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World’s Best Handheld Steam Cleaners for Grout, That You Can Actually Afford to Buy!

Let’s face it, we’ve all had grubby grout in our homes at some time, but it doesn’t have to be that way! Kitchen and bathroom tiles can be difficult to maintain, especially with conventional products and tools. You may have spent hours on your hands and knees scrubbing away while risking back and knee pain only to achieve less than satisfying results. If you have any tiled surfaces in your home, then you will know exactly how difficult it can be to keep your grout looking sparkling clean. If you can relate, then this article is for you! A steam cleaner for grout might just be the answer you’ve been looking for, but with so many options on the market, it can be hard to know which really does the job and which is just right for your needs.

Steam cleaners offer a chemical-free alternative to toxic household cleaners, without lacking in power or effectiveness. In fact, steam cleaning not only leaves surfaces sparkling, but they also decontaminate, sanitize, and are much safer for those in your household and the environment! If you have already read some handheld steam cleaner reviews before, then you may have noticed that one of the most common points of praise is that they actually require much less effort to operate as the hot, pressurized steam does much of the hard work for you, blasting through tough stains. Steam floor cleaners are versatile appliances, perfect for hardwood floors, laminate floors, linoleum, and yes, even tiles and grout.

With the current COVID-19 situation, people are very worried about killing the virus. However, we are here to alleviate your stress! Viruses are not alive, and therefore cannot be killed; the best way to prevent yourself from getting sick is keeping your immune system at its best and covering your cough and sneezes as well as staying away from sick people.

To keep your immune system healthy, it is important for your environment to be clean and pollutant-free; your insides reflect your environment!

In this article, we’ll go over the best handheld steamers for cleaning grout as well as tips and tricks on how to use them effectively

Here are the Top-Rated & Best Selling Handheld Steam Cleaners for Grout:

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Bissell Slim PowerFresh

The Bissell Slim PowerFresh Steam Cleaner is the best handheld steam cleaners for grout and tiles due to its multipurpose capabilities and smart 3-in-1 design. It can be used as an upright steam mop for your tiled floors, the extension wand lets you reach into tight corners and higher areas, and the handheld cleaner makes it even more portable around the home for quick passes. It also includes a number of handy accessories and attachments which conveniently fit into the onboard tool kit, meaning they are always there when needed. They include an angle tool, a flat scraper tool, a bristle scrub brush, and a grout tool, making it an easy choice for a tile steam cleaner.

BISSELL Powerfresh Slim Steam Mop, 2075A
  • Every BISSELL purchase helps save pets. BISSELL proudly supports BISSELL Pet Foundation and its mission to help save homeless pets..Power source type: Corded
  • Powerful handheld steam cleaner and steam mop in one
  • Clean and sanitize sealed hard floors without the use of harsh chemicals; eliminate 99. 9 percent of germs and bacteria with the natural power of steam
  • Superior clean above floors with the extension tube and extra-long 25 ft power cord to reach those difficult areas in your home
  • On board storage kit allows you to carry tools while you steam clean - grout tool, angle tool, flat scrapper tool, bristle scrub brush

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LIGHT and EASY Steam Cleaner

The LIGHT ‘N’ EASY Steam Cleaner is a fantastic tool for use around the home. Perfect for removing dirt, grime, and stains from a range of surfaces including bathrooms, kitchens, and soft furnishings. As the name suggests, the LIGHT ‘N’ EASY Steam Mop is extremely user-friendly and isn’t bulky or cumbersome so it can be stored away tidily when not in use.

This model offers the added benefit of a mop steamer and handheld steam cleaner which can be detached and used for those hard to reach areas. The appliance comes with a 5-in-1 tool making it a very versatile grout steam cleaner. Another great feature is that it heats up in as little as 30 seconds meaning you can get started almost immediately and the simple tilt start-and-stop function makes cleaning even easier.

