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The 5 Best Hoover Floor Cleaners For Your Home & Office!

Maybe your old device just broke or maybe you experience frequent messes in your home- whatever the case may be, you’re now pondering purchasing a Hoover Floor cleaner. But then comes the question of, which is right for you and your needs? The exceptional professional series of Hoover floormate deluxe hard floor cleaners have a wide range of options, from the fh40150 to the Hoover ONEPWR cordless jet– the Hoover company has made a conscious and continuous effort to minimize the amount of work needed to use their devices as well as ease of use. These Hoover hardwood floor cleaners are some of the best on the market, as well as cost effective and easy to find! In this article we will delve into some of their top rated devices used by families and companies around the world to help you narrow down that list of options and help find the one that’s best for you!

Best Hoover Floor Cleaners Which Are Available in 2021

ONEPWR Blade MAX – Best Hoover Hard Floor Cleaner:

If you need a cordless, powerful vacuum for all situations, the Hoover ONEPWR Blade MAX is the way to go. It uses their patented ONEPWR Lithium-Ion battery, a 4Ah battery that lasts longer than any other cordless floor cleaner on the market. With the exclusive dual cyclonic Dust Vault System and an easy floor cleaning technique, the Blade captures all of the dust and fine particles with no loss of suction. The Blade has a removable dirt cup for easy cleanup, and multiple customizable modes for any situation you might have to deal with. Eco mode saves energy for an environmentally friendly experience, and the twin helix brush roll will take care of difficult carpeted sections. The Hoover hard floor cleaner is lightweight and comes with a hanger for easy storage. From hardwood to laminate to tile, the ONEPWR Blade Max will clean any dirty surface you can throw at it with ease and power. For the best portable clean for your money, the ONEPWR Blade Max offers a clean-up tool for all types of floors and is a carpet cleaning machine as well. The ONEPWR Blade Max will clean your floor, no matter what surface.

How long does the ONEPWR 4Ah Lithium-Ion battery last?
Up to 45 minutes! You can also purchase interchangeable batteries, which are available online and usable in any ONEPWR product.

What kind of warranty does the product include?
The Hoover hardwood floor cleaner comes with a 3-year replacement warranty.

What size is the head of the vacuum?
The head of the ONEPWR MAX is 14 x 8 inches.

What kinds of flooring can the vacuum handle?
This vacuum is designed for all kinds of floors, whether hardwood, vinyl or tiles, as well as any kind of carpeting.

Hoover FloorMate

If you want an all in one floor cleaning machine for your apartment use, Hoover offers you exactly that with this device! No matter what kind of mess you might be dealing with, the FloorMate will leave your floors shining like new. Whether dealing with hardwood, vinyl, laminate, or tile, the FloorMate’s SpinScrub brushes wash and pick up dirt seamlessly and simultaneously at once while the squeegee cuts drying time in half! It also includes a finger touch spraying nozzle so you can attack certain areas that need it the most while the dual tank system for clean and dirty water ensure that no dirt ever makes it back to your floors, this is really the product for anyone serious about keeping their floors spotless. This hard floor cleaning machine offering washing and automatic drying, this is a versatile vacuum that will keep you prepared for any kind of mess. If you’re looking for a convenient all-in-one style tool that will work on multiple surfaces, this device is the one.

How much does the FloorMate weigh?

The Hoover tile floor cleaner is very lightweight for the power it offers, under 14lbs!

What is the voltage of the FloorMate?
It uses 110V.

Can this product be used to steam clean?
No, the FloorMate doesn’t heat the water in the tank. It simply provides a basic soap wash and dry for your floors.

What’s the warranty for this product?
The FloorMate comes with a basic 2-year replacement warranty.

