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Best Vinyl Plank Floor Cleaner of 2021!

So, you are seeking out the best vinyl plank floor cleaner and want to learn about your options. Great news, you’ve come to the perfect place. Here, we detail the best available products; their nuances and specifics, so that you can find the ideal tools to make your vinyl planks shine like new. Together, we will discover the best cleaning options to the process is both clear and enjoyable.

Product Breakdown:

Liquids and Spray Choices

The first thing we are going to need to get our floors up to par is a proper cleaning agent. There are a wide variety, with a plethora of chemical options and oils. Through all the options, a couple clearly prove their value.

1) Rejuvenate Restorer Polish- Ideal Mop-On Option for Shining Worn Down Floors:

When in shape, vinyl floors are beautiful. The unfortunate fact is that we walk on them and drag things about. For any of us who have scuffed our floors seemingly beyond repair, this is the perfect cleaner. It works without sanding and returns shine to the material. It fills scratches and returns our floors to their seamless, new condition. We apply this simply, with a mop. The trick is to spread out the cleaner before it dries. Drying takes around forty-five minutes, so the best thing to do is separate your floor into sections and deal with them individually.

2) Capture Vinyl Cleaner- Great No-Rinse, Spray On Choice for Easy Use:

Floors, in essence, are simple products; so, it only makes sense that we find simple tools for maintenance. This item is easy to use and achieves ideal results. We love this option because it keeps things straightforward. All you have to do is spray it on to the surface, then wipe the area clean. Thanks to the chemical makeup of this handy cleaner, you don’t have to strip down the floors. It helpfully breaks down residue from other cleaners and leaves the floor shining ideally. The trick is to sweep away debris first; then, when cleaning, only wipe in one direction to stay with the grain.

Equipment and Tools

Now that you have identified the optimal cleaners to meet your demands, it is time to detail the tools for the job. Avoid heavy lifting and the need for elbow grease with the ideal equipment for the task.

1) Bissell Spinware (2039A) Mop and Cleaner- Great Powered Tool

Chances are, you’ve scrubbed a floor before (and you know that it is exhausting work). This mop does all the heavy lifting, so your job is as easy as possible. Its tank holds up to twenty-eight ounces and the powerful machine runs up to almost a full amp. Since, as the operators, we control the spray of water, there is no risk of water damage to our vinyl floors. The tool itself comes with different types of pads, depending on your needs. Whether you are looking to scrub through a mess before polishing, or looking to apply polish to a smooth floor, this mop has the proper tool.

2) Microfiber Mop- Professional Grade Cleaning Tool for Long Reach

Sometimes, we want to power through our work and let a machine take the lead. Other times, we seek the control and ability only handheld affords. For those of us seeking optimal control over pressure and direction, this is a great option. The microfiber pad limits abrasion to the floor itself, making it a great vinyl plank floor cleaner. It allows us to clean it without concern of scratching or damage (no matter how much pressure we apply). Thanks to a sturdy build, the adjustable handle, able to reach up to six feet, makes for easy reach and handy leverage. The replaceable pads are also machine washable for easy maintenance.

3) Extra Absorption Microfiber Mop- Ideal for Handheld Rinsing and Cleaning

Have you ever spent a long time getting your floor cleaned and rinsed, only to realize that there are gashing streaks everywhere? We have, and it is one of the reasons we adore this product. The pads themselves are where this tool stands apart from the crowd. They absorb thoroughly, meaning there is little to no water left behind on the floor. It is residual water that leaves streaks on the vinyl. With this tool, we prevent this pesky pitfall. The handle offers reach capacity of up to five feet; and, thankfully, the tool itself is easy to maintain.

4) Rejuvenate Click n’ Clean Mop System- Great for Comfortable Use

One of the key reasons we love this product is its ergonomic design, since the best mop for vinyl plank floors is easy to use. Depending on the size of our floors, it can take quite some time to clean. This product features easy grip to lessen tension in hands and arms. The reservoir easily holds a variety of cleaners, administering them through a pump system. This product comes with a few bells and whistles, like grout scrubbers. That said, for vinyl floors, we focus on the even spray system that distributes equitably the cleaner it holds. Avoid mops and buckets (and the tedium they tow). This mop makes cleaning easy.

5) Reusable Microfiber Cleaning System- Soft Pads for Delicate and Worn Floors

This option is great for any of us who have to clean a floor with many corners. It is easy to reach open areas, but tight spaces pose a particular challenge. Thankfully, this feature meets all the requirements of the best vinyl plank floor cleaner. The mop cuts right through this issue with a pad that rotates 360 degrees. The swivel feature dips under tables and into tricky spots for an easy, even clean. It is lightweight and easy to store with a retracting handle (able to shrink to only three feet). We can machine wash the pads dozens of times and the material stays intact. For demanding surfaces and hard to reach places, we favor this option for its ease of use.

6) Karcher FC 5 Cleaner- Sturdy and Strong for Heavy Duty Jobs

The unique feature of this item is the rolling ability. Instead of a flat pad, the roller reduces surface area to brush away debris and add control to the clean. It works both as a polisher and a vacuum. The roller rotates at roughly one rotation per second. First, we abrade and vacuum, then, with the pretreated, damp pads, we glean a smooth finish. With this tool, we can do all this work in one easy step. The chemical dries in less than two minutes. This tool is best for anyone dealing with heavily damaged vinyl or large-scale tasks. It makes for light work.

