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7 Best Bissell Crosswave Alternatives Available on the Market With Reasonable Price

Are you Looking for the best Bissell alternative but unsure of what to choose or don’t know what’s good? Don’t worry. You don’t have to be a vacuum fundi for this article. Here is a collaboration of some of  the absolute best alternatives to the Bissell Crosswave.

7 BestUnbeatable Bissell Crosswave Alternatives in 2021:

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Hoover – ONEPWR HEPA+ Cordless

Hoover ONEPWR HEPA+ Cordless Bagged Upright Vacuum Cleaner, Lightweight, For Carpet and Hard Floor, BH55500PC, White
  • HEPA FILTRATION WITH DIRT TRAP TECHNOLOGY: Our 5-Layer filtration bag automatically traps 99.9% of dirt, dust & debris from going back into the air
  • POWERFUL CORDLESS CLEANING: Delivers power-packed cleaning to tackle dirt, dust and debris without being tethered to a cord
  • LIGHTWEIGHT DESIGN: Delivers unmatched cordless cleaning power at half the weight of most vacuum cleaners
  • MORE TIME CLEANING, LESS TIME EMPTYING: Holds 4x more debris than a bagless vacuum for longer time in between changing bags
  • WHAT’S INCLUDED: Two 4.0ah MAX Lithium Ion Batteries, one ONEPWR charger, and two HEPA bags

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The Hoover ONEPWR Cordless, Upright Vacuum is the best of both worlds with it’s full-size cleaning capacity of an upright, stick vacuum. Merged with the the convenience, simplicity and ease of use. Thanks to it’s lightweight and cordless design. The Hoover ONEPWR Cordless Upright Vacuum delivers a quite a punch, cleaning with HEPA filtration that helps protect against dirt, dust and debris. Perfect for allergy sufferers and even caters to pet owners. This appliance boasts a two-speed multi-floor fingertip control function which,  is ideal for transitioning from heavy-duty carpet cleaning to hard floor cleaning with ease. I’m addition to this feature, it’s designed with 5-layers of filtration that comes with HOOVER’s Dirt Trap technology, which, automatically traps and locks in 4x more dirt and debris than your standard, bagless vacuum. This means, more proactive and productive time cleaning, and less time disposing the dirt and changing the bag!

The ONEPWR Cordless Upright Vacuum is Exceptionally user friendly and makes manoeuvring under and around furniture and other household obstacles a breeze. This appliance is everything, one could ask for in a stick vacuum: powerful cordless cleaning, simplicity and hassle-free emptying with HEPA media filtration.


  • HEPA filter allows for deep and through cleaning against micro dust and allergen reduction in applied areas.
  • Lithium-ion battery – easily manageable with battery performance always at peak with Lithium ion technology. Assisting you appliance’s battery performance as well as power storage.
  • LED Headlights – These can assist with clarity over the affected areas.
  • Extra large waste trap capabilities.
  • 2 x HEPA bags – Which allows for increased cleaning time, as one can work between bags and not have to wait for bag changes to resume cleaning.
  • Powerful suction capabilities.


  • Product may appear more bulky.
  • Not as manoeuvrable as other products in its range.
  • Not as light as other products in its class.
  • Bags need to be changed and replaced which is more expensive then a bagless variant.

Questions and Answers:

Q: How noisy is it?

A: Very similar to any other corded vac but not as high pitch like the traditional stick vacuum

Q: What bags are compatible?

A: The part number for the replacement bags is AH15600 and they can be purchased online with ease

Q: Are the filter bags washable?

A: Unfortunately not. There is a paper bag that fits inside that you replace when it gets full.

This product is a robust and lightweight product. The functions and features make for ease of cleaning performance. It’s HEPA filter allows for a allergen reduced home as this filter allows for the execution of micro-dust particles to be absorbed and promotes deep cleaning. It’s suction power is more desirable by some than the Shark Navigator. With desirable. We found This product did lack some functional manoeuvrability. However it’s ranking with regards to other functions and features has made this Hoover highly desirable.  This product is great alternative to the Bissell Crosswave. The Hoover ONEPWR HEPA+ Cordless will cost you around $300 excluding shipping and may not be available globally as there may be some restrictions in some countries. Overall this is product is great for big and small jobs and will get the job done.