LIGHT 'N' EASY Steam Mop Cleaner 5-in-1 Steam Mop and Handheld Steamer for Hardwood/Tiles/Window- Kitchen - Pet Friendly Steamer Whole House Multipurpose Use(7688ANB)
  • 30 seconds fast heat up to eliminate grease or sticky messes while dry quickly without streak. Only need water, safe for children, pets or yoga lovers.
  • Easy to operate: once connect the power,tap the botton on the handheld steamer,it could start work.Three(HI, MED and LOW)steam settings allows you to control the intensity and amount of steam being released.
  • Fit for various sealed floor surfaces including hardwood floor, grout, tile, vinyl, marble, ceramic and more.Includes many kinds accessories to remove the tough messes easily,such as windows; outdoor patio furniture and decks; And all sealed hard floor surfaces.
  • Say goodbye to messy mops and heavy buckets with the cleverly engineered reusable triple layered microfiber pad for exceptional absorption, steam permeation and optimum friction to remove stubborn stains easily. Optional carpet slider to remove odor.
  • A quick-release cord - easy to store and release with the 20-feet long power cord,1 year 24 hours service, please contact us if you need.

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PurSteam Handheld Steam Mop Cleaner

The PurSteam Handheld Steam Mop Cleaner is one of our personal favorites and it comes in at an amazing price point! From cutting through built-up grease and grime in bathrooms and kitchens to deep-cleaning the grout –no job is too tough for the PurSteam steam cleaner. This appliance has been unofficially named “the ultimate steam cleaner in the USA” by its happy users and is another top seller on Amazon.com. The PurSteam tile steam cleaner is the perfect choice for consumers looking for great value and great performance.

As with all steam cleaners, you don’t need to use any additional cleaning products or nasty chemicals as the hot jet of steam is powerful enough to remove even the most stubborn stains and kills 99.9% of bacteria. This is another great benefit of steam cleaning and definitely worth considering if you have small children or pets.

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The ThermaPro Steam Mop Cleaner is one of the best handheld steam cleaners for grout and tiles that I have tested. The build quality is fantastic and it is easy to use so you can tackle those tiles in no time at all. The water tank holds 340ml which is more than enough to clean an average-sized bathroom without having to stop and refill. If you have to clean a larger area, it’s no problem at all! The tank is very easy to refill and the device heats up in under 30 seconds, so you’ll be ready to go again ASAP.

The ThermaPro Steam Mop is light and maneuverable, making cleaning your home so much easier–it’s also easy to store away when not in use due to its compact size. The handheld detachable unit is an amazing feature that allows you to reach more difficult areas, such as the shower.

As with all steam cleaners, you don’t need to use any additional cleaning products or nasty chemicals, as the hot jet of steam is powerful enough to remove even the most stubborn stains and kills 99.9% of bacteria. This is another great benefit of steam cleaning, and definitely worth considering if you have small children or pets.

As you can see, handheld steamers to clean grout are highly effective tools for cleaning tiles and grout without a lot of effort. The hot steam jets and specialized nozzle attachments can make the job of cleaning tiles and grout a breeze, and their multipurpose features make them perfect for many other jobs around the home. All of the hours spent scrubbing only to achieve less than satisfactory results will be a thing of the past when you own one of the best handheld steam cleaners for your home. As a parent or pet owner, a steam cleaner can provide additional peace of mind as you can ditch the harmful chemical cleaners and replace them with the mighty and sanitizing power of steam.

PurSteam 10-in-1 Steam Mop, Floor Steamer with Detachable Handheld Steam Cleaner for Tile, Hardwood Floors
  • Chemical Free Cleaning – PurSteam 10-in-1 Steam Mop uses the natural power of heated steam to clean your home. Unlike many steamers for cleaning, this steam mop is perfect for homes with children and pets.
  • Heats in 30 Seconds – Quickly steam mop hardwood floors and tile. Use the mop as a carpet cleaner, grout cleaner, or floor cleaner, even as a steam mop for laminate floors. Includes a measuring cup and funnel for water filling.
  • Handheld Steamer – Detach the steamer for clothes or use it as an upholstery cleaner for fabric, sofas, and drapes. It’s lightweight and makes quick work of stubborn wrinkles. Simply suspend your clothes on a hanger and steam them.
  • Light & Maneuverable – The mop head swivels to reach around and under furniture. Our washable mop cloths are designed for carpet cleaning (with the carpet glider) too. Also, the handle on our multipurpose mop collapses for easy storage.
  • Accessories – Our electric mop comes with small/big brushes, an angled nozzle (kitchen stove tops, tight spaces), brush for grout lines (sanded/non-sanded), a scrape tool, steamer jet, squeegee, carpet glider, and microfiber cloths.