Hoover ONEPWR Cordless FloorMate

So you want the washing and drying power of the FloorMate, but you want it cordless and even lighter weight? Say no more! With the ONEPWR Cordless FloorMate Jet you have all the advantages of the original FloorMate, but now you can take it anywhere. The ONEPWR 3Ah lithium-ion battery doesn’t last quite as long as in the ONEPWR MAX, but it’ll get you where you need to go. With a microfibre scrub brush, high power suction, swivel head for tough corners, and a hand-held spray clean nozzle-and-trigger system so you’re in control of the cleaning solution. Like the original FloorMate, this vacuum can handle hardwood, vinyl, linoleum, tile.  The FloorMate also makes a top-notch Hoover carpet cleaning machine for all kinds of carpets. It also has an LED screen to monitor battery life and cleaning mode. If you have a significant amount of floor to clean, the Hoover ONEPWR Cordless FloorMate Jet provides an easy floor cleaning technique in a unique, cordless machine. Capable of also cleaning your tile floors, If you have tile floor and speacially looking for a tile & grout cleaning macine for your home, check this review.
It’s a laminate floor cleaner and cleans all your hardwood, vinyl, linoleum, tiles and carpets too! You can’t go wrong!

How much does the cordless FloorMate weigh?

The Hoover floor cleaning machine weighs a trim 10.4lbs!

What size is the head of the vacuum?”
14 x 8 inches.

Does the product easily dissassemble?
Yes! You can easily take the cordless FloorMate apart for quick and convenient cleaning or transport.

What is the warranty for this product?
It comes with a basic 2-year warranty.

Hoover Linx

Another great cordless product, the Linx is a slim, stylish & one of the best stick vacuum that comes at a bit of a lower price point if you’re on a budget. Designed with a low-profile head and flexible handle, it can easily fit under any tricky furniture. The Powered Brushroll with WindTunnel Technology lifts dirt from down deep in the fibres of any carpets, and the edge-cleaning bristles will get dirt, dust or pet hair out from difficult corners. The Hoover Linx is known for out performing a Dyson. This handy laminate floor cleaner also cleans other types of floor surfaces from hardwood, linoleum and vinyl. This handy, lightweight machine will clean all your floor surfaces and carpets too! The Hoover Linx will not disappoint. This is truly a versatile, all-in-one kind of machine and excellent value for your money.

How much does the Linx weigh?

The Hoover hardwood floor cleaner comes in under 10 pounds.

How long does the battery last?
Battery life is usually around 20 minutes, but the included charger makes recharging a snap!

Will this leave any scratching on hardwood floors?

What’s the warranty?
It comes with a basic 2-year warranty.

Hoover PowerDrive

And finally the Hoover PowerDrive. This beast takes care of any heavy duty vacuuming you need! The swivel steering makes maneuvering around furniture a breeze, and the advanced action brush roll digs deep to pull dirt up from your floors, while preventing hair-wrap. Hoover’s patented Multi-Cyclonic technology ensures no loss of suction at any point! You can also use the detachable quick-release cleaning wand to get at corners, ceilings, and anywhere else you would possibly want to clean. The head has high-intensity LED lights so you can always see what you’re cleaning, and the allergen-sealing system will ensure no allergens will be kicked up while you clean, so you can breathe free. The primary filter for the vacuum is under the dirt cup, and is easily washable so you’ll never need a replacement. The Hoover PowerDrive fits into tight spaces easily and is super maneuverable in tight spaces. This great machine is easy to use and cleans all types of surfaces and is an amazing laminate floor cleaner that also comes with multi-purpose pet tools to get stubborn pet stains and hair cleaned up and out of your way. This machine will clean any dirty floor surface you can throw at it and more!

How much does it weigh?

It may look like a monster, but the PowerDrive only weighs 16lbs.

How long is the hose?
The hose for the PowerDrive is 9 feet long and has a total reach of 13 feet with the cleaning wand.

What is the voltage?

What is the warranty for the PowerDrive?
It comes with the basic 2-year warranty.

What Makes These Hoover Floor cleaning Machines the Best?

What really sets these devices apart from others, what makes them so great? These questions are completely valid in asking, as to the fact there are hundreds upon hundreds of options available in the market. But it’s not just the devices themselves that are so incredible but also the Hoover company themselves. Having been in the industry and making products for over a hundred years, they’ve truly made a name for themselves as one of the leading expert cleaning companies out there today. They prioritize the quality of the device as well as ease of use, they have everyday people and situations in mind whenever building and designing their products. Onto the de themselves and what sets them apart, here’s a list of all the reasons Hoover products are some of the best;

Cordless, Lithium batteries:
The cordless ONEPWR devices they offer give you detachable, rechargeable lithium batteries that can be run continuously for 45 minutes to an hour! The conveniences of not being confined to one section of your home helps cut down your cleaning time as well as frustrations from tripping over or moving the conventional wire vacuums.

