What is the best vacuum for apartment: What should you look for?

The vacuum cleaner is possibly one of the most ubiquitous household helpers in the world – taken in this new modern context, what is the best vacuum for apartment? It has been a standard household item for many decades. Many people might not have a microwave, but most people put the broom aside for limited use, and bought a vacuum cleaner  years ago.

So, you have a Hoover you bought years ago, and it still works – why a new one when they’re not really that cheap? Isn’t this whole thing about buying the latest technology just a consumer hype to  intrigue you into emptying your hard-earned wallet?

No, in fact- the urban living environment since your grandmother bought her vacuum cleaner has  changed a lot. Not only are there more apartment blocks, denser urban areas and  more smog and air toxins, but the health crisis relative to poor air conditions is critical.

The reason you need to have another look at Hoover and the rest of the companies and what they are proposing to save your health in toxic air environments  where apartment living is common, is because they have studied this trends for decades, and know what technological solutions  are perfect for your  life-style and living space.

Here is are some vacuum cleaner life-savers which you might want to consider to  keep you and your apartment  in clean and healthy shape:

Dyson V8 Absolute Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

The cordless stick vacuum cleaner  has been a welcome introduction to the modern vacuum cleaner range of options, for anyone with any kind of poor health problem – particularly back-related. The obvious reasons  being that: it is light–weight – you don’t have to bend down and unplug constantly to move around your living space, ti also has easy reaching capacity into higher areas- all in light-weight , stress- free mode. Therefore it is ideal for anyone  with health problems – either due to age or other reasons , like just being very tired and stressed  after “hard-day  working conditions”.


The fact that it is ideal for any kind of living space; even when, and if, you move out of your apartment one day. It runs for quite a long time on cordless time – in fact, just long enough to need a break from the task anyway It is easy to manoeuvre in difficult spaces, without any kind of extra stress- therefore a great find for those dust -free perfectionists who understand  the critical health-related importance of keeping every nook and cranny clean  from toxic dust invasions.


You have to charge it for 4 hours before using it. It’s not an easy plug and play – you need to organise your cleaning tasks beforehand. If you can’t do this , you’ might decide against  cordless help technology in the home. The other factor is this- if your  apartment is large, and a cordless 40 minutes won’t do  the whole task at hand –  then you have to wait for another 4 hour charge, before you can start again – well ,in that case you might not only develop more back pain, but also add a pain in the neck to the list of stress factors.


It’s powered by a battery charge – this is not a Wifi gadget. This is a positive, in fact, because you reduce WiFi wave stress as well ,  another type of toxic factor to avoid in small living spaces.It’s  versatile and easy to use -once  you’ve charged it. If  you lack  cleaning organisational skills , this might not be a good choice . However, in every otherway its’a perfect choice for apartment dwellers with a few potentially  dangerous health bombs – like high-level toxic urban areas, pets , exaggerated humidity etc.

Eureka Nes210 Blaze 3-In-1 Swivel Stick Vacuum

This is a very particular  item on the what’s new in technology vacuum page.Not only does it have the latest technology assets for apartments, but it’s particular light-weight features make it ideal for apartment dwellers who move a lot – either by rental choice, or maybe even the nomadic crowd , with a portable life-style which is more sophisticated than life by backpack. It’s also very resellable in thelocal smalls to that crowds  of  people taking on your rental,  and wanting secondhand items, they can, in turn, resell when they too move again. It only weights 4 pounds.

Aside from this, it has in its very compact frame –  a number of very efficient vanguard cleaning capabilities.The signature showcase  spec is a swivel stick which is highly manoeuvrable for efficient cleaning it also has a capture nozzle which has an outstanding capacity to pick up difficult dust, instead of just shifting it around like other vacuums of this type. It’s efficient on hard floors, scatter rugs and thin pile carpets. This is not the not the kind of vacuum for a luxury decorated apartment- however, within its efficiency limitations, it’s very efficient. Though small , the  amp motor is powerful enough to pickings up- small dust particles , like pollen. The ventilation system is not only washable, but also efficiently keeps the air clean.The power cord is  very long, 18′, and the dust cap capture X-size. This means you can trap a lot of dust without interrupting your cleaning  activity, and moving around a large area without changing power outlet.


