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Ways to clean your tiled/marble/stoned Bathroom with a steam cleaner

Marbled bathrooms are, of course, the most appealing and natural-looking designs that will warm the hearts of whoever is using. We tend to like it so much, and we can’t allow stains to ruin the beauty of this world-class design! Many ways of cleaning are available, and sometimes it might just be so daunting choosing a single process that will deliver the best! Have you considered steam cleaning in your marbled Bathroom? It’s undoubtedly the leading process that will accord the desired cleanliness in the shower!

This article will take you through the most critical ways that will ensure proper cleanliness in your Bathroom! Notably, a marble stone possesses fantastic features that make it the best option for bathroom designs. It falls in the family of the limestones, and you will love the characteristics that it possesses. It’s the most versatile, soft rock with a porous nature. This natural stone had practical use in many fields, such as building the tombs, deities, temples, and anything else! It’s now one of the leading rocks that are used to decorate the walls of the bathrooms! It’s that bold and the most spectacular sight it gives that has made it emerge in almost all modern bathrooms!

Why use the steam cleaner?

This question might be ringing in the minds of many! To set you free, you need to understand that steam cleaning is an environmentally safe way to achieve perfect bathroom cleanliness!

The steam cleaning is an effective way that will deliver the best cleanliness in your ceramic tiles. It effectively removes the sticky residue that is always left when the other traditional methods of cleaning are employed. Steam cleaning involves the use of the high-pressure steam that disinfects and cleans the ceramic tiles. It’s the only way to avoid the harsh chemicals that you would have otherwise use. The use of chemicals can damage the marble walls, and therefore, the steam cleaning of the marbled bathroom walls remains to be the best option.

Notably, steam cleaning may pose some issues to your tiled walls.

Let’s consider the essential steps for steam cleaning;

1. Sweeping

Sweeping is the initial stage in every severe cleaning. It’s the scene that will get rid of heavy ant debris or more substantial items that in your Bathroom marbled walls. A steam cleaner may not capture heavy debris, and therefore the pre-cleaning or mobbing will ensure that no large debris is left in the walls of your bathrooms. You may also consider wiping down the marble walls to remove the cobwebs that may be unnoticeable in the edges of your bathroom walls.

2. Prepare your steam cleaner

This stage involves the preparation of your steam cleaner, so choosing a best handheld steam cleaner is important for you.You will need to fill your steam cleaner with distilled water. Steam cleaners do vary in designs, and some have their tanks attached to the handle, while others may have them separately. Steam cleaning entails the use of distilled water! You need not add any chemical or even cleaning product. After filling the tank, you should then replace the fill cap.

You will then follow the last stages of steam cleaner preparation by attaching a microfiber cloth that is provided with the steam cleaner in the steam cleaner’s head.

One these stages have been satisfied; you will then plug your steam cleaner into the wall outlet before you turn it on . some units may have a separate on and off switch. If your steam cleaner is the one that turns on automatically, then expect it to turn its own immediately after plugging the cord in the wall outlet. Steam cleaners do have varying timings before it is ready for use! Some take 30 seconds to get heated, while others might even take more minutes! Be patient until your steam cleaner reaches the recommended heating requirement.

3. The actual cleaning

When you are sure that your steam cleaner has reached the desired heating, you may start your cleaning. You will be using the collective knowledge by moving the head back and forth until all the edges undergo a thorough cleaning. Pump the handle or squeeze the trigger on the steam cleaner to generate more pressure on the tiled walls in your Bathroom that you intend to clean. This step is straightforward, and you can persist for at least ten seconds or so in a point for effective cleaning!

Remember, effective steam cleaning is achievable if you ensure that all the areas in your marbled Bathroom are effectively pumped with high-pressure steam. You will only stop this process when you are sure that you have achieved the goal

Once the steam cleaning shower the walls of the marble tiles in your Bathroom, you will be required to wipe the partition with a terry cloth or even any towel. This process ensures that the loosened scum or dirt in the marble walls are safely removed. High-pressure steam cleaning relaxes the trash in the marble walls, and the towel will help in getting rid of this lessened scum! It will also dry the hard water deposits in the marble walls of your Bathroom. You can also use a best tile floor cleaner to clean your bathroom floor instead of steam cleaner.

4. Drying

After the cleaning process using the steam cleaner, you will need to unplug the steam cleaner from the wall outlet. The microfiber cloth is removed from the steam cleaner as you allow the tiled walls to dry. Steam is undoubtedly lighter than water. You don’t have to spend many hours waiting for it to dry since it does not entail mopping or cleaning using water! It will merely take the shortest time before it dries out!


To conclude, steam cleaning is, of course, a sure way to clean the tiled walls without the use of chemicals or anything else that might be hazardous! The result of steam cleaning is a fantastic wall that is brighter and attractive! You need this kind of cleanliness, and the only way to get it is to employ a steam cleaner! Get one now and be among the happy users of the steam cleaners, it’s really the best way to achieve perfect bathroom cleanliness!