Cleaning the Grout Lines on Tiled Floors.

In all parts of the home from the entrance to the exit, if you have any tiles on the floors or walls, even a disciplined cleaning regime with basic mop and water will keep you ahead of the game.  Unfortunately you will find in time, that persistent dirty grout stains will become an eye sore and a consistent irritation. There are various techniques you can adopt to attack this on-going challenge and we hope to give you some cheap and easy tips.

5 Quick Steps:

For simple dirt and basic cleaning any household cleaning goods will do. And we mean ANY household goods. If you take 1 part water and 3 parts baking soda, then apply at as a paste to the dirty grouting, you can lay the foundation for a simple chemical process.

In laying down the paste make sure you wear some protective gloves as the soda paste can be quite abrasive and the last thing you want is a moisturising regime to follow-up on, after you been paying attention to the floor.

Steps Two and Three:

The next step is to set the chemical process in motion, you take 1 part vinegar and 1 part water in any of your basic well used household spray bottles (that’s right – thank goodness for the household stuff you have kept) and let it rain all over the paste you just laid down. You can now take a tea and/or coffee break for the 5 minutes you need to give the laws of chemistry to take over. While you munch on your biscuit and slurp on your instant coffee, the mixture will start to bubble and boil and remove some of your toil. Once the bubbling and cheap Macbeth references are over time for step 4.

The fourth and fifth step:

The fourth step is elbow-grease heavy and requires you to use tile floor scrubber (Even an old tooth brush will do the trick) and a bucket of water with a cloth to wipe away the excess mess as you proceed along the grouting lines with gentle scrubbing. Finally you can mop or wipe the residue off with a wet cloth. Make sure that you rinse repeatedly so that you don’t end up spreading the grout dirt and that chemical mix you made; all over your floor.

So by using some simple house hold goods, measured elbow grease and simple science you can even get the kids involved. They just love dissolving stuff. For more stubborn stained grout (but not coloured grout) you can ramp up your chemical skills and do steps 1-5 but use 2 tablespoons of Oxygenated bleach mixed with 2 cups of hot water. Make sure you test the mixture on a corner first with a tile floor scrubber before you launch onto the whole floor. May the science be with you.

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