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Here are some tips & tricks when using your new handheld steam cleaner to make the job even easier!

The first step is to fill your brand-new steam cleaner for grout. While all models will vary slightly, the processes involved will be similar and straight forward. Start by filling the steam cleaner water tank to the fill line and then reattach to your device. You should also select which attachment you are going to be using; attach it as directed by the user manual. You are now ready to get started! Just plug in your steam cleaner and switch it on. Most steam cleaners will heat up very quickly so you will be ready to start almost instantly.

Warning! If you wish to use more than one attachment during your cleaning session, take a break and allow the attachment to cool down for a couple of minutes before switching attachments as the nozzle will become very hot when in use.

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How to clean grout using handheld steam cleaner

When approaching grout, selecting the right brush attachment will help make the job much easier. You can use the best handheld steamer for cleaning grout. Depending on how much build-up you are faced with will determine the best tool to use. If it’s just a touch-up as part of your weekly routine, then a nylon bristle brush should suffice. If there is a more stubborn patch, the brass or wire brush may serve you better; but remember, do not use hard brushes, such as wire, on surfaces that can be easily scratched and damaged such as limestone.

The nozzle tip is a good place to start, as the directly focused steam jet will begin to break down the stains and remove the looser debris.

To use, simply snap or push into place (depending on your model), turn the steamer on, and wait for it to heat up; most steamers won’t take more than 30 seconds to a minute. Once heated up, push the button/trigger (depends on the model) and point the nozzle towards the affected area, giving at least 6 inches of room. Always keep your hands clear from the nozzle and hot steam to avoid burning yourself. Wave the steam around the affected area, and once the debris is gone, turn off the steamer and unplug it. Give it a couple of minutes to cool down before changing to a brush attachment.

Once cooled, replace the nozzle with a brush and turn on the machine again. Wait for it to heat up. Start the steam stream and gently scrub the grout and/or tile to completely remove stains and debris.

Once you are happy with the results, a quick wipe down with a microfiber cloth will lift the residue and leave your grout looking brand-new. Read the following article for more details: How To Clean Tile & Grout Using A Handheld Steam Cleaner

How to clean smooth tiled surfaces

The standard steam mop head should suffice in making your smooth tiles shine. By this, we mean the standard stick steamer. Gently pass the steam mop over the tiled surfaces, applying additional steam jets to the more stubborn stains. Any dirt will stick to the washable microfibre mop head as you go and the hot steam will clean and sanitize. The tiles may remain slightly wet right after passing the steamer, so avoid walking over them as they may be slippery –don’t worry though, the surfaces will dry much quicker after steam mopping compared to a traditional mop. Steam cleaner mops are much more efficient tools for cleaning tile, and once you try one for yourself you will never look back!

Stick steamers are designed for larger spaces, such as entire hallways, kitchens or bathrooms. They take away more dirt and dust than regular handheld steam cleaners for grout as the cloth on the bottom actually picks it up rather than breaking it loose. If your grout is still not sparkling clean, we recommend using a handheld steamer either before or after the standard stick steamer. Because using both can take some time, you shouldn’t have to do a deep clean like this for a couple of months. Please note: You may not get a perfectly cleaned tile floor if you only use a steam cleaner, you have to use a floor scrubber like Oreck or any best graded tile & grout cleaning machine.

How to clean porous tiles

Porous tiles can prove to be a little more difficult to clean as dirt and grime can penetrate the surfaces. A more aggressive scrub will be required to help lift the dirt from the pores of the floor.

The nylon brush attachment will be ideal for this job as it is aggressive enough to scrub the pores but not so aggressive that you risk damaging the surface. Once you have scrubbed the porous or non-slip tiled surfaces with the nylon brush for a deep clean, you can also follow up with the microfibre mop head, just as you would with smooth tiles. The dirt and residue will be picked up by the microfibre cloth and the floor will overall be much cleaner. For tougher spot cleans, you should use the focused steam jet nozzle directly on the stain before scrubbing. This will make the dirt loose, so when you start scrubbing it will require much less time and effort.

