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Bissell Crosswave vs Symphony – Which One Best?

Having a machine that has the ability to clean up dry and wet messes up at the same time is a major bonus when it comes to cleaning floors. If you want to waste your valuable time, you can always use a broom or vacuum, and then a mop, but why would you if there is a simpler way to do it? Having a hard floor cleaning machine that can do both at one time is a much better idea.

This is the purpose of the following information – to help you decide which of these two combos are the best fit for your needs.

The Bissell Symphony

This particular machine is known as the all-in-one steam mop and pet vacuum cleaner. The first half is a great vacuum cleaner and the second is the second is that it is also a steam mop. You can use it to vacuum all the floor in your home with little to no effort at all. The suction power of this machine is good enough to lift some pretty heavy objects with no problem at all.

Whether it be light, medium, or heavy types of dirt, this machine can deal with it all when it comes to hard floors. The Symphony is not really meant for carpets because it is not fitted with a brush roll, but you are still able to clean the top of the carpet. Just keep in mind that you will not be able to get deep embedded dirt out of your carpets with this machine. If you have no carpets, or only stone, laminate, or tiled floors, this is the machine for you.

The Symphony comes with 2 microfibre pads, one is for cleaning easy mess up, and the other is a more heavy-duty type that is designed for messes that need that extra strength. This feature works well for people who have children and pets in their homes, as it does a great job getting rid of those pesky pet hairs. Larger items of dirt are sucked up by the vacuum, and the smaller items get stuck to the microfibre. The canister on this model is pretty large as well, making it easy to empty when the time comes.

The Pros of The Symphony

  • Vacuums and mops at the same time
  • Has fantastic suction power
  • Mess gets cleaned easily with the steam function
  • Has microfibre pad for heavy-duty cleaning
  • 2 steam levels
  • Brilliant for dust and pet hair
  • Simple to empty
  • Fantastic for flooring that is hard
  • Stands by itself

The Cons of The Symphony

  • Not so easy to move around
  • Not great for carpeting
  • Struggles with tight spaces

The Bissell Crosswave

The Crosswave is similar to the Symphony because of the wet and dry feature, but there are a few differences as well. The first is the fact that the Symphony is not a wet mop and vacuum, but rather a steam mop. The Crosswave does not have the capability of steam cleaning your floors, but does work well on hard surfaces. This machine is designed with a brush roll that’s sole purpose is to pick up we dirt. The fact that it is made from nylon and microfibre is what makes it perfect for cleaning up wet mess, while the dry particles pass through to the vacuum.

What stands out about the Crosswave is the fact that it can be used to clean carpets, while the Symphony cannot. It really is as easy as switching from carpet to hard flooring in order to get going. The moisture control feature is great because there is no way that you can over-wet your carpets.

The Bissell Crosswave does in fact have 2 tanks, one of which is for the clean water and the other one is only for the dirty water. Now, even though the Crosswave is a better option for people who have hard flooring in their homes, it will not work that wonderfully as the Symphony where large mess and pet hairs are concerned.

The Pros of The Crosswave

  • Has excellent 2 in 1 cleaning capabilities
  • Works well on carpets
  • It washes your floors
  • It is great for hard flooring – both wet and dry particles
  • Super easy to maintain
  • The dual canisters keep your clean water apart from the dirty water
  • It is easy to switch form carpet to floor settings
  • It is pretty easy to move around and is light in weight
  • It has pretty good suction power

The Cons of The Crosswave

  • It is not the greatest machine for heavy messes
  • You cannot get stubborn dirt out of carpets
  • It does not do so well where scrubbing is concerned
  • Not a perfect choice for cleaning up pet hair

Conclusion – Bissell Crosswave vs Symphony

It all depends on what your individual needs are when it comes to choosing between these two machines, as they are both good choices. If you have hard floors, the Symphony is a great choice. It also does well with getting stuck-on messes up, and picking up pesky pet hairs. The Crosswave o the other hand, does a great job when it comes to vacuuming and it is a good choice if you have hard floors, but if you have carpets, it is not going to do the best job at getting rid of pet hair or sticky messes. As you will have noticed in this comparison, your needs will finally help you determine which of these two units will work better for you.