommend when running the device in the default mode that you do not interrupt it, unless it encounters an obstacle. As with all robovacs, your home needs to be robot-proofed. By this we mean that the tassels to carpets must be tucked away and so must wires and cables. This type of obstruction can cause the robovac to stop in its tracks, especially rug tassels.

It has one other button on its top surface, Juice. This button sends the robotic tool back to its charging dock. Also note that the bObi returns automatically once the battery reaches 15% power left.

This device does need some assembly, when taken out of the box. Firstly, you will need to flip it over, then use a screwdriver to remove the battery cover. This is so as the NiCad batteries can be attached before you can use the device.

This robotic vacuum mop comes in a stylish glossy silicone finish. On this surface are just the 3 action buttons.

Functioning of the bObi.

The bObi comes with a mop function.

It comes with a small microfibre pad for the use of mopping tiles, linoleum and hardwood. This is for maintenance daily cleaning, rather than heavily soiled areas.

UV cleaning action.

This is a unique feature that is not available in other robot vacuums. That feature is its disinfecting capabilities through its use of an ultraviolet ray.

Now whether or not this feature really disinfects is up for debate, but apparently UV is a direct source of energy from the sunshine.


According to bObsweep, the bObi pet hair has a newly updated navigation program that is more efficient. This makes for fewer passes and with more sensors. A total of 80.

5 of those sensors are for wall detection. This prevents ruining to your wallpaper or baseboards. It also has a cliff sensor for the prevention of it falling down the stairs.

There have been reports about this item saying that the sensors do not pick up on glossy black or chrome furniture. This causes the device to crash into these types of furniture. You have been warned.

Hard floors and tiles?

Thanks to the mopping feature you will have no problems with these surfaces.

The vacuum’s motor is not as strong as a stick or upright. This causes it to rely on the squeegee part of the brush to clean up debris, such as, dust and pet hair. It might however struggle with large pieces of debris. This is because on bare floors the motorised brush and side brush tend to fling these larger objects away.


Because of its agitation method in the presence of its bristled and squeegee brushes this robotic tool cleans carpets well. However, it lacks power to get deep down in heavy pile carpets.

Pet hair.

This is the area that it is designed for. Absolutely an effective robot vacuum to clean pet hair. We have had reports that once heavy soiling of pet hair is removed, the bObi can pretty much take care of its daily cleaning.

Scheduled cleaning action!

bObi will allow for the scheduling of exactly what time you want it to start automatically cleaning.

All-in-all this is an ideal best robot vacuum cleaner for a first-time buyer. Simple functioning, if you do not mind connecting the battery. It is one of the cheapest robotic vacuum cleaners, we have found on the market.


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