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How to Clean Vomit Out of Carpets

Carpets bring a sense of warmth and comfort to a room. There are many designs available out there and many different materials. Choosing the best carpet for your home is completely up to you because only you know what kind of carpet you’ll need.

If you want a carpet that lasts long and is comfortable, you need to look for the best quality you can find. Carpets are an investment that you will be thankful for if you buy high-quality. The better quality the carpet fibers are, the easier it will be to maintain.

Although they are very versatile and come in many shapes, sizes, and colors, there will never be a way to mask a stain caused by vomit. Animal vomit, toddler vomit, adult vomit, all types of vomit will leave a nasty stain.

No one likes to clean vomit from any surface let alone a carpet. The problem is that you are left with 2 tasks. You need to get rid of a stain and a terrible odor. There are ways to do this that might seem too good to be true.

With a little hard work and the right tools, removing vomit stains can be quite easy. However, if you are squeamish, cleaning vomit is probably not the right chore for you. You need to be prepared to handle the smell and look of a vomit stain before you consider cleaning it.

Get yourself some gloves, sanitizer, and a mask before diving into this task. Here are some of the best ways to get rid of a vomit stain on your carpet.

Best ways to clean vomit stains from a carpet

Before starting, put your protective gear on. This way you can reduce the germs you will come in contact with and also the fumes you will inhale. Most importantly, the sooner you start cleaning vomit, the easier the stain will be to remove.

Before tackling the stain, you will need to remove the chunks of dried vomit. There are chemicals available to dry out spills before cleaning to make them easier to clean. Depending on the drying agent you use, you can either sweep the dried material away or remove it with your hands.

Once you’ve removed the chunks and dried pieces you can start cleaning the stain. Here are the best ways to get rid of vomit stains:

  1. Dishwashing liquid:

This is one of the simplest ways to remove carpet stains because it is something we can all find in our homes. It is also designed to cut through grease and protein making it perfect for removing stains caused by body fluids.

You can make a soapy mixture of water and dish liquid, put it in a spray bottle, and apply it to the stain. Remember to use cold or lukewarm water because hot water can open the fibers in the carpet which allows them to absorb more of the stain.

  1. Club soda, water, and vinegar:

This combination is one of the best cleaning solutions to rid your carpet of vomit stains. Pour a generous amount of club soda into a cloth and gently work it into the stain. Mix a 1:1 solution of white vinegar and water in a spray bottle. Spray the solution onto the stain and allow it to soak for 35 to 45 minutes. Once it has soaked for a while, use paper towels or a dry cloth to absorb the stain. Repeat the process until you are happy that the stain has been completely removed. The smell of the vinegar and sofa will remove the worst of the vomit smell at the same time.

  1. Baking soda:

As one of the cheapest and most effective ways to clean vomit stains, baking soda is recommended by professionals as well as amateurs. First, you need to make a paste by combining water with baking soda. If you want to you can add a few drops of detergent for the smell. Using a brush, apply the paste to the stain and leave it to dry for a few hours. Once it is dry you can scrape away the solid pieces with a butter knife. The stain should be removed with the dried baking soda as well as the odor. You can use a vacuum cleaner to suck up the residual baking soda.

You can leave the past on longer to ensure the removal of the odor and the stain. If the stain is not removed the first time, you can repeat the process, or leave the mixture on overnight.

A different method is to mix a 1:1 mixture of borax and baking soda. Sprinkle it over the stain and leave it to sit for an hour before vacuuming it.

  1. Cornstarch:

This is just an alternative for baking soda if you don’t have any. You can use the same process as you would with baking soda.

  1. Shaving cream:

Shaving cream is popular with DIY carpet cleaners because it removes almost all types of stains. Dampen the stain with a wet sponge and apply a generous amount of shaving cream. Allow it to sit for 20 minutes then use a damp cloth to wipe away the residue. If you need to you can rinse the area with cold water.

  1. Hydrogen peroxide:

You should only use this for tough stains because it is quite a strong chemical. Mix a 1:1 solution of dishwashing liquid and water in a bottle. Then mix a 1:1 solution of peroxide and the soapy water in a spray bottle. Spray the solution onto the stain and using an old cloth rub the stain softly from the outside in. Once you have finished, rinse the area with cold water. If you do not rinse the area, a sticky residue may be left behind which can accumulate dirt and create a new stain. Blot the excess water away with a dry cloth or paper towels and repeat the rinsing process. Be careful to not spread the stain by rubbing or blotting too forcefully.

  1. Carpet/fabric cleaner:

As it is specifically designed to clean carpets, this is a more powerful way to remove tough vomit stains. Remember to check the ingredients to ensure that the cleaner does not contain any bleach. Enzyme-based cleaners are best for stains caused by body fluids like vomit. Do a spot check on a part of the carpet that is hidden by furniture to make sure the cleaner won’t damage your carpet.

Before you use the cleaner, use some disinfectant to rid the stain of bacteria. Again, make sure the disinfectant won’t damage your carpet.

Cleaning a vomit stain as soon as possible is important so wasting time going to buy a carpet cleaning machine or a carpet shampooer can be detrimental to the cleaning process. Therefore, it’s important to have some on hand even if you prefer using different methods.

  1. Steam cleaning:

This is best done by professionals because it can be dangerous and if done wrong, it can cause more damage to your carpet. It’s great for stains caused by body fluids because the heat from the steam or water is injected deep into the carpet fibers, killing off bacteria and other microbes. You can use the best steamer for carpet to fulfill this process.

Dealing with the smell

Even if you remove the visible stain, that doesn’t mean that you have removed the odor. Vomit has a pungent smell and is easily distinguishable from other bad smells, so getting rid of the smell is as important as getting rid of the stain. There are a few ways you can rid yourself of the vomit smell, including:

Air freshener: Even after a deep clean there’s a chance that odor-causing bacteria will be left behind and, thus, there will be a lingering smell. In this case, you can use an air freshener on the carpet. Make sure you use a scent that is not acidic because acidic scents can worsen the smell of vomit.

Odor eliminator: If you aren’t sure whether an air freshener will worsen the smell or not, you can use an unscented odor eliminator. These chemicals neutralize smells without leaving any scent behind, therefore, eliminating any smell.

Carpet deodorizer: Commercial carpet deodorizers are great for getting rid of the odor and can be used before and after you clean the stain.

DIY scents: You can also mix water with scented oils to keep the area smelling fresh if you don’t have carpet deodorizer or other chemicals on hand.

Wrapping up

Using these hints and tips, you will be left with a clean and odor-free carpet. The last step is to vacuum your carpet to smoothen out the fibers and leave it looking beautiful and new. Invest in a scraper as well as carpet cleaning supplies to save you time in a situation where you need to clean a vomit stain. Remember that you are not a professional and might not be able to 100% rid yourself of stains and smells, so don’t beat yourself up about it. Different methods will work better in different environments, so try different cleaning methods and find what works best for you.