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bObsweep Pro Robotic Vacuum Cleaner, Gold, Cleaning Schedule Option, Washable, Returns to Charging Port, Avoids Stairs, Cleans All Floor Surfaces.

bObsweep Pro Robotic Vacuum Cleaner, Gold
  • Just like his shape, Bob is a well-rounded cleaner fit for every home.
  • Easy on the ear and on the eye: although quiet, he charms with his looks.
  • Low profile and high endurance: at just 3 inches Bob fits almost everywhere, and lasts up to 100 minutes to take care of every spot. His enhanced navigation system means more coverage in fewer passes.
  • Bob obeys the schedule you give him for any and all days of the week. He runs on tile, hardwood, carpet and rugs, avoids stairs, and returns to charge when low on battery. Rinse his fully washable dustbin for easy maintenance and a complete clean.
  • Bob is backed by a 1-year limited warranty, 5 years of subsidized service, and an amazing, US-based support team.

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Automated lightweight robot vacuums are becoming more and more common nowadays. Bob is a uniquely designed device of this area with extra features not included in other vacuum bots. This small robot has two side brushes to help bring in extra debris as in goes about its cleaning route. This piece of high-tech is smart enough to know when its battery is getting too low and will automatically return to its charging dock. Bob even has a schedule feature of which you can program the robot when and how often it will go about its cleaning duties. This affordable vacuum bot is designed to fit in small spaces such as under beds and couches, so you truly get that full clean. But the best part? It’s so quiet! Normal vacuums for home use are incredibly loud and often scare young children and pets. You can set Bob to run at any given time and not have to worry about audible disruptions whatsoever!

Top Innovative Features of bObsweep Pro Robotic Vacuum

The bObsweep is incredibly good at what it’s been designed to do. With twin side brushes constantly rotating and working to snatch up all that dust and dirt, this little machine can honestly promise a great clean every cycle. This vacuum also comes with a handy remote control that allows you to do a handful of features such as setting a cleaning schedule for the vacuum robot to follow and having it start a cycle. Bob is also designed to be small in order to fit in those hard-to-reach places, but also has a large dustbin capacity of 500 mL. And when the dustbin finally becomes full, simply dump out and rinse! That’s right, this little robot is washable! By being able to rinse out the extra debris, you get maximum dustbin capacity every cycle.

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The Good and Not So Good According to Customers

One thing people will always appreciate is easy use, and this product has proven to be one of the simplest and effective pieces of tech available. This lightweight robotic vacuum comes with a small remote control that provides uncomplicated control to set up the schedule for cleaning. When the programming is easy, the customers are happy! Many are also extremely satisfied with the amount of battery power this little guy can carry on a single charge. Some even note about how they are able to manually shut it down and take the bot back to its charging dock because it has been cleaning for such a long time! With the battery capacity, this cleaning robot is able to run about the home for a couple hours before needing another charge.

While most vacuum robots are so much quieter than traditional apartment vacuums, Bob allegedly puts them all to shame with its near perfect silence. Users who have owned other brands or models of vacuum robots have commented on how unbelievably quiet it is. It is so quiet, in fact, that customers find it perfectly okay to run during the time they are also at home without becoming annoyed with the noise. Bob’s ability to vacuum on different surfaces does vary among user’s experiences. Many comment that the bot flawlessly transfers from hardwood to carpet while still providing a great clean. However, many also have noted that the sensors on this robot will detect thicker rugs and back away. This can be a problem for users if they happen to have a good amount of rugs in their home, but if your home is mostly carpet and/or hardwood, Bob seems to show no other issues. i must say – it’s a perfect floor cleaner.

This product has been noted for its great ability to pick up pet hair, but unfortunately, some users have found a pesky downside to this. While the robot does appear to do a wonderful job cleaning up after the users’ furry friends, whenever Bob transitions from one floor type to another, the clumps of hair are dropped. It is likely this is because of the separation line that can be found between carpet and hardwood or tile, but it still makes for an annoying task. Having to pick up after a vacuum, no matter how small an amount, is disappointing to users. This is one of the most commonly reported flaws of the small amount that has been noted. One other flaw that many customers have reported as they observed the cleaning results was that the robot found it somewhat difficult to clean as well on carpet as it did on flat surfaces.

Even though this lightweight robotic vacuum & mop is exceptionally small in size, its holding capacity for collected debris is quite large! The dustbin container is able to hold up to 500 mL of gunk before needing to be manually dumped out. The power within this small robot is able to collect anything from tiny particles of dust to pet hair clumps! It is no debate that customers are greatly satisfied with how easy the robot is to dump and clean! Everyone knows the simple process of opening a vacuum dustbin and dumping out the contents, but since when does that ever get out every little bit? You can even see the residue and filth still lining the walls of the bin, and it is making the vacuum less efficient. Bob is manufactured to address this issue to where users can simply run the faucet and rinse out the bin after dumping. This unique feature lets the robotic vacuum continue to provide the best clean possible, and customers are absolutely loving it!

Why Should You Buy This Product?

Your time should be spent wisely since there is only so much of it. Would you rather be spending your valuable hours behind a vacuum or would you rather simply set a schedule for a robot and enjoy clean floors at all times? Of course you would choose the easier option! This affordable robotic vacuum is the solution to all your time constraining issues. Since Bob requires minimal attention, you have more time for yourself to get other important things done. Take it from all the positive reviewers, you need this little robot for your home. This robot is effective against hardwood, tile, carpet, and rugs which makes it one of the best automated vacuum robots available for purchase. Not to mention that it is incredibly quiet! No more dreading the cacophonous noise traditional sweeper & vacuums emit because now you will have a soft purring robot picking up all the filth covering your floor that you may not even be able to see! A clean home is a happy home, but less work leaves a satisfied customer! Consider purchasing this robotic vacuum for your home today and see results immediately. Whether you need Bob to clean up occasional dust and dirt or you have some rowdy kids and a couple pups, this vacuum has got you covered and will give you the best clean you have ever seen!

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