The light-weight nature which makes it very portable in many context is the first most appealing characteristic. The second most appealing characteristic is the swiss army knife style design- very compact, and very efficient in its given context of working efficiency. The fact that,  compared to other vacuum models of its kind, it out-performs the  many ways – particularly with respect to it’s  capacity to pick up dust, and not just smear it around. The light-weight nature is also ideal for people suffering from backache, exhaustion etc, on an ongoing basis.


It’s capacity is never-the-less limited. It’s cord drive , not cordless- even though it’s cord reach is adequate. This is not a serious vacuum purchase if you need powerful cleaning for a large  apartment purchase if you need powerful cleaning for a large  apartment, with long -term occupancy goals. It’ not powerful enough in too many respects. Even though it can handle  difficult dust issues , in a limited way – pollen etc – it’s not really ideal for long-term exposure to dust in highly toxic urban settings.

However, due to the intelligence and compact nature of the smart design it is high functioning in a limited scope – ideal, in certain ways for a smart, fast-paced modern life-style.


This is not a vacuum you quickly pick up online, with a “little moment to shop downtime”, and expect to do miracle cleaning stuff. It’s more of a handy swiss army knife- very efficient if it fits a specific life style choice – however , if your apartment living space is more like a luxury banquet, don’t expect this handy knife to be something you would like to  dine out with at a designer food tables. Your  living space needs to fit a particular bills  for you to be happy with this choice It’s a great “smart and clean in a jiffy cleaner, for small-space, fast-paced” people.

Roomie Tec Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

This is really an interesting bi-design for those home-proud apartment dwellers who love to have it all, but smart and neat , as well. This vacuum cleaner can be used as a pushable stick and a “dirt wand”.  This neat switch happens with a simple, compact press button changeover. This is really a vacuum cleaner for all types of situations- not only your apartment , but also your car. Whatever you dust problem is – ingrained dirt, soft furniture dirt, stair dirt and the total  interior of your car – this cleaner changes shape better than an Olympic gymnast to suit your needs. It’s kind of like a vacuum cleaner wonder woman. It has a very high 2 motor suction power which glides over any kind of floor surface – effortlessly chewing up the dust like pacman. The… battery charge is not really the best, in terms of efficient cleaning time period, however. It’s great for cleaning under furniture with 6 LED corner lighting. It also comes with a multi-function crevice nozzle. That is- any imaginable  dirt-ridden apartment space, is not beyond the scope of “Mrs vacuum wonder gymnast”, the cleaning lady you just can’t do without eventually!


The best aspect of this vacuum cleaner, is that it has a unique 2 in 1 feature which allows you to reach into all dust  and dirt-ridden places- whether very high up or very low down. The suction power is efficient on all surfaces as well. this would work particularly well in an apartment with sobre natural lighting, but a lot of under- furniture cleaning. It would also work well in an apartment with complicated and hard to reach dust- infested areas. If you are one of those apartment dwellers who are equally proud of both your apartment and car , this is a good choice.


The charge time is quite short, really. There is not much you can really do in 23 minutes. Having to recharge again and again, could make you slave to this vacuum  cleaner rather than  making it  work for you, instead.


If I were the owner or dweller of a small apartment, with complicated dirt spaces  in both low and high reach areas, poorly lit, but enough furniture to  trap uncomfortably  unhygienic dirt- this would be a possible choice. If you have a car you like to keep clean, this is just an extra bonus.

Bissell Air Ram Cordless Vacuum

This is an interesting alternative apartment cleaner  to the much sought after “wave and dust” models.

It’s lightweight , still ( 8 pounds- about 2kgs- ); but not 100% as manoeuvrable in versatility as the ”wand” variety. The genius of this design is in the construction materials, because though it is bigger than the  “wand” versions, but also just as easily storable,  because the handle is collapsable.  It is robust enough to be able to take on serious cleaning tasks , yet it is still quite light- weight enough for people who are infirm or tired. The battery runs on 40 mins of full lithium-ion powered charge. (the pros and cons of this battery have already been discussed.)

The reference to 1984 is the “1984 design take” on an item with a millennial design functioning savvy – for those retro design trendy  junkies!

The most positive aspect is that this is a vacuum for a serious apartment cleaning- working at high cleaning performance  on multi-floor surfaces. It is equipped with an innovative power foot and special brush roll design to easily negotiate  cleaning from surface change to surface change.

