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Bissell Spinwave vs Crosswave – Which Steam Mop Gets 1st Prize?

When people think of the name Bissell, they automatically associate it with a company that creates amazing vacuum cleaners, but which model do you buy? Below you will find out what the features of the Bissell Crosswave and the Spinwave are in order to help you make an informed choice. So, Bissell Spinwave vs Crosswave, which steam mop best for your floor.

Bissell Spinwave vs Crosswave: The Main Differences

There are three main differences between the two. One is which floors they can clean, one is the manner in which they clean, and the other is the power source that it uses.

The Crosswave uses a rolling brush and vacuum that brushes the floor before sucking up the dirt. The Spinwave comes with two blades that rotate in opposite directions, which bush and brush the floors. The Crosswave can clean any type of floor, where the Spinwave cannot clean rugs, mats, or other movable flooring. The Spinwave is cordless and the Crosswave is corded.

The Bissell Crosswave

The Crosswave has the ability to clean both carpets and hard flooring. It has a large handle that helps with your grip when cleaning and there is a bin fitted to the main pole that gathers the dirt, making it very easy to clean the bin after use.

This machine also comes with the option to add another container for hot water. In order to do a better job, it is possible to change the brush now and then. The Crosswave comes with a 25 foot long cord, allowing you to cover a much larger space at one time.

The swivel head is great for reaching those tricky corners as well as covering a large space when needed. By simply pressing a button, you arre able to release more liquid when you need to clean off serious grime.


This is a machine that can clean dirt off hard floors, bare floors, ans sealed floors. The mop will be able to clean very dirty floors or just wipe up basic dirt.

Wash and vacuum at the same time

When you use this machine, you do not need to first vacuum up the dry dirt and then clean the floors with liquid, as the Crosswave can do both at the same time. This is a great feature that will save you loads of time..

A very wide cleaning path

This machine has a 12 inch wide cleaning path, which allows for the user to get more floor space cleaned in less time. General mops cannot cover large areas at one time and the dirt then tends to spread, but not with the Crosswave.

It is lightweight

Weighing in at only 11.5 pounds, the Crosswave is very easy to move around. When you are cleaning, you do not want to have to put all your effort into moving the machine around.

It is corded

The fact that the Crosswave does not have a battery just means that you will never run out of power. It comes with a 25 foot log cord, which will allow you to reach the entire length of the room you are cleaning.

It has a swivel head

The swivel head allows the user to reach difficult parts of the home. It allows the user to get the dust and debris which loves to collect in corners and under furniture.

Multi-surface brush roll

The extremely innovative nylon and microfibre brush roll do work wonderfully on debris. Small particles can easily fly away, but not when using this brush roll for mopping.

Smart touch control

This is a great feature that helps the user to be able to switch between the types of surfaces that need to be cleaned by simply controlling the amount of solution that is being released.

Separated water tank

The fact that there are two separate tanks for clean and for dirty water is perfect. Usually, the dirty water will mix with the clean water, but not in this case. This means that you will not need to change the water all the time.

The Bissell SpinWave

This is another great mop, which is operated by a robot. You can count this model as a Bissell Crosswave alternative. While it moves through the house, it will collect all the dirt, and the spinning pads assist in wiping the dirty surfaces. There are two settings – spot mode and auto mode, so if you want to clean a certain spot, you simply switch to auto mode, which will allow it to clean in a straight line. This machine will turn around if it encounters an obstacle while vacuuming.

The two tank cleaning system

This machine has both dry and wet options, so just turn on the mop mode when you need to mop and the vacuum mode when you need to vacuum. If you want a great mopping session, you will need to add a solution of water to maximize your cleaning experience.

Soft surfaces avoiding sensor

It is required that you turn off the wet mopping feature when cleaning soft surfaces. The built-in sensor helps to take on these tasks accurately. When using this sensor, it will automatically pick up soft surfaces and will not move that way.

Washable pads

It is not necessary that you change pads every time you use the machine, as the pads are designed to be reused. All that you will need to do is to wash them after use and then they can be used again. When the pads become thin and faded, it is time to replace them.

Mighty suction power

This machine produces 1500 pa pressure for debris collection, which means that the power will pick up all f the dirt, hair, and small debris.

Battery operated

This machine works with a Lithium-ion battery, which makes it easier to move around from room to room. The battery lasts for about 130 minutes, meaning that you can get a great deal of cleaning done before it needs to be charged again.


It is only 7.5 pounds in weight, which is extremely light when it comes to wet dry vacuum cleaners. It is simple to move this machine around, without loads of effort.

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