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How to Clean the Grout Lines on Tiled Floors.

The Hidden Yet Visible Enemy

There’s a lot of ground to cover when it comes to the best way to clean the grout between your tiles (pun intended). It’s easy to forget to take care of the monthly deep scrubbing of the material; making it so that film, dirt and other pollutants build in the cracks of your tiles- so that even freshly mopped floors are still holding onto a numerous amount of hidden germs and bacteria. With this guide you’ll find cheap and easy ways to tackle that grout and dirt!

What You’ll Need

Please be sure you are wearing protective gloves when handling harsh household cleaners, they can be very damaging to the skin and drying! Also if you plan on using bleach or mixing different cleaning solutions (please read the product labeling to see if it’s safe to do so, if not it will directly say “do not mix with other cleaners”))- you should also wear a protective face mask, in the case that the cleaners create any toxic fumes as well as prevent the smells from irritating your respiratory system.

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What to Use to Clean Grout

You can use a tile floor scrubber & any cleaners of your choice! There’s a lot of brands and solutions out there now, the best solutions would be ones that are penetrating and lifting. There’s all natural options as well if you want to avoid the harsh fumes that cleaning products can sometimes have.

Cleaning Grout With Natural SolutionMixing baking soda to Clean the Grout Lines on Tiled Floors

If you wish to do the natural solution here is a step by step guide to that; With one part water and three parts baking soda will create a paste, after making the paste and applying it to the grout lines of your tiles, take 1 part vinegar and 1 part water in any spray bottles and lightly spritz the solution over the paste you just laid down. Allow the solution to soak for 5 minutes so that it can remove the dirt in the grout lines once it starts bubbling you can begin scrubbing it clean.
putting solution on tile & grout line

If it’s a particularly stubborn stain, you can add one parts bleach to the solution. Test it on a small section of the floor before applying it to the complete surface. 

How to Clean Grout Lines

Scrubbing the Grout Lines on Tiled FloorsPutting it plainly; good old fashioned elbow grease is the key to clean grout lines using a brush or you can use Hommit spin scrubber to scrub vigorously in the space of the grout. It’s best to avoid using the bristles of the brush against the tiling itself as that will cause scratching on the surface. Before scrubbing, allow a cleaning solution to soak the grout so that some of the dirt is lifted. Having a rag handy to wipe clean the mess is recommended.

The Easiest Way to Clean Tile Grouting is Steam Cleaning

Not only the easiest way to clean your grouting, because of the deep penetration steam offers in lifting the contaminants from even the most difficult spaces of grouting- it makes it a whole lot easier. It’s still recommended that you run a brush back and forth, but it won’t be necessary to do it as vigorously. If it’s your bathroom you’re cleaning, it’s immensely easier to achieve this task by running the water on high after applying the cleaning products to the grout. If it’s tiled flooring grout you’re trying to clean, there are many devices that have the ability to steam clean grout lines with a fraction of the price of one time services.

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Before & After Cleaning the Grout Lines on Tiled FloorsWith different solutions and ways to go about cleaning your grout lines, it can be made into a fun event with the kids showing them different chemical reactions and have science be a part of their everyday lives. It doesn’t have to be as much of a chore with these steps and we wish you luck in the journey of home cleanliness!