Swivel steering and an easy transformation to lay flat handle makes its manoeuvrability under furniture and over any surface a very easy cleaning task. Despite the different design to the one currently gaining so much popularity,  it is still very lightweight and storable.

If you are one of those people, who can’t get used to handling this  old-time vacuum chore with some kind of millennial “wand”  waving the dust away,  and prefer to just  “push it along, feet on  the ground “, as you used to – you might like this model.

It is light and powerful enough to help you handle enough difficult dirt without physical stress and distress after a hard day at work. However, the advantage of the  “wand” type, is that you can reach easily into upper dust areas, as well.

The dirt bin is removable  with a simple slide-out action. This slider handles the evacuation of any kind of dirt easily, – debris, hair, dirt- anything.

Poor lighting conditions? Don’t worry  – state-of-the-art, wide-range lighting will  make the dirt you never even imagined was there immediately visible.


The fact that it suits the  apartment  dweller  who  feels comfortable cleaning  the old way – without losing out on anything really essential which makes modern design so appealing – light-weight, easy to store, very manoeuvrable over any surface, with a special features which give it “a touch in a class all of its own” –  led lights etc


The fact that  “high place reach” does not come with the design.   Maybe the cordless time is a little too brief to vacuum really efficiently; thus the time saving convenience  intended by cordless power, might just be an ongoing wait and recharge time waster and frustration. Power features or not, this might work only in very small spaces, with fairly limited cleaning needs – despite the trendy “night-vision“ specifications.


There are many features which make this model appealing. Possibly one of the most would be that in a darker apartment with poor natural lighting, the LED feature is really a positive. As an alternative to the stick design, yet with just as many smart features, (and some more), this could work in a small apartment space where long-period vacuuming is not needed- otherwise 40 minutes and then recharge, might become quite a frustration, instead of a smart and easy cleaning routine.

Hoover Linx Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

Even though stick vacuum cleaner are becoming less popular  in apartment households for the obvious reasons of being  less storable and compact , the Hoover name  is always worth mentioning.

Some people just prefer pushing the dirt off the floor , instead of “wanding it” away in space age mode.

Having appropriate gadgets to clean spaces is  a good point of discussion. This is a bit like comparing using an industrial gadget for household purposes and even if it is more powerful, and has extraordinary feature,  it is not what is need in the situation.

This would be the intention of this kind of cleaner, as opposed to a more complex model , though it is not lacking in extreme vanguard sophistication either.

In summary: this would  be ideal in small apartment spaces,  without exaggerated cleaning needs (thick pile carpets and a complex  range of  areas vulnerable to high -intensity  toxic dust invasions).Possibly an apartment in rental by  a fastidious young couple, (or owned),  an elderly person  with a pet ,  due to edge cleaning bristle feature which removes pet hair right up to surface edges on mats and carpets.

Prepriatory wind tunnel technology creates strong suction channels capable of lifting and removing any level of embedded dirt.

The fact that  it is cordless is a plus if this fits into  your personal use parameters of  preference. Cordless, because the reach ability is easy to manage without outlet changes and   comfortable  weight  if you are tired or, just  elderly, and tire easily.

It has a lithium-ion battery system The hype to dishype around this improved battery systems is this. They operate at full power for the whole recharge life. They can be re-charged- but even then the recharge life span is limited – 300 – 500 cycles etc –  according to the battery. However, the technology is still so  untested really.  There are no t only a lot  of  established negatives (  s well as yet to be possibilities ) , but also as yet unproved reports. The fact that over the recharge life the battery deteriorates, is already known This means that while it  might be cordless , its efficiency , due to this very state of the art  drawcard, might be the reason why it is not the best buy. This means that  the benefits of  having a cordless cleaner are put into long-term doubt, by the very nature of the lithium ion advantage. You can of course buy a new battery, which also might come down in price, over time.

The strong positives in such a streamlined gadget  with such a good brand name backing  are: a wind tunnel technology capacity to lift very embedded dirt.

Another appealing design feature, which is relevant to bad health apartment  dwellers (specifically back problems) , is the fact that the handle has an  extreme reline capacity , which means that it’s easy to reach under furniture etc. Edge cleaning bristles make it effective around tricky edges.

Fastidious home owners  with not much time , and not much strength for cleaning, and enough furniture to warrant the various tricky areas cleaning advantages .

Easily remove dirt with an  user-friendly push button bottom release dust cup.