Eco or MAX Mode:
The severity of our messes range, so having the ability to either conserve battery life cleaning minor messes with the eco mode- or turning up the power and suctioning ability with the MAX mode- makes it so their devices can keep up with any mess at any time.

Microfiber bristles with Rotating Brushes:
Not only will the rotating brushes pick up more dirt and debri than a traditional vacuum, the fact that the bristles are all microfiber means they won’t be too harsh to use on your sealed wood or hard floorings, unlike other products that advertise as multi surface yet end up leaving scratches on your floorings. The rotating brushes penetrate deeply, helping to clean even the most plush of carpets.

Ease to Maintain and Clean:
After cleaning your entire home, the last thing you probably want to do is have to spend another thirty minutes cleaning your actual cleaning device. It defeats the purpose! But with Hoovers easily removable tanks, there’s no fuss getting rid of the debri from your home, and all of the tools they provide such as the rotating brushes or squeegee are easily removable and easy to clean. Some warm water and physical removal of any hair or larger debri and you’re ready to go! There’s even some products that come with a storage bin that can double as a washing station.

Dual Cyclonic DustVault Technology:
Capture 99% of dust and fine particles with no loss of suction with the Dual Cyclonic DustVault Technology

Multi-Surface Capabilities:
A lot of products market as capable of multi-surface cleaning, yet when attempted to do so, they either don’t live up to the standard or worse yet- scratch the surface of your flooring. With the gentle microfiber bristles and designs meant to be able to take on any surface, you’re getting what you’re looking for with the products. The convenience of having an all in one device you can use in any room of your home makes it so you can’t live without it once you experience the difference!

High-Performance Digital Motor:
All Hoovers are built with high-performance digital motors that efficiently tackle tough messes with maximum power.

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Things you should consider before buying a Hoover floor cleaning machine

Because of the vast selection of fantastic products the Hoover company provides, it may be difficult making a decision! Which would be the best for you and your personal needs? Luckily because of the different models and styles they provide, each with their own benefits, it’s a little easier finding one that fits you best.

For homes with pets or children, you may need a more heavy duty machine. The Hoover Powerdrive, ONEPWR Blade MAX, or perhaps the Hoover ONEPWR Cordless Floormate will be best! Not only light, cordless, versatile options- the Hoover vacuums have powerful suctioning abilities that are guaranteed to catch even the finest of pet hairs and dandruff, you can keep the power of a heavier device with these lightweight options.

For people on a budget the Hoover Linx not only is great on your wallet, but also in every other means. Cordless for ease of use, lightweight and powerful everything you’ll ever need is provided with this guy. It’s great also for ones who have a lot of furniture or tight spaces that need cleaning, because of the swivel head provided with it.

For ones who have multiple floorings for their homes and need an all in one device to take care of it all, the Hoover Floormate is capable of cleaning from your tile flooring, to your hard wood, even to your carpet! All of the additional tools provided such as the spinscrub brushes and squeegee makes the job much faster too! No need for three different cleaning machines anymore with this device!

Though minimal, these devices do produce sound whenever used. If that is a concern, it may be best to get a different device by Hoover that runs without the use of vacuuming- though to help combat the sound production, using the Eco mode instead of the Max does reduce noise pollution significantly.

How to care for your Hoover vacuum cleaner?

Once you’ve been able to decide which device is best for you, you may want to know the best ways to care of your device to maintain it and have it working as long as possible in the best condition. There are a few rules of thumb to follow whenever using any cleaning machine, as well as a few specifics.

Don’t use cleaning solutions that are made of solvents which tend to break down the coating of most floorings and materials in grouting- these kinds of solutions typically involve heavy chemicals that are meant for industrial use to break down heavy grease or grime.

