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The Battle of The Steam Mops – Bissell Steam Mop vs shark Steam Mop.

Are You the type of person who gets tired of having to clean your floors every day? Do you often wish that there was some way of doing it faster so that you have extra time to do all the things you would rather being doing? If you find yourself asking these questions on a regular basis, it is definately a sign that you should look into investing in a floor steam mop to make your life easier. When you have a steam mop, you will immediately notice just how easy it is to keep your surfaces clean.

Bissell Steam Mop vs shark Steam Mop: Which One you should Choose in 2021? 

If you have come to the point where you want to get a steam mop and you have been online researching them, you will have noticed that there are many different brands on the market. The two most popular brands at the moment are the Bissell and the Shark steam mops. Like with everything, there are advantages and disadvantages of using any product, which is why, after reading this article, you will have a better understanding of which brand will suit your needs better.

SIZE – Shark vs Bissell

The Shark

The Shark weighs in at about 4.9 pounds, which is super light and with it being so small, it makes it simple to get around with in the house. It is also perfect for those who live in a small apartment and for those who have stairs in their homes. The small size of the Shark makes taking it upstairs an easy task.

Depending on what model you have your Shark on, it can run for 15 – 20 minutes on the 15 ounces of water that it can hold. The amount of water that it can hold also limits the amount of times that you need to refill the machine.

The mop comes with a 25-foot long cord, making it easy to reach most of the corners of your home. The long cord makes it perfect for cleaning during times where there are infections in the home, because you can cover one area in just one session, lowing the chance of spreading germs further.

The Bissell

The Bissell weighs in at 6 pounds, which makes it slightly heavier than the Shark. Just like the Shark, the Bisel has been designed to be sleek and small, which allows for easy mobility. The length of the cord is 23-foot, which allows the user to not have to pick up the machine all the time. The Bissel is a perfect fir for people who have pets in their home, as it can reach into areas where pet hair could be found.

Bissell is relatively heavier than Shark with its six-pound weight. Like Shark, Bissell has a small, sleek design, which allows it to improve its mobility. It comes with a 23-foot cable which enables you to move it around without lifting the machine. This makes Bissell the best model for pet owners since it can reach the areas under the furniture where pet hairs are common.

CLEANING POWER – Shark vs Bissell

The Shark

The Shark has the ability to heat the water in under 30 seconds, which allows for easy removal of spills from the floor before it gets the time to dry. When using this machine, the steam will take just 10 seconds to dry, leaving it looking good as new. This is a great feature, especially for people who have children and pets, who tend to run on the floor directly after it has been cleaned. The fact that the water reservoir is transparent allows you to see how much water is left, giving you a good idea when you need to refill it.

The Bissell

The Bissell has a tank that can be removed, which makes it much easier to refill it and not have any of the water spilling on the floor. You can choose and adjust the level of steam that comes out. There are three levels to choose from, depending on the type of surface that needs cleaning. And just like the Shark, the Bissell will heat the water within 30 seconds.

EASE OF USE – Shark vs Bissel

The Shark

The Shark steam mop has a head that can swivel, which makes it simple to turn to the direction that you need it to go in. It is always a better idea to direct your mop into the places you need it to go into, as it makes less work for you.

The Bissell

When you use a Bissell, you can reach all the places that you need to reach, without having to move any furniture. The Bissell is a great choice for people who suffer from back pain because they will not need to move any heavy objects around when using this machine.

Both the Shark and the Bissell are designed ergonomically, which keeps you from suffering with muscle fatigue when you do your chores. They have both been designed in such a way that they support firm gripping.

FLOOR HEAD – Shark vs Bissel

The Shark

The floor head of the Shark is rectangle in shape, which allows the user to clean a larger area of grout in one sweep. This machine also comes with 2 microfibre pads that get rid of stains and dirt, and they are washable, which means that you can reuse them over and over without needing to buy a new floor head for your machine so often.

The Bissell

The Bissell has a floor head that incorporates a flip-down scrubber, a carpet glider, and fragrant disks. These are features that will come in very handy in removing stains and stubborn dirt.

WHICH ONE WINS – Shark or Bissell?

Each of these brands have features that will suit an individuals needs. For instance, the Shark is a better choice for those who cover more surface area at one time, but the Bissell does come with a few more features that assist with cleaning different types of flooring. At the end of the day, the person who will be using the steam cleaner needs to decide which one is a good fit for their needs.