It is also multi-floor ready -f rom hard floors to carpets- but not very densely dust infested carpets . In lightly luxury decorated designer flats with Persian carpets,  this would  also work as an option.


The cordless works and doesn’t – ie you have full power cleaning over the  charge period,  with a gauge warning you of “power is almost out”; but it diminishes over time. The fact that the fuel gauge reminds you  of period parameters, is handy as well – but you need to weigh up other factors-like is a cord attachment , though less manoeuvrable , and more inclined to entangle you while cleaning – might be more worth you dollars over the long -term.

The fact that it easy to use, powerful enough  are all plusses . Yet,  the fact that its inbuilt high tech power  advantage deteriorates over time is a negative.So, look into the real advantages of tech “advantages” before you buy the hype and the problem.

On a cautionary note- check the tech advantages – do your own homework to find out what  not listed behind the hype and how tested the advantages really are.


This cleaner  works well for small apartment owners with a limited scope of well-defined needs. It’s not  the highest power cleaner ,  but it’s also very sophisticated within its own power capabilities. It also has some plus design factor of its own behind a good brand name-like a bendable swivel for under furniture cleaning-  even though some of the plus tech advantages might not really be all they are rated to be. If working cordless makes you anxious because you can’t track the charge time while vacuuming- this model comes with a gauge which lets you know how much charge time is remaining though out the vacuuming period.

Dyson V7 Motorhead Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner, Fuchsia

This belongs to  a range in the Dyson series. It has a high level of inbuilt design versatility which makes it  superior to , for example , the  Dyson V6, and therefore better performing in more complex apartment ambients.

Top on the list of versatility of use , is that it easily transforms from a stick model  to push along to a handheld  model. This is an A-plus in design features- just because of its ease of use and vari-function for all types of dirt.catching areas.

The fact that it is  cord free, and has a powerful suction it shares in common with the Dyson V6 makes it ideal for quite…. apartment cleaning, particularly because it is light-weight and easy to store, by design. These factors that it has in common with the other model makes it suitable for the same type of apartment conditions- where fairly heavy cleaning is needed, at quite a sophisticated level – an ability to reach into high spaces as well without incurring backache or  fatigue- ie , light and easy , but fairly serious. This also, as in the first model, this only works for small cleaning spurts because the power life of the charge is not long…

So this would be for  an apartment dwellers with small spaces which include high reach dust-ridden crevices, and  other fairly dense at all levels dust traps , but not over- toxic  dust  and dirt conditions.

The special  advantage as a more vanguard model  it has is this- the 30 minute run time can be paced with an instant release  button which allows  the user to interrupt the cleaning process and conserve the power energy charge . It takes 3, 5 hours minimum to charge each. So, if you are one of those people, with a small apartment,  a busy life and can organise your cleaning tasks in spurts and appreciate the controllable power save by the handy turn on and off switch- or even organising your cleaning for one long charge on a weekend .- for 30 minutes , with shorter burst during the week , this would also be ideal.

This is also suitable for  a small apartment, yet with some significant carpeted areas which need deep pile cleaning-  a  direct drive cleaner head drives strong  bristles into the carpet  for up to 6 minutes to rake out the deep  dirt.

The proprietary Dyson digital motor V7 picks up all round dust from  hard floor to carpets.

It boasts 75% more brush bar power than the V6 model – making it  significantly superior as a cleaner. The brush bar is the inner component which powers the  “power-spin” to pick up pet hair and other types of tricky dirt stuff. 75%  improvement on a model which has already been hailed a modern classic is “real dust  traction power”.

The volume of the bin is accordingly as small as the apparatus- …- but it empties easily and hygienically without  having to touch any dirt.


This model has many best things to laud it. It  is able to change its shape and function easly, and can be  conveniently stored- therefore: light on the back, and  storage – strong apartment plusses. It might only be able to deal with small spaces due to  short cordless run time- but this charge period can also be manually controlled over its run , for shorter spurts of cleaning., making it easy for you to organse your cleaning program in a more effective and more creative way. The 75% power factor which handles all dirt attack actions  makes it a new generation super cleaner for apartment habitats – as does the standard  ability with  this make to negotiate all kinds of floor types easily.


The only really negative factor is also the plus factor – the fact that it is cordless and therefore the run time is limited. Otherwise it belongs to a new super generation of apartment cleaners – worth the extra dollar spent over the older model for it’s increased sophistication of performance.


