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What to know about the Bissell Proheat 2x Revolution Pet Carpet Cleaner

The Bissell Proheat 2x Revolution Pet Carpet Cleaner is your best choice for cleaning for all pet owners. The Bissell Pet Cleaner cleans more efficiently than the competition. This has been measured scientifically based on the reflection of the light on the carpet after cleaning. Since the Bissell Pet Carpet Cleaner is half the weight of the other carpet cleaners, there will be less energy spent by you when cleaning. There is an express clean mode that shortens the drying time of your carpet. The drying time is estimated to be about one hour depending on the type of carpet. The growth of bacteria causes an unpleasant smell from the waste product of your pet. The Bissell cleaner eliminates the smell and, therefore, eliminates the bacteria. This Bissell cleaner has power brushes that remove the deep stains and ground-in dirt. The heatwave technology keeps the hot water warm to get a cleaner carpet.

Why this is the right product for you?

There are many advantages of using the Bissell Proheat 2x Revolution Pet Carpet Cleaner instead of a rental cleaner. Owning one means you do not have to go out and look for a suitable carpet cleaner. Blissell offers a three year warranty. This company has a reputation of giving you the best products for your money. Blissell gives you extra tools for getting the stains out of your upholstery as well as your rugs and carpets. Its seven foot hose makes it easier to clean stairs and hard to get places. This carpet cleaner is light so that you can lift it easily up the stairs. The power brushes have made cleaning complete as it digs down to pull out stains and ground-in dirt. Its continuous supply of warm water is from its technology that is superior to other models. There are several cleaning formulas to choose from, including an antibacterial cleaner which is included in the purchase.

Top Features & Technical specifications:

There are several technical specifications that give the Bissell Proheat 2x Revolution Pet Carpet Cleaner an advantage over other pet carpet cleaners. The size of the Bissell cleaner is 15 x 12.5 x 43.5 inches which makes it easier to handle. The weight of the Bissell cleaner is only 17.5 pounds. This also means that you could delegate the job to your teenage child who may be at home while you may be out with your husband having dinner at a restaurant while celebrating your anniversary. The Bissell cleaner is light enough and easy enough to use in case of a pet emergency. This is especially good for a teenager babysitting your toddler. The shipping weight is 29.1 pounds which can be lifted by a teenager or a person of light structure. The manufacturer’s name is Bissell Homecare International and the ASIN number is B0126C9ASK. At the present time all shipping is national and also to APO/FPO addresses. The manufacturer can be contacted for warranty issues. There is a three year warranty for Bissell Carpet Cleaners. You can check Amazon for customer reviews. For pet owners that have more than one pet or have toddlers that crawl on the carpet , you have different cleaning formulas. There is an antibacterial formula that kills bacteria. The seven foot hose makes the Bissell cleaner easy to use on the stairs and hard to get places. There are two spot cleaning tools that you can use for deep stains and waste products. The Bissell cleaner runs on different modes. If you have guests coming over in one hour, you can use the express clean mode and the carpet will dry on one hour. For regular cleaning you can use the deep clean mode. The power brushes go deeply and remove embedded dirt and stains. If you want to keep your carpet for a long time, this Bissell cleaner will keep your carpet looking nice for a long time. Also, this cleaner will bring new life into old carpets you might have been thinking of replacing , thus, extending the life of your carpet. This will save you money. There are two tools for cleaning upholstery that will also help with the longevity of the upholstery. The Bissell Carpet Cleaner has the advantage of a water storage tank that is a one gallon container. This eliminates having to stop and refill the tank before you are finished. The Bissell Carpet Cleaner has the technology to keep the water warm so that the carpet will be cleaner.