LG CordZero A9

LG Cordzero A9, Two Batteries, for Hard-Floor, Carpet, Couch, Mattress, Car, Extra filter kit, (A908VMR) Cordless Stick vacuum, Vintage Wine
  • Two Rechargeable Batteries Included - Clean and charge at the same time for up to 80 minutes of uninterrupted performance.
  • Removable Filters for Easy Maintenance - Easy to maintain removable and washable filters. Additional Cyclone & Filter set is provided so your vacuum is always ready when you need it.
  • Portable Charging Stand - Easily store and charge anywhere, anytime — without drilling holes into your wall.
  • Control Features With a Single Touch - Turn the vacuum on and off or change power levels with the touch of a thumb, without cramping your hand.
  • Telescopic Wand - Adjustable wand length allows for more flexibility and conveniently stores away to save space.

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Designed to be convenient.

The LG CordZero A9 Comes with every attachment one can think of. LG has taken the time to understand the exact need of every client, with the adjustable pole length or telescopic wand that can be adjusted to suit just about every need.

The LG is aesthetically pleasing as it comes in a array of colours which include:

Vintage Wine  – For the Retro lovers

Matte Grey – For the executive feel

Matte Red –   For the more modernised look

With the LG’s one touch control. This device can easily be transformed into a hand held vacuum, which makes for convenience  against awkward and crammed areas, including your car.  With the five step filtration system that this product boasts; Filtering 99.99% of dust as well as dirt. The LG does this by separating and filtering fine dust.

These 5- step filtration systems include:

  • Metal dust filter
  • Main Cyclone
  • Secondary Cyclone
  • Pre-dust filter
  • Fine dust filter.


  • Attractive design
  • An assortment of attachments that make for ease of use in all areas which can be attached and detached easily with a click-on/ click-off system.
  • Charging stand that holds all attachments neatly and can be stowed away with ease.
  • At just 5lbs this appliance is extremely lightweight.
  • Excellent suction power due to its inverter motor.
  • Washable filters, includes a spare filter.
  • A telescopic, adjustable handle is great for people all heights.
  • Both batteries can be charged simultaneously.
  • Replaceable lithium batteries
  • LED battery level indicator display located conveniently just above the power button
  • Surprisingly quieter than one expect from such a powerful appliance.
  • No trigger button to be used through the duration of your cleaning time which may cause aching wrists, instead this model comes with a on/off button.
  • Non-clogging system.
  • 10 year Motor warranty.


  • Smaller dirt trap than one would expect from an appliance in this price range.
  • Taller individuals may find this appliances to be too short for comfort.
  • This product retails at $569.56 on Amazon at a discounted price! Making this product is quite pricy. However, this excludes shipping and is not available in some countries
  • Components made from plastic which, some may find that for the price tag on this particular model are not robust enough
  • Can become costly to maintain through spare parts and batteries

This product rated top in the deep carpet cleaning test with its high power suction capability. Scoring one of the best for a cordless vacuum. It’s sleek and slender design makes for great manoeuvrability while it’s attachments serve very useful for application variations. This model is one of the first products to come with a power punch nozzle which can suck up hair without getting the hair tangled up in your machine or nozzle. This unit is rather pricy and can be expensive to maintain. Although despite this factor it is loved by many and is a great Bissell alternative.

Questions and answers:

Q: Does this have a HEPA filter?

A: No, this vacuum does not have a HEPA filter. The filters are easy to maintain removable and washable filters. It has an exhaust filter and a pre-filter.

Q: What is the difference between the power floor nozzle and the power punch nozzle?

A: The Power Floor nozzle is used to clean a variety of hard floor surfaces while the Power Punch Nozzle lets you clean bedding, furniture, carpets more effectively.

Q: How does this perform on pet hair?

A: Generally it performs really well when using the Power Punch Nozzle

This product may be on the higher end of the price scale. However. It’s features and functionality, coupled with all its attachments. This model is a great appliance as it can deep clean carpets as well as work effectively on hard floor surfaces as well. While being able to eliminate fine dust particles, keeping allergens at a reduced level. It’s no wonder why this product is a great Bissell crosswave alternative.