If you so choose to substitute your Hoover Floor Cleaning Solution, it’s best to use water based solutions. Typical ingredients you may find in a water based cleaning solution may be vinegar, ammonia, bleach, acetone, ect.

It’s also best to do a cleaning of the brushes (and maybe tanks depending on build up) weekly or monthly depending on how heavily your device is used. Longer hairs and strings may become wrapped in the bristles or rotating brushes causing wear and tear, and making sure there’s no pieces blocking the mechanisms or dual set of tanks would be ideal.

Overcharging batteries of any kind is never recommended because it can cause the life of the battery to decrease, as well as make it hold less of a charge. If you notice your battery is fully charged it’s best to remove it from the charging station. Also storing batteries in any kind of extreme heat could cause them to combust so when storing your device or batteries, make sure its a dry room temperature area. Luckily the devices are so slim and lightweight it’s easy to hang them or slide them in harder to reach area’s too if you have any children.

Always review the user manual before handling a product, just so you have a better idea of all of the perks and benefits you have with it, as well as any things you may be confused about or have questions for. You typically are given a warranty as well with your device!

So, Is Hoover really the best choice for your floors?

A Hoover Floor cleaner is guaranteed to be the solution to all of your daily household cleaning needs. Not only stylish, price efficient, easy to find and use- the wide variety of models provided make it so their device can be made to be the best for YOU and YOUR needs! They don’t believe one size fits all at Hoover, with the company having over a hundred years of experience and being highly reviewed on many different platforms (Amazon, Walmart, ect) by millions of families worldwide- it’s hard to find reasons to not own a Hoover Floor Cleaner.

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I hate reading user manuals, can you tell me in simple terms how to use my Hoover Floormate Hard Floor Cleaner?

Absolutely! For easier reading here is a step by step guide;

Step One: Put the device together;

  • There is a release pedal on the back of the device you can step down on that will allow you to slide the handle in the appropriate slot on the top of the device. You can adjust to your needs! It doesn’t lock into place to allow easier maneuvering and adjusting
  • Remove nozzle from packaging. Align nozzle’s 2 hooks with 2 slots in front of base.Tilt nozzle upwards until latch (A) clips in

Step Two: Fill your tank with your cleaning solution!

  • To remove the tank, squeeze the release button (A) and pull the tank straight out. Carry tank to sink. Rotate the tank cap counterclockwise and lift up to remove the cap. Then fill the tank with warm water to the fill line. Turn cap upside down to serve as a measuring cap. Depending on what solution you have, the measurements for how much vary so unfortunately that is something you will have to refer to the user manual for. Next, rotate cap clockwise until it locks in place (C). Cap must be locked in place for proper performance and to prevent leaking.Slide tank straight into position until latch snaps

Step Three: Clean!

Step Four: Dump dirty water tank

  • An automatic suction shut-off is built into the dirty water tank to prevent the tank from overflowing.When the shut-off activates, the cleaner will not pick up water or debris and the sound of the motor will change. The dirty water tank is full and must be emptied
  • To remove the tank, press down on the release button (A) and pull the tank straight out.
  • Release tabs (B & C) on each side of the dirty water tank to unlock the top portion of the tank. Pull up on the tank lid to separate from the base. Pour dirty water into the sink.Check foam filter for debris before reassembly. If the filter has debris, rinse with water. When finished emptying the tank, simply place the lid back onto the tank and make sure to latch the tabs on each side back into the locked position. Tilt tank straight into position until latch snaps in

Can I use my Hoover Floormate Hard Floor Cleaner on carpet? Some areas of my house have it.

According to the company website, the Floormate is designed for and safe to use on laminates, sealed hardwood, bamboo, marble, tile, vinyl and linoleum so we don’t recommend you do so.

Can I use the steam cleaning Hoover floor cleaner on wood?

Because of how deeply the device is able to penetrate, it’s not safe for you to use the steam floor cleaner on your wood flooring because the moisture can become trapped inside of the wood panels, potentially causing warping or even molding. The Hoover Spinscrub on the other hand would work wonderfully on your hardwood floors.

My grandma gave me a really great cleaning recipe, part of it requires ammonia, can I use this solution in my Hoover Floormate Hard Floor Cleaner?

