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Make Your Home Hip, Hop With The Bona Hardwood Floor Premium Spray Mop

Bona Hardwood Floor Premium Spray Mop
What I Should Now About Choosing A Mop?

It can be difficult to know what mop to buy with so many choices available on the Internet and in stores. Not only is there the choice of what mop to buy? but also which one would be most suitable for the type of floors you have in your home? If you have wood flooring then you might have experienced mops that don’t take every stain or mark away. Some mops and especially formulas, leave residue that is hard to remove. Hard wood flooring looks lovely in modern homes, but it can be difficult to maintain. In some ways, it is easier to clean wood compared to carpets as spills tend to clean easier with a quick wipe. However, if you want to do deeper cleaning and for the whole house to look and smell nicely, you need to find an excellent quality mop and formula.

What Do Bona Specialize In?

Bona is the American worldwide leader specializing in hardwood flooring for over 100 years.  Life is busy with many twists and turns and it is important to have cleaning solutions that are easy to use and quick.

The Bona Hardwood Floor Premium Spray Mop Will Help You Clean Your Home

Bona provide both mop and formula in one box complete with accessories so you can get cleaning pretty much straight away.

The design idea for this mop was conceived from the idea that life is busy and Bona wanted to make life easier for people. The 16.5 ” head has rubber corners to guard against baseboards and furniture that might be otherwise damaged. The fact the mop head is so large means it cleans a wider surface area. Furthermore, the cleaning pad can be washed easily and has a unique design that helps to collect more dirt.

The formula sold with the mop is safe to use throughout the home. However, do check your floor is not waxed before using it.

With some mops, it is not easy to keep the floor from getting too wet which of course, leads to smells and takes a long time to dry. On top of that, if the floor is too wet, people may fall or slip and accidents are more prevalent. Pets in the home might make it even more tricky to mop around them and pet hair is notoriously difficult for removing.

The spray mop is perfect for a variety of hardwood flooring and has an over-sized mop head that cleans much quicker. Compared with other mops, it gets the job done much more smoothly, efficiently and effectively.  A simple, refillable cartridge and cleaning pad is included with the mop. Easy to assemble and use, without having to struggle working out how to put it all together. High quality, easy to carry around due to being lightweight with a great grip. The retractable hook is very convenient as it helps when storing this device as you can hang it up. You can just put it away in the cupboard ready for its next use.

This mop leaves floors sparkling and is an excellent weapon in household dirt. Dirt can be overwhelming at times and it’s not always easy to clean up, but this mop makes it much easier. Vast amounts of dirt and dust can lead to allergies that keeping floors cleaner will help to prevent. Having the right equipment will save time and effort on scrubbing floors, buying this mop could change the way you clean forever. It covers more space in the home due to the larger mop head.

The water-based residue free mop, cleans floors in no time. Cleaning hardwood flooring frequently, can lead to the floor losing its shine because of residue left from soapy formulas. Although you want to clean the floor, you also don’t want to scratch or mark it with tough chemicals. Many of the household cleaners can cause confusion due to not having clear labels. The Bona Hardwood Floor Premium Spray Mop takes the harshness out of floor cleaning. It is gentle on cleaning and requires no extra tools. It will not soak the floor either, but provide the adequate amount of water needed to give floors that extra shine. The mop dampens the area of floor just enough to provide a thorough clean whilst removing excess moisture.

Bona Hardwood Floor Premium Spray Mop can be used on many types of wood flooring. Always check first if in doubt, but it does work with most wood and laminate. The microfiber pad clears the solution away so that there is no residue. The trigger spray is easy to reach on top of the handle and the mist is spread over a larger area of the floor so that the mop will not miss it. There may be times when you have to go over the floor a few times though.

Simple refill device makes the formula easy to insert. Combination of product and head, means you might have to go over very dirty areas again but it is much easier compared with an ordinary mop. Occasionally the mop head will get too wet and you might have to use some air drying. It can clean both smaller and larger areas with a few touch ups.

A formula is included with the mop by Bona, but it’s also possible to buy other formulas. However, the solution provided is really great and is designed for hardwood flooring. This mop has been specially designed for wood based floors with an ergonomic design. The ergonomic design makes it even easier to clean floors.


Entering someones home to find that it has not been mopped for days or the floor is too wet, is not nice either way. It is better to reach a place where you are maintaining the sweeping and mopping which is why Bona Hardwood Floor Premium Spray Mop is the perfect tool. Not only does it mop, it also sweeps the floor in one easy step. It is so much easier than using a separate mop and sweeper. You’ll have a much cleaner and safer environment to live in. Furthermore, your floors will stay in the same condition that they were fitted for longer. Need more options? Then you can check out some hardwood floor cleaning machines too.

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