Samsung Jet 70

Samsung Jet 70 Pet Cordless Stick Vacuum Long Lasting Battery and 150 Air Watt Suction Power, Complete with Mini Motorized Tool, Violet
  • 40 MINUTE BATTERY LIFE - Use your vacuum for up to 40 minutes of uninterrupted cleaning before a recharge is needed or easily swap the battery with a spare
  • ADVANCED PERFORMANCE - Clean hardwood, tile, and carpeting thanks to the vacuum’s 150 Air Watts of intense suction power
  • LIGHTWEIGHT DESIGN - Built to go around your home with ease at a mere 6 pounds, the Jet 70 makes it easy to vacuum stairs, reach beneath sofas or appliances, clean high cabinets, window blinds and more
  • TURBO ACTION BRUSH - Rotating more than 3,700 times a minute and with 180° swivel flexibility the Turbo Action Brush cleans dust, hair, and other debris on multiple surfaces
  • JET CYCLONE - Keep debris from building up on the filter with the powerful multi-cyclonic system that pushes dirt into the dustbin

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The Samsung Jet 70 Packs quite a punch.

Samsung Jet 70 Pet Stick Cordless Lightweight Vacuum Cleaner with it’s removable long lasting Battery and 150 Air Watt Suction Power, Complete with Mini Motorized Tool makes cleaning a breeze.

While this futuristic looking high-tech gadget may look a little intimidating at first glance with its multi-detachable and reattach-able components this appliance is extremely user friendly, lightweight and convenient to use.

Built to ensure a hassle free quick, easy and long lasting cleaning experience.

Special features:

  • Removable battery which gives you up to 40 mins of uninterrupted cleaning capabilities
  • 150 Air-watts of suction capability.
  • A Turbo action brush which operates at 3700rpm and 180 degree flexible turbo action brush allowing you to rid the remnants of dust, dirt and hair.

Boasting new age technology against a chore which has stood the test of time. Samsung have decided they prefer to modernise their product with a sleek and more futuristic aesthetic features. The long stick which has many detachable components, makes the Samsung a pretty nifty gadget to own around the house. Making it being easy to store as well as having interchangeable parts.

Pros and Cons:


  • User friendly
  • Cheapest in its class.
  • Easy to install
  • Cordless – Tangle-less
  • Light weight
  • Strong battery (Power level dependant) – battery performs to its advertised time.
  • Detachable stick to handheld function – Promotes thorough cleaning from high to low places.
  • 5 layer filtration system – Reduction of micro-dust and Allergens
  • Can be used on all medium to hard floors as well as carpets
  • Can be used to suck up your pet’s hair.
  • Comes with wall mount.


  • Cannot stand in upright position. (Needs wall mount)
  • Not ideal for tough to reach spots such as: down crevasses in the furniture, between cushions.
  • Pricey
  • Spare battery not included.

Questions & Answers:

Q: Can it also be a handheld vacuum?

A: Yes, depending on the attachment used, this model can be use as a handheld vacuum which is great for smaller hard to reach spaces.

Q: Does it come with a spare battery?

A: No this model only comes with one rechargeable battery. However, if you’d like to purchase additional batteries they can easily be purchased online. It easily gets through large jobs on one charge, and it recharges quickly. You can also extend battery life by which power setting you choose.

Q: Can this vacuum stand up on its own?

A: Unfortunately the vacuum is not designed to stand upright on it’s own. It does, however, come with a wall mount to hold the vacuum upright for easy storage.

The Samsung Jet 70 is a wonderful little gadget to own in your home with only but a few minor irritations. It is not vastly available globally, it’s price tag is a little high on the scale while it doesn’t come with a spare battery or a upright dock station in which it can stand and nest in. Some people may feel that, for the region of price, these minor irritations could have been avoided. However with all this being said. This is a user-friendly gadget of which many people will find to work perfectly in their homes. Making this product a highly desirable Bissell alternative.