7) Bona Stone Premium Spray Mop- Lightweight and Easy to Use

Sometimes, we have all the time in the world to clean. Other times, our focus is on efficiency. The bona vinyl floor cleaner serves the latter. It boasts a rapid action mop head and comes prepared with cleaning solution. The microfibre pad is machine washable for repeat use. Thanks to the cloth’s design, the result limits streaks. Another great feature is the dual grip option. This provides optimal leverage over the mop for easy reach and added strength. The cleaning cartridge is refillable for continued use. Since the bona vinyl floor cleaner is so easy to store, we can tuck it away simply for the next time we need its services.

Best Way to Clean a Vinyl Plank Floor

There are a few tips and tricks to make your cleaning simple and enjoyable. From sourcing the best mop for vinyl plank floors to proper control over your tools, following these helpful hints leads to an optimal experience.
1) Scrub First
The primary tip is to get all debris and problem areas out of the floor. Consider using a tool designed for this purpose. Abrade the surface before taking any other steps. The end result of the first step may look messy, but it will prepare your floors for the next cleaning measures. Whether you are doing this by hand, or using a vinyl floor cleaner machine, it is critical to scrub first.
2) Sweep Away Debris
Now that you’ve abraded the vinyl, the next step is to sweep away the debris. Thoroughly clean away the dust and dirt from the area. Once we place the chemical it will both fill in gashes, as well as stick to any debris left on the floor. It is critical for us to remove any unnecessary particles before moving forward. A grout cleaning machine is great for this task since its design is to deter debris.
3) Rinse and Let Dry
Once we remove the dust from the floor, we can proceed to rinsing. While some products note that they work without rinsing, this step is still diligent. In order to achieve best results, take the extra time to rinse the floor with water. It makes work easier for both you and your vinyl floor cleaner machine. Not only will this remove any remaining particulate, it will also give you an idea of any scratches or damage to the surface (so that you can put more focus into them during the next step). Since this is not our final step in cleaning the planks, it is fine to let the floor air dry.
4) Add Cleaner
We have reached the final step of our vinyl plank floor cleaning task. Chances are, you have chosen a chemical agent already. It is now time to apply this to the floor. Ensure that you apply the cleaner evenly. When you rub it into the surface, go in only one direction (with the grain of the flooring). The best practice is to section the floor and focus on one section at a time. If there is a particular scratch or mar, take a small cloth or cotton ball and apply the cleaner to the specific area. Let the floor dry thoroughly upon completion.

What ‘To Do’ and ‘Not to Do’ When Cleaning Your Vinyl Plank Floor

It is just as important to know what to do as what not to do when cleaning a floor. From properly using your vinyl floor cleaning machine to finding the right cleaner, there are peaks and pitfalls to this task. We want our hard work and focus to lead to success. Follow these guidelines for best results.

To Do:

1) With the Grain
When you apply cleaning agents to the floor, ensure that you move only in one direction. Always keep to the grain of the material. Even though vinyl is not wood, the textile material received a grain direction during manufacturing. Take the extra time to identify the direction the vinyl naturally flows. Only move the cleaning agent in this direction- it prevents clumping and streaking.
2) Proper Cleaner
It goes without saying that the proper cleaner is necessary to proper execution of the task. Use tools and cleaning chemicals specifically designed for vinyl. Cleaners are powerful. Some are corrosive and can leech through the vinyl itself. Others simply won’t properly execute the task. Ensure best results by using a cleaner specifically designed for vinyl material. When using a grout cleaning machine, ensure that it is safe for vinyl material.
3) Frequent Maintenance
Naturally, the longer you wait between cleanings, the more work it will take to clean the floor. Simplify your job by routinely performing upkeep. This includes treating the floor with care. Don’t scratch the vinyl or drag furniture. Do a simple clean weekly and follow the instructions of any sealant to the letter. If they last for thirty days, reapply after that time exactly. This promotes wellbeing of the vinyl itself.

Not to Do:

1) Against the Grain
We cannot overemphasize the importance of keeping to the grain. This sort of friction damages the vinyl on a molecular level, leading to scratches and overall wear and tear. Do not use back and forth motions when rubbing on cleaner. Instead, move in a straight line, and lift the mop to return to the beginning. Otherwise, damage ensues.
2) Overuse Cleaner
While it may seem that more is better, overusing cleaner causes problems. Too much chemical leads to clumping and promotes streaking (no matter how proper your form is). Use the minimum amount of cleaner possible and keep to the specific product indications. Otherwise, the buildup causes damage to both the floor and your cleaning tools (not to mention wasting cleaner).
3) Multiple Cleaners
If you want to avoid the need to strip away other cleaners and prevent chemical buildup, the best method is to be consistent in the cleaner you employ. Find the kind that works for your floor and stick to it. If you use too many different chemicals, it causes problems via buildup and potential chemical contraindication.

Now that we have detailed the nuances of cleaning your vinyl floor, you are perfectly equipped to start. Follow these tips and tricks to ensure that your floor shines like new. Like the ones we detailed here, the best vinyl plank floor cleaner is easy to use and long lasting; so, for ideal results, stick to these guidelines and you can spend less time cleaning the floor and more time using it for the things you love.