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Know Everything About the best Homitt Electric Spin Scrubber

Do you want to get rid of your house’s hardest stains with the minimum effort and time? Yes, I know! it sounds like a good bargain. My advice to you is not to miss reading this article about the MAGICAL Homitt Electric Spin Scrubber. However, I believe that none of us can say they are fond of scrubbing, that’s why we are here to put the best electric spin scrubber in your hands, and make an end for this suffering for once and all.

Imagine having a product that will do all the work for you no matter how hard or stubborn are these stains, in what corner they are stuck, or how unreachable they are. We provide you this incredible tile and grout cleaning machine the Homitt Electric Spin Scrubber, which is guaranteed to give a stain free shining house and the feeling of satisfaction that comes with it.

The Homitt Electric spin scrubber multi functions as tile and grout cleaning machine, tile floor scrubber, wall tile cleaner machine, electric tile cleaner machine and a tile washer. You will save yourself buying all these products by having only ONE that does all that work and more.

Check out our Top 4 Hommit Electric Spin Scrubbers of 2021:

To make it easier for you and sum it all up, I will talk in detail about each of our 4 products and how they can make your life way easier.

Homitt Electric Spin Scrubber Cordless Shower Scrubber Built-in 2 LG Batteries, 360 Power Bathroom Scrubber with 4 Replaceable Cleaning Brush Head and Adjustable Extension Handle for Tub, Tile, Floor:

Homitt HM115C Power Spin Scrubber comes with an extendable 21-inch stainless-steel handle so you will not have to bend or stretch out. It will reach each and every spot that you thought is unreachable before, without causing you any back or joints pain. That was the main reason I loved this product when I got it. It also comes with 4 packs replacement cleaning brush heads which are different and shape so it can scrub any place in your house, surface or corner.

In the manual guide, you can see what each brush is designed for. These brushes are perfect to clean hard floor, wall, patio furniture, pool, stove, grill, bathtub, sink, toilet, tile grout, edges, corners, and all tight places.

Therefore, no matter what you are cleaning you have the right brush for it.  Not to mention that these brushes are waterproof, really durable, and designed with care not to scratch any surface it cleans. You can always add detergent if you are a fan, it will work even better!

Homitt Electric Spin Scrubber Power Brush Shower Scrubber, Cordless and Handheld Bathroom Scrubber with 3 Replaceable Cleaning Brush Heads, High Rotation for Cleaning Floor, Sink, Tile and Tub:

Are you tired of cleaning your bathroom over and over again?  Are you tired spending this long time scrubbing these dirty stains or soap scums? Bathroom cleaning has always been a nightmare for me. I was too tired of bending down to scrub the floor or the bath tub, how matter I clean the toilet it would still have some stains. This electric tile cleaner machine was the best thing I bought and really helped me out with this mess. I promise you will love it the moment you will press the On Button. This Homitt Electric Spin Scrubber Power Brush Shower Scrubber comes with a chargeable battery and can work up to 90 minutes; which is all your cleaning time for one day! The Shorter 15.35 handle length leaves you in an appropriate distance with the surface you are cleaning to ensure control. These 3 replaceable brushes will also work as great outside the bathroom. You can clean tanks, window edges, car wheels, floor, stove, and oven cleaning. All this will be clean and stainless by buying one product only! How great is that!

Homitt Electric Spin Scrubber Power Brush Floor Scrubber, Cordless Shower Scrubber with Adjustable Extension Arm and 3 Replaceable Bathroom Scrubber Cleaning Brush Heads for Tub, Tile, and Floor:

This tile and grout cleaning machine comes with 18.5-inch extendable handle this length is great if you want to clean surfaces near you but you prefer not to bend or kneel a time after another. It does the scrubbing while you are standing there and moving it in the needed direction. What is also amazing about this Homitt Electric Spin Scrubber Power Brush is the 3 smart designed replaceable brushes heads that come along. Each will help you clean and defeat stains, scums and dirt from all different corners, surfaces and materials. Do not worry about it touching water, it is water-resistant that you can use in wet weather; it is completely safe.

In addition to all that the Homitt Electric Spin Scrubber Power Brush has a built-in rechargeable battery that lasts up to one hour of continuous use after fast charging. The 360-degree high rotate speed meets your need of long cleaning and leaves you happily satisfied with the results.

Homitt Electric Spin Scrubber with Rechargeable Battery, Power Bathroom and Shower Scrubber with 4 Replaceable Cleaning Brush Heads, 1 Adjustable Extension Handle for Kitchen, Tub, Tile, Grout, and Floor

When I first saw this electric spin scrubber, I fell for its elegant design and blue color. The 360-degree high rotate speed makes it really efficient and capable to do all the cleaning without interruption. It also has a built-in rechargeable battery that works up to 90 minutes after only 3.5 hours of fast charging. If you are thinking of a wedding gift, or a gift for your wife, mother, or even a gift for you to make life much easier and cleaning looks like a happy time, you should definitely consider this electric spin scrubber.