Shark Navigator Free-Style:

Shark SV1106 Navigator Freestyle Upright Bagless Cordless Stick Vacuum for Carpet, Hard Floor and Pet with XL Dust Cup and 2-Speed Brushroll, White/Grey
  • LIGHTWEIGHT CORDLESS CONVENIENCE: Portable, powerful and versatile, at only 7.5 lbs..Voltage:10.8 volts. Wattage : 125 watts.Noise Level : 80 dB
  • 2-SPEED BRUSHROLL: Optimized for both carpet and hard floors, and provides premium pet hair pickup throughout the home.
  • XL DUST CUP CAPACITY: Easy-to-empty .64 quart dust cup for extended cleaning without interruption.
  • PRECISION CHARGING: Charger doubles as storage block, and can charge in 4 hours.
  • WHAT'S INCLUDED: Shark Freestyle Cordless Vacuum & Precision Charger.

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Upright Cordless, Bagless Vacuum. Designed for optimum cleaning.

This appliance will allow you to easily as well as swiftly vacuum carpets, and a variety of hard floor surfaces, catering for the cleaning of large to fine debris, and even stubborn pet hair commonly found in homes.

This product features an extra large dust cap, capable of storing a lot more dirt and debris than most stick vacuums in its class. This feature is aimed for the purpose of minimising the emptying of dirt to maximise productive cleaning time, which Marries up the top-and- bottom empty design, thus!  Making it easier to empty out without making contact with the dirt and debris. As well as a two speed brush roll. Which makes for  premium, effective, convenient and superior cleaning capabilities.

The Shark navigator may look bulky it is extremely lightweight with weight distribution concentrated towards the bottom of the vacuum, coupled with its advanced swivel steering action, makes for smooth maneuvering around furniture.

Although this product does not convert from a stick vacuum to a handheld appliance it performs well on all types of floors due to its funnel type gate on the floor nozzle, this product excels with the pick up of large as well as extra large debris with ease.

Pros and Cons:


  • Cordless and bagless
  • Most popular stick Vacuum to be found on Amazon.
  • This product offers excellent value for money, offering a solid performance at a fraction of the price of it’s other competitors
  • Large dust cap with a capacity of 0.64 Quartz/605,66ml
  • Ideal for pet owners
  • Washable parts and filter
  • Foot button for easy changing between modes.
  • 2 speed settings, optimised for bare floors and carpets
  • Wide cleaning path of 10” makes for maximum floor cleaning coverage.
  • 3 x LED headlights. Which assists with optic clarity in darker spaces and over spill-areas
  • Swivel steering for easy navigation and maneuverability
  • Great replacement for a full-sized vacuum.


  • The Shark Navigator takes 4 Hours to reach maximum charge capacity
  • Cannot convert from a stick vacuum to a hand-held device. Which makes this appliance not suited to areas like ones car.
  • No extra attachments like a crevice tool or dusting brush.
  • Cannot be used for tight areas such as under couches or
  • Only has a 1 year limited warranty

Questions and Answers :

Q: Does this pick up grainy pet litter?

A: Yes with absolute ease

Q: Does it work well on Hardwoods?

A: Yes, it works absolutely, wonderfully! On most hard floor surfaces

Q: Are all the filters washable?

A: Yes all filters are machine and hand washable

Q: How does it do under beds? Is the profile too high to clean under there easily?

A: Unfortunately, this appliance does not do well under most furniture as the structure is a bit too bulky to fit under beds and couches.

The Shark is highly rated on Amazon as it is one of the top-sellers with its vacuum capabilities and large dust cap. The Shark is definitely  proving to be a great competitor in the ring with other cordless, stick vacuum cleaners. While the Shark Navigator Freestyle lacks some of the additional features and versatility that other models may have, it is a solid, dependable cleaning machine at a desirable price. It’s a great option for cleaning small messes as well as deep cleans, all without vacuuming you out of funds.

This unit is a really reasonable priced alternative with inexpensive replacement parts which are readily available on the internet making it easy to maintain and  is loved by many and is a great Bissell alternative.

