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Everything you need to know about the Bissell 1806 PowerFresh Deluxe Steam Mop!

Anyone who owns their own house or apartment knows for sure how difficult it is to keep everything in the best conditions. It takes a lot of time and effort, and sometimes that’s not enough. That is why you must have the best technology to be able to develop the best way, each task of your home. Steam cleaners are some of the successes of recent years. They are excellent in terms of performance and also super-fast. Among the most outstanding, we can find the Bissell 1806 PowerFresh Deluxe Steam Mop.

Product Overview

It’s incredible speed and efficiency, is not the only element to highlight within this incredible accessory. Its use is extremely simple even when we do not have the classic detergents. Therefore, this product is ideal to be able to finish with the dirt of any environment of the home, without using any cleaning product. That’s why consumers are attracted to this amazing mop.

This product is super versatile and easy to move. This allows us to use it anywhere in the home and at the same time, that no place is unreachable. One of the most outstanding aspects is that it contains a mouthpiece specially designed for sticky dirt. Its steam flow is also adjustable. This allows us to adjust it depending on the dirt we are dealing with and, of course, the floors we are dealing with.

There are many stains that have always been a problem on our floors. Those that adhere completely and stickily will be easily removed with the intensity of the hot steam. Before, with traditional products, we had to spend hours rubbing to get the stain out. And with this mop, cleaning will no longer be a challenge. The good thing is that the intensity of the hot steam can also be regulated. This is due to the fact that certain floors may not react in the best way to steam.

This mop can reach temperatures up to 212 degrees. It is one of the coolest aspects of the product because it instantly eliminates all the bacteria that our home may have. The fact that the cleaning is completely steam-based, prevents children from coming into contact with chemicals that could cause some kind of harm.

Household Cleaning has never been easier than it is now

Its weight and length do not present any kind of impediment when using or storing it. It only weighs about 6 pounds and will always stand upright. So, you can easily store it in any closet. It is a very easy product to assemble. The instructions are very clear and its components do not present any type of complexity.

It does not work with an on/off system. We simply have to connect it to the current and it will start working. After 30 seconds, the hot vapors will begin to appear. In addition, for greater comfort in its use, the cable can be wound to the machine in a very simple way. It has a system of controls that are very simple to use. It allows to adjust the time of use and the intensity of the hot steam. We can perform long sessions but with a low steam intensity or shorter sessions and with a much more intense hot steam. In addition, the jets of water that migrate from the mop, are the perfect complement to remove those grease stains from any surface.

The Bissell 1806 PowerFresh Deluxe Steam Mop, it is one of the best machine for cleaning tiles right now that’s why it’s made up of a significant amount of microfibres that allow waste to be stored in a quick and easy mass. In addition, it has the ability to completely absorb the moisture that remains in the soil. However, this mop has more unique features. Its head is very easy to use and to condition. It is possible to remove the pieces that compose it and to go adjusting it, to be able to clean of the better way, the different types of floors. It’s also a useful grout cleaning machine.

The deposit in which the collected dirt is stored does not present great complications. It can be opened at any time and, therefore, we can empty as we develop the cleaning. In this way we ensure that it does not become full or suffer damage, due to excess dirt collected.

The pads used in cleaning are easy to remove. Depending on the intensity of the cleaning, will depend on the duration of them. The vast majority of buyers place an extra order for pads. It is ideal to have a couple of more; in case the cleaning is too demanding. An interesting aspect is that the product includes discs that take care of releasing a pleasant and refreshing fragrance at the time of sweeping.

With respect to water, its capacity is within the normal range with respect to these products. With a total vaporization of 15 minutes, we will be able to carry out the cleaning work to perfection. It may be that, depending on the intensity and magnitude of the work, a longer vaporization should be carried out.

It is a silent product and very easy to use. What is recommended is to start slowly and increase the intensity, if necessary. It is important to start with a low steam intensity. That way, the product will have enough time to acclimatize to the increase in steam intensity. It is not an ideal product to remove dirt from carpets. For that, it is better a product that has as main objective, the cleaning of carpets or rugs.

Product specific features:

Let’s leave you in detail, some of the technical features of this amazing product:

  • It is a mop that can emit a vaporization of 15 minutes prolonged. This is possible thanks to its 1500V heater.
  • Its complete heating and acclimatization take less than a minute.
  • It is made up of a display indicating the energy consumed and the energy still to be consumed.
  • Its flow is completely adjustable. It has two different levels.
  • It has an extremely long cable. This makes it possible to reach the outlets farthest from the home.
  • It has the ability to introduce fragrance discs. They can be easily removed and exchanged as often as necessary.
  • The warranty given by the supplier is approximately two years.


The Bissell 1806 PowerFresh Deluxe Steam Mop is extremely simple to operate and use. In addition, it is ideal for any surface, avoiding the damage that other products often cause. Its market price is quite affordable, considering all the positive features it can provide.

Not only is it ideal for home floors, but it is also a very useful tile cleaning machine for any type of ceramic tile, gallery floor or tile. We believe that it is one of the most innovative, comfortable and best tile floor cleaner machine on the market, with the objective of cleaning the home.

That’s why, if you always dreamed of having the floors and tiles of your home in the best conditions, then don’t hesitate anymore and buy this mop immediately. We assure you that you will be able to remove all the sticky dirt that you have always had to deal with, for hours.