This Homitt Electric Spin Scrubber comes with 4 brush heads for a comprehensive cleaning. It cleans the shower, tub, tile, floor, bathroom, grout, kitchen, baseboard, sink, wall, toilet, ceiling, window, and so on…

This was my grandmother’s birthday gift, and she just loved it. She never had to bend or kneel again to scrub any surface. She said that cleaning was never this fun before! I bet she’s right and you will say the same once you try out this awesome best Homitt Electric Spin Scrubber.

Why you should consider the Homitt Electric Scrubber over other electric scrubbers?

It is cordless, rechargeable and a long-life battery: which means you can take it anywhere and reach places far away from power plugs. You can take it with you anywhere you need it will not take space in your car. It also works for a fair time if it is fully charged, so you do not need to keep the charger with you.

Replaceable brush heads:

There is a wide flat brush head for flat surfaces and large areas like walls, floor, patio, pools, and others. It is a tile floor scrubber and used as a wall tile cleaner machine. A small flat brush for cleaning smaller spaces like stove, and grill or car wheels.  A Round Bristlehead that works great for bathrooms (sink, tub, toilet) and finally the corner scrubber head brush for cleaning title grout, corners, or window edges. The interchangeable heads allow the scrubber to reach into various shaped areas.

Water resistant:

The brush heads are waterproof and work with detergent to maximize efficiency. The sealed design allows it to work under wet conditions and never mind the splashing water.

Smart brushes:

The brushes are stiffer than in other products which means it can defeat the most stubborn stains and at the very same time never scratch or damage the surface it cleans. These brushes will take off the grime that you have been missing for years. Most importantly they will not deform after a long use or reduce efficiency they will work just as great as you first bough them.

Adjustable extension handle:

Each of these spin scrubbers comes with the main handle and an extension handle; with different lengths that can be adjusted according to the appropriate length you need. This means you never have to bend, knee, or stretch again; you will save your back, joints, and arteries from pain. The handle also angles when you switch it on to the direction you want.

It is modern:

It looks elegant and fashionable that you would not want to keep it away from sight. It has a very attractive design with a portable hook to hang.

Lightweight and low noise:

The Electric Homitt Scrubber is considered very light compared to other products, which means it will not hurt you holding it for some time and doing a long cleaning job. Do not worry about the noise as well it is very low.

For Happy scrubbing please watch out for this:

1.        Clean the Homitt Spin Scrubber with a soft cloth and your often-used detergent. Just notice not to use alcohols or abrasive cleaners.

2.        Dry by separating products in a safe place away from child reach.

3.        Change brush heads only when the product is on the Off Mode.

4.        Charge the product only when it is switched Off.

5.        Do not charge outdoor or in a wet or damp condition.

6.        Close cover once the charging is complete.

7.        Only use the Homitt Spin Scrubber charger for charging.

8.        Do not leave the battery dead for a long time, at least charge it once every 2 weeks.

9.        Do not leave the product in charge after the charging is full.

10.      For a shorter cleaning time and for stubborn stains, soak the area in detergent and water first.

11.       Do not press too hard while scrubbing.

12.      Keep away from children reach.

13.      Do not use abrasive cleaners on the cleaned surface, this may cause harm to the surface as well as to the brush.

14.      Do not press too hard while replacing or removing brush heads. Use equal pressure and it will pop off.

Answers for some common questions by users:

Can I use the Homitt Spin Scrubber while it is charging?

No, when it’s charging, it cannot be used. Leave it to finish charging then you can use it. Just do not forget to close the cover first.

How do I take off or replace the brush head from the base and how often do the brushes need to be changed?

Pull hard with your hand to take the head off. Hold the machine head firmly with one hand and pull it out by the other hand. You can replace it with another head upon your need.

The brushes need to be replaced depending on how abrasive the surface you aim to clean. But please note that these brushes are really sturdy and well-made.

Can I replace my battery with a new one if mine stopped working? What is the warranty policy for this product?

No, I am afraid that the battery is not replaceable. If the battery is not functioning, the company can offer a replacement. Please be advised that this Spin Scrubber has 12 Months warranty.

Can I control the speed? Is there a brush that would be safe on the car body and fiberglass?

High-torque spinning power up to 260RPM and built-in 2150Mah Li-ion Battery enable you to scrub any dirt. Even so, the volume within 70db for idling, can be controlled within 80db.

Why is the Homitt Spin Scrubber with a hook costs less than other versions?

The version with the hook only has three replacement brush heads and no extension handle, unlike other versions which have adjustable extension handles.

Bottom Line

Once you buy this product you will regret all the times you had those backaches. Entering the world of electrics means making life easier and sparing yourself the trouble. This is exactly what this product was designed for; to make the job done for you effortlessly. It will worth every penny you pay for it.

Your satisfaction is a guarantee with our superior best spin scrubber. Scrubbing time is a happy time from now on… Press the ON BUTTON and leave the Homitt Spin Scrubber to do the magic….