Tineco Ifloor 3 stick vacuum

Tineco iFloor 3 Complete Cordless Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner, Floor Washer, One-Step Cleaning for Hard Floors, with Extra Accessory Package
  • Save time vacuuming and washing floors in one easy step, leaving floors instantly dry and streak free
  • This special COMPLETE edition of iFloor 3 includes an enhanced accessory pack with (2) roller brushes, (2) HEPA filters, and (2) bottles of Tineco Deodorizing and Cleaning Solution, so you're always ready to tackle the next sticky mess.
  • iFloor 3 features powerful scrubbing and suction to tackle tough, stuck-on messes or everyday floor cleaning on sealed hard floors like hardwood, vinyl, laminate, linoleum, tile, and marble.
  • Cordless and lightweight, iFloor 3 quietly cleans for up to 25 minutes of continuous cleaning power
  • Hands-free, self-cleaning system keeps the brush and tubes clean and odor-free. Please note that the machine must use Tineco solution to ensure long-term use. The use of a non-Tineco solution may cause corrosion and damage to the machine.

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Simple and Streak-less iFloor3, Powerful Suction that Dries Instantly!

Product Features:

  • Boasts a powerful 150W brushless motor. Which creates a powerful suction, making for fast work of big spills. The roller delivers better scrubbing performance than that of a traditional mop, ensuring your cleaning experience is faster, easier, and better managed. Ensures streak-less cleaning , so you spend less time redoing over areas. 100% precision cleaning the first time
  • Includes a multi-surface cleaning solution for all hard floor cleaning applications. It’s tough on stains and safe to use on indoor flooring.
  • Cleans all types of sealed hard floor surfaces, including hardwood, laminate, linoleum, tile,
  • Efficient and effective vacuuming and washing floors in one easy step, leaving floors instantly dry and streak freeFeatures a powerful brush roller that cleans messes better than traditional mops, and leaves floors instantly dry and streak-free.

Product specifications:

  • Swivel-Steering
  • Lightweight, cordless body
  • This special and COMPLETE edition of iFloor 3 includes an enhanced accessory pack with (2) roller brushes, (2) HEPA filters, and (2) bottles of Tineco Deodorising, Cleaning Solution, ensuring you’re always ready to tackle the next sticky mess hassle free.
  • The iFloor 3 features a powerful scrubbing and suction action to tackle tough, stuck-on messes and even everyday floor cleaning on sealed hard floors like hardwood, vinyl, laminate, linoleum, tile, and marble.
  • Hands-free, self-cleaning system keeps the brush and tubes clean and oder-free.
  • Please note: The iFloor 3 appliance must use the Tineco solution to ensure long-term use.

Pros & Cons:


  • Hands-free self cleansing function which can be operated upon docking station.
  • Two tank cleansing system. Separates clean water and soap solution from used water reservoir. Eliminating the spread of spills and mess
  • Fast-dry function ensuring your floors are clean, stick-free and streak-less functionality in one simple motion.
  • Lightweight and swivel-steering and self-propelled capabilities make for ease of manoeuvrability to those tight and tough to get to spots.


  • Only for the use of hard floors and not recommended for carpets.
  • Best results for functionality – advisable to be used with Tineco cleaning solution.
  • Product restrictions may apply to some regions globally.
  • This product is not a vacuum but more of a electronic mop with vacuuming functionalities and is limited with deep cleaning functionalities.

Questions and answers:

Q: Would it be suitable for large areas?

A: Personally I can do my living room, kitchen, dining room, and 2 bathrooms without a battery issue.

Q: Is this a steam mop, or does it clean with cold water?

A: No it is not a steam mop and it works with cold water

Q: Should you only their cleaning agent only?

A: The instructions say to only use their brand. I always follow the instructions for maximum effectiveness

Even though this product is categorised as more of a electronic mop. It does feature some convenient and handy cleaning applications which can be suited to all hard floors and is quite a popular product on Amazon. Thus, making this product a great Bissell alternative.