It’s powered by a battery charge – this is not a Wifi gadget. This is a positive, in fact, because you reduce WiFi wave stress as well ,  another type of toxic factor to avoid in small living spaces.It’s  versatile and easy to use -once  you’ve charged it. If  you lack  cleaning organisational skills , this might not be a good choice . However, in every otherway its’a perfect choice for apartment dwellers with a few potentially  dangerous health bombs – like high-level toxic urban areas, pets , exaggerated humidity etc.


Miele Dynamic U1 Maverick, Obsidian Black

This is possibly the most sophisticated cleaner in the range we are presenting – a heavy duty apartment vacuum cleaner. It is designed specifically for heavily- used , dense carpeting in apartments. It boasts a rotating brush which deep cleans the most robust dirt.

It is a linear vertical model with a handle and electrocbrush control, which permits the most rigorous cleaning tasks. It is equipped with three high-end accessories on the back- an upholstery nozzle, a dust brush and a … long crevice nozzle.

These accessories while not being integral to the principal cleaner are within easy reach to attach quickly.

To  boost its  exceptional carpet cleaning capacity it further boasts ideally positioned suction ducts and wavy brushes, for complete cleaning right up to the edge of very dense carpeting.

The suction power is variable in its control by adjusting the power motor function.

So, you’ve guessed – this is really a carpet cleaning vacuum , which can do other cleaning tasks, as well.Who would most need this? Possibly luxury apartment dwellers with deep pile carpets to add comfort to  their lives, who like to maintain their carpeted domain, never-the-less spotless and pristine. People who have such dense carpet mass in their apartments, usually do not do so as a random choice , but as a passion,  Most people usually do not take on highly carpeted apartments  dwelling space – simply because they really are so much work to maintain and keep clean.

This is not a conventional vacuum cleaner.It is equipped with very high technology carpet cleaning functions which make it a unique choice for  carpeted flooring solutions. For example, the electric brush function follows the floor contours and automatically adapts to different carpet pile depths.The suction power is consistent , ensuring very gentle , but penetrating cleaning to the outer edges.

The filter bag is auto-seal closing. This is not just a complex design dirt capture machine, it is also equipped with a HEPA filter to thoroughly sterilise your carpets as well. Equipped with auto -sealing, HEPA filter, and twist gripper the rate of dust  and allergen capture  is 99.9%- even with a 6kg dust bag, the air quality in the most confined apartment spaces will not diminish  This vacuum cleaner can even handle  heavily carpeted apartments with pets.

The Mielle research centre spent 80 years developing the sealed system to reduce air pollution while vacuuming.

This is a cordless cleaner. However, frequent changing of outlet points is not needed because the cord is 39 ft long. Unless you apartment is really big, you probably won’t need to unplug the cords at all.  Although it is designed primarily to be a super carpet cleaner, it can  clean other surfaces just as well – tiles, hardwood floor mats and wall- to- wall carpeted ambients.

The  “up to  1200 watt” vortex motor can handle any level or degree of toxic pollutants. This proprietary  German wave motor by Maverick can be  adjusted by nobs from 1100 – 1200 watts – depending on the  cleaning task. Another Maverick design is the electric brush at 4… rpm.

While the primary  purchase is durable, reliable and of high quality, the filter should be replaced every 6 months, and the dust bag as needed, to ensure maximum power cleaning.

Love your cosy carpeted paradise and all the  homely warmth that goes with it? There is nothing which causes a carpeted apartment to lose it’s soft pile appeal than  smudged-looking, grey-film dirt If you have chosen to be a carpeted apartment dweller, you probably already know this, and already have a flair for keeping these types of homes in a state of pristine clean paradise freshness. With the aid of this very sophisticated carpet cleaning vacuum , the most fastidious carpet cleaning dreams can be realised easily.


Don’t expect this to be a light- weight easy storage home help . It’s a complex cleaner with sophisticated design elements and proprietary mechanisms which make it more weighty both in design as in profile.Unlike the others which are more light weight in every sense , this machine is not  designed for small storage conditions and light vacuuming “on the run” – but similarly it can do almost anything -almost..