Though it is typically best to use the Hoover Floormate solution with their devices; you can substitute the solution for a water based solvent- which does include ingredients such as vinegar, bleach, ammonia, acetone, ect. So yes! But also be sure to never mix multiple cleaning ingredients together, as this can create harmful fumes. 

Can I use the x4 floor cleaning solution instead of the x2? My pets leave a lot of messes.

You could, though the potential of having a residue left over is high. When using the proper solution you won’t come across this issue. Perhaps using more water than x4 solution will resolve this issue. But there’s also the possibility of your device getting clogged. Do at your own risk.  

Can I use my Hoover Carpet cleaner on tile?

The bristles and strength of the rotating brushes could actually cause scratching to your tile or linoleum surfaces, so it’s not recommended. Though the Spinscrub device is safe to use on tile or any sealed wood surfaces. 

How do I install the squeegee onto my Hoover Floor cleaner?

It’s relatively simple! With some models you must remove the dirty water tank from the base of the vacuum. Simply pressing the release buttons on either side of the tank will do so.

Next you’ll position the squeegee on the bottom of the tank or the base, you should be able to hear a snapping sound which indicates the clips have been attached securely. Now you’re good to go!

How do I replace the hose on my Hoover floor cleaner?

Remove the tank. Remove 2 screws behind the tank that hold a plastic cover on the collar connecting the recovery hose to the “flat” plastic channel mounted behind the tank. Remove the front nozzle and the brushes. Remove the grey outer cover from the top of the floor head section by prying upward on the front of the grey cover. Remove the plastic tie strap from around the recovery hose, water delivery hose, and the cable that runs up the length of the handle to the button that turns the brush motor on/off.

Now you have to unhook the front of the wheel assembly so it will swing down out of the way. This will be easier if you set the Dry/Wet selector to “Dry Pickup”. To unhook the wheel assembly:
(1) Disconnect the cable associated with the brushes by pulling the black ball on the end of the cable upwards and out of the small black rectangular plastic connector.

(2) Look directly behind and below where that ball was connected to find a small black post around which an arm is fastened by an elongated hole on the end of the arm. This post is designed to “pop” in and out of place.

(3) Using something like a pair of needle nose pliers, pop the post out by applying pressure toward the side of the head that has the Handle Release lever. (Be careful not to drop and lose this post.) Now from beneath the head, with a little force and some wiggling you should be able to pull the front of the wheel assembly downward so it swings out of the way.

The next step is if you look at the new part you’ll see 2 tabs sticking down from the bottom of it with slots in them One tab hooks on a bump in the aqua colored plastic just behind the black Brush Motor housing and one hook on a similar bump just forward of the Brush Motor housing. Looking at the head from the bottom, the rear tab is easy to see. To see the front one, look for a small slot in the aqua plastic. Reach a small screwdriver from the bottom of the head and pry these tabs off the bumps while applying some pressure on the old recovery hose part (the rear tab goes to the rear and the front tab goes forward). I broke both tabs off my old recovery hose part and luckily didn’t do much damage to the bumps. Once you release these tabs the part should be loose from the head.

Now press the Handle Release to tilt the head down in a typical operating position and you should be able to pull the hose connector down off the “flat” plastic channel and out toward the front of the machine. If the new part does not come with a connector on the top end of the hose, you can unscrew the old connector from the old hose (turning the opposite direction of normal threads) and screw it onto the new hose. 

How do I use the Hoover Spinscrub hard floor cleaner?

Begin by removing then filling the solution tank with warm water and the appropriate amount of Hoover cleaning solution based off of the solution type. To reinstall just press back into the base of the bottom of the device, you should hear a click which indicates it’s fully secured. Then you’ll need to release the vacuums handle, which can be done by pressing the release button that’s located on the base of the unit on the right. There’s a pedal that turns the device on and off which is on the back of the left side of the base of the device.

Which of the Hoover Floor Cleaning products is best for ceramic tile?

The Hoover company makes a special kind of detergent called “Floor to Floor” which can be used on any type of bare floor surface. You can also use a cupful of vinegar and a tank of hot water to clean.