Hoover FloorMate

Hoover FloorMate Deluxe Hard Floor Cleaner Machine, FH40160PC, Silver
  • HARDWOOD, LAMINATE, VINYL & TILE CLEANER: SpinScrub Brushes deliver the best clean while gently and safely scrubbing sealed wood, vinyl, tile and grout
  • DUAL TANK TECHNOLOGY: Keeps clean and dirty water separate so you never put dirty water back on the floor
  • WASH-DRY MODE: Selection Wash Mode uses brushes to clean while suctioning up excess water while Dry Mode stops brushes to suction up excess water and improve drying time
  • FINGERTIP CONTROL: Clean Boost Fingertip Control applies extra detergent to stains and heavy traffic areas
  • LIGHTWEIGHT: At under 14 pounds, FloorMate is easy to lift and carry, even up and down stairs

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Discover the ultimate hard floor cleaner that gets the dirt mopping leaves behind. The Hoover FloorMate Deluxe. SpinScrub Brushes do the hard scrubbing for you, while the Dual Tanks keep clean and dirty water separate so you never have to swirl dirty water on your floors. Plus, it cleans and dry all in one motion leaving your floors clean, shiny and dry.

Clean just about any hard floor including HARDWOOD FLOORING, LAMINATED FLOORING, VINYL FLOORING, AND TILED FLOORING: SpinScrub Brushes perform and deliver clean while gently and safely scrubbing sealed wood, vinyl, tile and grout.

Product Features:

  • DUAL TANK TECHNOLOGY: Keeps clean and dirty water separate so you never have recycled, dirty water landing back on the floor
  • WASH-DRY MODE: Choice of Selection Wash mode uses brushes to clean while suction of excess water. Dry mode stops brushes from sucking up of any excess water to improve drying time as well as reduces water residue lines.
  • FINGERTIP CONTROL: Clean Boost Control or otherwise known as; fingertip control applies extra detergent to tough and rugged stains and is great to use in high volume traffic areas where dirt is always is a huge embarrassing problem.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT: The Floor Mate is a serious machine that not only performs impressively but is surprisingly easy to lift and carry, up and down stairs as it weighs a mere. 14lbs

Pros and Cons:


  • Duel tank Technology.
  • Patented Spin scrub technology.
  • Clean Surge technology
  • Removable parts


  • Best suited to hard floors as the use of this product on softer surfaces such as carpets is not recommended.
  • Not available in some countries as some restrictions may apply.
  • Suction power is not as strong as other models in its class.
  • This product is a heavier product than most in its class. People with back problems may have difficulties using this product

Questions and answers:

Q: How does this vacuum clean corners and hard-to-reach spaces?

A: Unfortunately no, the machine cannot go flush up against walls and hard-to-reach spaces.

Q: What is the difference between this model and the previous model?

A: The newer model is slightly larger, but weighs less than 14lbs. which is 8.3lbs.

Q: Is this vacuum considered a steam cleaner?

A:No, it does not heat the water, but you can fill the reservoir with warm water.

Even though this product may not be as maneuverable as some would like, it still is pretty maneuverable. It’s patented Spin-Scrub function is a serious pro when it comes to cleaning sticky, spill messes on hard floors. However with such a great feature. This does add to the weight of the Hoover as one can expect. With this being said it is still lightweight enough to maneuverer through your home and be conveyed up and down-stairs. This product can be found on Amazon for around $130.00 (Excluding shipping)  which is quite a desirable price and unlike most products in its class. The Hoover FloorMate has less restrictions globally.

Lightweight Cordless Ticwell WHALE W1 wet-dry vacuum cleaner

TICWELL Cordless Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner, Lightweight Floors Vacuum Cleaner and Mop, One-Step Cleaning for Hard Floors, Great for Sticky Messes and Pet Hair, 30 Minutes Long Battery Life, Black
  • A MUST-HAVE TIME SAVER: One-Step Cleaning wet or dry messes and hairs on hard floors with ease. Great suction power combined with controllable water spray enable fast drying floors, leaving no water streak.
  • LONG BATTERY LIFE: Up to 30 mins runtime by a Interchangeable battery. Exchanging extra purchased battery to prolong runtime to 60 mins, which relieving you from the hassle of recharging time to time. Clean up your floors in one go.
  • HANDS-FREE SELF-CLEANING: Self-cleaning cycle keeps the roller brush clean. Every time you lift it up, you can always trust it being ready-to-clean. Two roller brushes are standard for easy replacement.
  • MULTI-SURFACE CLEANING: Picks up messy, sticky spills and hairs on all sealed hard floors, including hardwood, tile, laminate, vinyl, marble and linoleum. Suitable for different kinds of floors.
  • CORDLESS & LIGHTWEIGHT: With only 8.7 lbs, you can easily maneuver this wet dry vacuum cleaner across the house and up the stairs. Its great portability offers an easy and smooth cleaning experience.