Almost? What can’t it do , which makes it only almost perfect? Essentially you can’t pick it up and wave away the dirt. While the handle is height adjustable , it’s not light to manoeuvre. If you prefer a light and easy, and lighter vacuuming result, this is not for you. Neither does it have the full range of features  that other cleaners have as well  –  features like LED lighting for dark  under -furniture spaces. If your apartment has complicated crevices in its design space  or high- reach dust collecting areas , which the wand-type cleaners are so good at negotiating , this would probably not to  those tasks very well either.

It’s not as plug and play as the others – you have to push it , negotiate cords etc. However, just  in terms of design , it would be almost impossible to have  a perfect synthesis of all features you would  love to have, anyway.


If your apartment needs regular deep cleaning over various surfaces,  particularly with thick pile carpets included in a lot of the floor space, this is an ideal vacuum cleaner. The fact that it has a cord in this  case is better, because shallow charge  times  wouldn’t be effective either. The cord is long , the bag very big – yet due to the self- sealing system the density of dust being collected never escape into the air, and your air quality.

Hoover Vacuum Cleaner Air Lift 20 Volt

This is the ideal vacuum cleaner for anyone who  lives in a bigger apartment space with not only larger floor area-, but also different types of floor areas. The vanguard range of accessories which include a well -designed set of crevice creepers, pivotal dust -eaters, and other  “ready to eat space -age dust” accessories,  designed to attack creepy dust invasions are designed in such a way as to make you cleaning chores really easy , without a lot of changing and re-arranging on the original apparatus. 2 in1features and 3 channel wind technology make it a breeze to move from one type of surface to another without losing suction power, even on cordless pull over multi -surface areas. There are other valuable  throw-ins , like an extra filter.the cup capacity is also large enough to handle  large space dust intake. – 1.5kg.


This vacuum cleaner has so many “to buy for” features which make it a “must buy “ for the fastidious home keeper in an apartment.The first point is the reliability of the brand name in vacuum cleaners – the name Hoover defines this household chore keeper, in fact.  For you as an apartment renter or owner, it has these key features to, look out for:

It’s versatile – if your space is fairly big, your life-style over-engaged and your cleaning program sporadic-you can use it both for short intervals without power and for longer intervals with  the power cord. This means that when you are in the mood to do a quick dust  without bending down, or you need to clean for longer periods , this – designed home helper is perfect. It has two batteries which provide 50 minutes of cord -free activity. During this time- frame the battery power does not fade , whether you sue it on hard floor surface or pile carpets the cleaning capacity works equally well.Vanguard wind technology with 3 suction pull lifts that nasty embedded dirt.The multi- floor brush roll factor makes it super- easy to switch from one type of floor surface to another. The accompanying accessories are also “to buy for”: A combined dusting and crevice tool, cleans crevices , events and furniture without time-consuming accessory changes An additional filter removed provided as well as a pivotal dusting accessory which allows you to to reach into tricky areas easily.


It’s not  super–easy household stuff to handle and manage – easy on every backache and other debilitating ailment. You need  more robust body weight to handle this cleaner , but if your apartment is larger, and your surfaces designed in multi  aesthetic ways , that you appreciate  the handy work and would  like to keep – you need this type of vacuum cleaner ,  to keep your apartment  clean.The fact that the heavier design style is mitigated by so  many streamlined design trick to take the essential load of cleaning way , it definitely a plus.


A better question in this case is this: “Do I need this kind of vacuum cleaner for my larger space  from a  known  brand which is well-known on the long-term vacuum design track for engaging  consumer loyalty with consistently winning designs?” This would be this choice.


This  vacuum is styled to handle difficult dirt issues in any type of apartment design with wider living spaces which need to be cleaned easily and quickly, without the minimum amount of stress. The brand name testifies to the fact that Hoover have analysed their consumer market well over the years and  definitely bring out the right  stuff every time.

The option of living in an apartment  is not a choice for some people. They have to, due to economic restrictions.

Similarly, informing yourself about the best vacuum for apartment is not a simple 1,2,3 choice.

Choosing the right vacuum cleaner to keep your apartment space healthy and the air vibrant and clean is also an essential.  The choice of vacuum cleaner, with so many real modern advantages and health benefits is not a choice you should take lightly – it can be a life-saver in so many ways- lung problems, back problems, to  name a few. Apartment living has become so much more complicated since your  grandmother’s day. Buying the best vacuum for apartment is not a consumer hype, it’s a necessity.