Warning: Do not use a wire or metal brush on porous tiles as it will scratch and damage the flooring. This includes marble, limestone, granite, and other rocks and minerals as well as traditional porous tiling.

Rinse and Repeat

If you are cleaning a particularly dirty area, it’s a good idea to rinse the surface every so often between scrubbing to ensure the dirt and grime you have just removed won’t settle back into the pores of the surface. Passing the microfibre steam mop head over the surfaces between scrubs will lift the loose debris. Follow this process as needed until the entire area is sparkling clean. Using a handheld steamer to clean grout has never been easier!

Things to remember before buying the best handheld cleaner for tiles and grout.

✅Which attachments do you need? You should consider all the different types of surfaces in your home; as you have read, some attachments will serve you better depending on the types of tiles you have. While some devices boast a plethora of accessories and attachments, you may find that you only really need some of them. The types of attachments generally available and of most use are as follows:


  • Wire Bristle Scrub Brush: Great for scrubbing the most stubborn grime from porous grout and tiles
  • Large Scrub Brush: Ideal for a gentler scrub on porous tiles and tougher stains on smooth tiled surfaces
  • Detail Brush: Perfect for getting into smaller edges of grout to clean thoroughly


  • Flexible Extension Hose: Great for cleaning hard to reach areas whether they be higher up or under furniture.
  • Angled Nozzle: Handy for use along grout, to loosen the soap scum around the edge of baths and showers
  • Concentrator Nozzle: Very useful to deliver a concentrated blast of steam to remove the toughest stains


  • Steam Mop Head: This the standard mop head, but the features may vary. The best steam mops should have a triangular head for corners, washable microfibre pads and a good swivel action for ease of use.
  • Scraper Tool: The scraper is often overlooked but it’s a nice bonus to have, it can transform your handheld cleaner into the perfect tool for cleaning burnt or dried-on food and grease from ovens and kitchen surfaces.

✅The water capacity of handheld steam cleaner mop appliances can vary from around 200-350ml. Just remember, the greater the water capacity, the longer the operating cleaning time between refills. If you have larger areas to clean in your home, you may consider purchasing a cleaner with a larger water tank. It’s not the end of the world if you do need to re-fill while you clean, as most tanks are easy to remove and reattach and most appliances have very fast heat-up times – but this is something the bear in mind if you prefer to get the job done in one go. Water usage will also depend on the setting you are using and if you apply extra steam bursts, but generally speaking any of the best handheld steam cleaners for tiles and grout mentioned here can produce steam for 20-25 minutes on the lower setting, or half that on the maximum setting.

✅You’ll save money on detergents and cleaning agents. When considering your budget for a steam mop, bear in mind that you will be making a huge annual saving as you will no longer need to buy bottles of cleaning agents. Ditching the nasty chemicals is not only safer in the home, but it’s also better for your pocket too!

✅The best handheld steam cleaners all offer a fantastic free warranty! Double-check the terms of each, often they offer a free replacement for up to 1-2 years.

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Benefits of Owning The Best Handheld Steam Cleaners

The benefits of owning one of the best handheld steam cleaners for tiles and grout are numerous – they require much less effort than traditional cleaning methods and make light work of tough stains and worked-in grime in your grout. The hot steam breaks down suborn stains and sanitizes surfaces, killing 99.9% of germs.

Cleaning appliances have come a long way in recent years and tile and grout steam cleaners are no different. To take full advantage of the powerful steam cleaning method it’s important that you know how to use your appliance properly. With so many options and additional features, it’s important to first know what you need from a cleaner, I hope this list and the included tips have helped you figure out which device best suits your needs.

Final Thoughts

Now you know which appliances are the best handheld steam cleaners for tiles and grout available on the market! You will be able to make an informed decision and choose the one that best suits your needs. I’m sure that whichever you decide to purchase you will achieve amazing results on your tiles and grout and you will revolutionize the way you clean. Remember, cleaning grout and tile doesn’t have to be hard!

Especially with the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s important to always keep your home clean to prevent yourself from getting sick. Grout is a great pocket for germs to hide in, so cleaning it frequently more now than ever is a great idea. We hope you gave you some inspiration to keep your family safe and leave your floors sparkling.

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