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For a All-in -1 innovative, cleaning experience that will leave your floors streak-less. With its innovative cleaning technology, what can one expect from the Ticwell W1? Well, sure! The Ticwell can just about do it all from: Hard Wood Floors; Sealed Wood Floors; Laminate Floors; Vinyl Floors; Tile Floors; Bamboo Floors;Cork Floors;Rubber Floors; Pinesol Floors. Just another vacuum you’re exclaiming? Or is it?

Product Features :

  • The Ticwell can just about do it all from: Hard Wood Floors; Sealed Wood Floors; Laminate Floors; Vinyl Floors; Tile Floors; Bamboo Floors;Cork Floors;Rubber Floors; Pinesol Floors.
  • Innovative-engineering. Boasting new age technology against a chore which has stood the test of time.
  • Self purging function that keeps your appliance in ship shape and clean before your next use. Which prolongs the lifespan of your newly bought and beloved appliance.
  • Sleek design and powerful sucking power motor would make you think this machine may get heavy after awhile! In actual fact this ingenious super-sucking machine weighs only 8,7Ibs.
  • Easy to assemble. Which saves you frustrating yourself with unnecessary assembly protocols, which can drag out for longer than needed when wanting to try out your new appliance.
  • This product comes cordless with a great powerful battery that allows you to get the most out of your cordless device as well as the battery. The W1 comes with a water tank which is easy to remove. One of the nifty features that the W1 has, is that once the water tank is filled. Your device will switch off. This allows for your appliance to not over exert itself with overly compact circumstances.
  • The machine can be switch on with a touch of a button. Water spray control. Allows one to adjust water disperse across the rollers. A toggle button allowing the user to switch or toggle between high or low speeds. With its ability to mop and vacuum this device will have your floor, mopped, dry and residue free in no time.
  • The water tank is easy to remove and fill up. With a single touch of the power button and can adjust your speed to high or low depending on the need.
  • Vacuum as you mop functionality allows you to get it all done in one swift swoop. Maximum cleaning functionality. Allowing you to get it done so you can tend to other daily life activities once done.

Pros and Cons:


  • Cordless – Tangle-less
  • Light weight – does not cause fatigue due to heavy appliance lug-around .
  • Strong battery – battery performs to its advertised time.
  • Mops and Vacuums – Get it all done with one swift motion.
  • Self-purging function – Allows for longevity of the W1 appliance.
  • Auto switch-off – This machine will switch itself off to remind you to empty the water tank. This also assists with appliance longevity.
  • Slim and sleek design – allows you to store-away this model with ease.
  • Can be used on all medium to hard floors


  • Can be applied to carpets – Not best fit for this use as it does not have a deep cleaning function.
  • Fur and Animal Hair – while the vacuum has has really powerful sucking power. This product is not best suited to eliminating our Furry family member’s remnants off of the carpets or furniture.
  • Furniture – is not ideal for tough to reach spots such as: down crevasses in the furniture, between cushions.

Questions and  Answers:

Q: Can I charge the machine ovet night without removing it from the charging base? Will this damage the battery?

A: Yes, you can leave it on charge as the battery will automatically stop charging after it is fully charge.

Q: How long does it take to fully charge the battery?

A: A full charge takes about 4 hours when completely drained.

Q: What is the suction power?

A: It has 2 Speed Suction ModesE

Economic mode: Up to 30 min use.

Powerful mode: Up to 20 min use.

The Ticwell Whale W1 is a wonderful alternative appliance to the Bissell Crosswave. Keeping up with most of the Crosswave’s functionality and not having to be afraid to make a Mark of its own.