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Bissell Crosswave vs Tineco : Which is Better For Cleaning Floor?

Bissell and Tineco are both great brands of wet dry vacuum cleaners, but there are differences between the two, which you should know about when you are deciding on which one to choose. It is for this reason that we are providing you with the differences in order for you to make an informed choice. In this article Bissell Crosswave vs Tineco comparison, I’m going to be comparing two best wet dry vacuum cleaners head to head, so that you can see which one is the right choice for you.

Bissell Crosswave vs Tineco: Differences You Need to Know.


The Tineco iFloor model makes vacuuming under furniture a simple task and this is thanks to the wheels and swivel-neck. This feature makes it easy to move across the floor. The Bissell Crosswave also offers you this feature for easy cleaning and manoeuvring.


The iFloor weighs in at 6.5lbs and is an upright vacuum, which does not provide a fancy display like some of the other Tineco products do. This means that you will need to know when it is time to charge it. The Crosswave is a hefty 11.5lbs and it is a cordless upright vacuum as well. This particular model has a bright display that clearly shows you when it needs to be charged.

Cleaning Performance

If you are looking for a vacuum that has the ability to clean up spills and dust, the Tineco range will have what you need and they work well on vinyl, marble, and tiles. If you are looking to invest in a vacuum that works well on carpets and hard surfaces, then a Crosswave will suit your needs better, as it comes with a brush that is suitable to clean both types of surfaces.


Tineco vacuums have mopping abilities for easily cleaning u messes on hard flooring. They are fitted with a dual tank, of which the 13.52 oz section is for dirty water and the other 18.59 oz is for clean water. With this feature, you will never need to worry that your water will get dirty when mopping. The iFloor also features a Spot Mode, which is perfect for cleaning up tough mess.

The Crosswave has also got a dual tank, but the capacity is much bigger than the Tineco. The dirty water section is 14.20 oz and the clean water section is 28 oz, and the machine will signal you when the tank is full and shut off automatically. This vacuum also allows you to regulate how much cleaning solution is inside it and has two spray levels.


The Tineco comes with a spinning brush which helps to lift the dirt off floors. It does not have a HEPA filter, which means that it is most likely not a good fit for people who suffer from allergies. If you need a vacuum with a HEPA filter, the Crosswave is a better option. The Crosswave has also got a very powerful suction motor for easy lifting of dirt. The dual-action brush rotates at 3,500 RPM and the brush works extremely well on carpets.

Power Options

The Tineco operates on a 2,500 mAh battery (120W) and it has a run time of 22 minutes, and takes 4 hours to recharge. The Crosswave operates on a 36V lithium-ion battery and has a run time of 25 minutes, and also takes 4 hours to recharge.


The Tineco has the on/off switch and the Spot Mode button on the handle, which makes one-handed vacuuming very easy. Maintaining this vacuum is also simple because of the 3-in-1 cleaning tool, as well as the self-cleaning mode. The Crosswave has also got this feature, which flushes out the dirt from the machine. The Crosswave is easy to charge and store because of the 3-in-1 docking station. The fact that this vacuum has a Wi-Fi connection allows you to operate it via your smartphone.

Buyers Guide: Which is Right For You? Bissell Crosswave or Tineco ??

In order to help you decide which of these two vacuum cleaners is better for your needs, here is a buyers guide that will help you decide which of the features you need and ultimately help you choose which is a better fit for your life.

Self Cleaning

If you are looking to buy a vacuum cleaner that is easy to maintain and saves you the time of having to take out the dirt by yourself, both the Tineco and the Crosswave are made with built-in self-cleaning devices. It is as simple as filling the tank with water, pressing the button, and waiting for it to clean itself.

HEPA Filter

Most of the high-quality vacuums on the market today are fitted with HEPA filters, which helps to get rid of 99% of mould, dust, pollen, and bacteria. This air filter is perfect for people who suffer from allergies and for those who have pets, as the filter traps the particles. The Tineco iFloor models do not have this type of filter, but the Crosswave does. If you are looking for a Tineco that does have one of these filters, you will need to buy the Floor One S3 model.

Suction Control

Some of the vacuums on the market have suction control and to deal with stubborn dirt, you will need one with more suction power. If you need a lower intensity suction power, you are able to adjust the CFM. The Tineco does not come with this feature, but the Crosswave does, and you simply need to choose between the Rug or the Hard Floor button in order to change modes.

Noise Levels

We all know that vacuum cleaners are noisy, but some are more than others, and if you choose one that has a lower decibel unit, you will be pleasantly surprised, especially if you live in an apartment. The Crosswave has a noise level of 62 dB to 66 dB, which makes it quieter than the Tineco, which has a noise level of 82 dB.


Both the Tineco and the Crosswave have wheels and swivel head technology, which makes them both perfect for getting underneath hard to reach furniture, as well as making them easy to push back and forth across the floor.

Running Time

When you choose a cordless vacuum cleaner, you will want one that can run for a longer period of time, which is where the Crosswave beats the Tineco with a 25 minute run time as apposed to 22 minutes.

It is clear that there is not that much difference between the two devices, and it does depend on your individual needs when it comes to choosing which one is better for you.