User Guide of Bissell Proheat 2x Revolution Pet Carpet Cleaner

When assembling the Bissell Pet Carpet Cleaner, make sure you connect the parts by snapping the parts securely in their positions. Slide the upper handle into the top part of your cleaner. You will hear a click when it is properly secured . Look for a Phillips screw that is taped to the upper handle. Turn the screw with a screwdriver in the hole of the handle until the screw is fully inside. Secure the electric chord by turning the chord around the handle and base of the carpet cleaner. Set the clean water tank into the upper handle by aligning the tank with the grooves of the upper handle. To use the cleaner for a project, take the clean water tank out of the cleaner and go to the sink to fill the container with hot water to the water line of either deep cleaning or express. Now choose the right cleaning formula for the job. You can choose between the Professional Carpet Cleaning Formula with Scotchguard to prevent stains or the Bissell Deep Cleaning and Antibacterial Formula. Take the detergent cap off and push the yellow top of the detergent upside down into the hole of the tank. Then squeeze the detergent until it reaches the easy fill mark for detergent. Close the top of the clean water tank. Do any treatment before starting to make the cleaning easier. Choose your mode of cleaning. You can have deep cleaning and express clean. Deep cleaning is normal and express cleaning is when you want it to dry in one hour instead of longer. Once you have the power on, you go over the carpet back and forth until clean. The power brushes will remove the stains and dirt. The powerful suction will take up most of the water and formula. When you have finished, you can remove both tanks and clean them. Then you can pull out the bottom to rinse it and then clean the brushes, the nozzle, and the trap for hair. You have a nozzle cleanup tool with the purchase. There is a detachable hose that fits into the bottom of the cleaner for special jobs. You attach the hose to the bottom of the cleaner and the tools to the other end of the hose. Open the green top of the bottom and put the hose into the hole that you opened so that the red tab is facing out. Push the hose down until it snaps in place.

There are tools that can be attached to the other side of the hose from the attachment of the cleaner to the hose. They are the standard upholstery brush, the stain trapper tool, the crevice tool, and the stair tool. The standard upholstery brush can be snapped onto the hose. This brush has a trigger that you pull to spray out water on the stain. Push the brushes on the tool into the stain and move them back and forth. You can use the suction to pull the stain out.

You have a button that will release the tool from the hose. The stain trapper tool has a liquid container to catch solid waste from your pets so the carpet cleaner does not have to process it or run over it. The crevice tool does just what it says. It goes into very small spaces and a line of water washes away the dirt when you push the trigger. The stair tool has a head that can go into 3 positions. The first position cleans the front of the stairs. Position two can be achieved by turning the head 90 degrees. This will clean the side of the stairs. Position 3 can be gained by turning another 90 degrees to use to clean the rounded part of the stairs. The nozzle tool cleans the hair out of the nozzle. There is a vast difference in how much animal hair is picked up by the Bissell Carpet Cleaner and a vacuum cleaner. The advantage of a one gallon clean water tank eliminates the need to make several trips to the sink. The power chord is 22 feet long which will cut down on extension chord use and continually changing plugs. The hair from your pets will not clog the Bissell Carpet Cleaner or stop the suction of the hair from the carpet. The attachment hose includes a 3 inch tough stain brush which is a manual brush for cleaning upholstery. Bissell has an optional TurboBrush that is sold separate. The brush has a rotating brush roll. If you need to replace parts or buy optional tools like the brush, go to Amazon.

The hose allows the use of smaller attachments for cleaning carpeting on stairs and upholstery. Unlike a vacuum hose which is dedicated to a single direction of air flow, the hose on a carpet cleaner also feeds the cleaning solution to the tools on the end of the hose. The tanks are both able to be washed out without much effort. The front plastic covering that sucks up the water has a plastic cleaning tool to remove the hair and waste products. The part of the hose for attachments can be washed by putting water in it. Hair still gets in the brushes but you can remove them by scissors. The dirty water tank has a rubber tab that can be pulled out to empty the dirty water. You can wash it by using the larger opening. The covers can be unscrewed so that they can be cleaned. Pro Heat does not mean that the water stays hot. You must start with hot water and the cleaner will keep it warm not hot. There is an optional base floor tool that allows this carpet cleaner to be used on hard floors. You can order it from Bissell. If you are getting leaks from attachments, call the Blissell customer support. One third of the water is not sucked up by the carpet cleaner so the carpet will be wet. Bissell carpet cleaners use 120 volts only so there is no setting at 220 volts. If you do not have a pet but your dining room table is on a carpet, Bissell cleaner is excellent for food and wine stains. If you are having problems with a part not working, check the owners manual for information on fixing it. Be sure to check all your connections and make sure that they have snapped into place. Do not use bleach or vinegar to clean because it will ruin the carpet cleaner. You may use this carpet cleaner to clean your cars with the upholstery tool. When you use an attachment, move the cleaner continuously because the brushes will continue to move and it may wear out the carpet early.

Final Thoughts

The Bissell Pro Heat Pet Carpet Cleaner is a great investment for the money that you will use to purchase one. You are creating a safe environment for your children and other pets. Not only are keeping your carpet clean but you are keeping it bacteria-free by using the antibacterial cleaning solution. You will eliminate pet waste smells and the waste material safely. The Bissell Proheat 2x Revolution Pet Carpet Cleaner is a great deal for the money and for your peace of mind.