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These are a commercial tile and grout cleaning machine that you simply must own. Buy the best for your customers!

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Are you are looking for the best commercial tile and grout cleaning machines for commercial purposes or to clean large spaces in your home? We have researched a selection of the most recommended commercial tile and grout cleaning machines just for you. These beautiful machines are the best commercial tile cleaners your hard-earned money can buy.  Leave your customers, family and friends blown away by the beauty of your floors, tile and grout today.

We have put some exhaustive time and research into this equipment for you. We have come up with these machines for you to purchase today, with absolute confidence that it will do the job just the way your customers are looking for. A cleaning machine that will have your customers coming back with more orders for cleaning, from them, their family and friends!

Top 10 Commercial Tile and Grout Cleaning Machine of 2021:

Choose from our list of the top ten commercial tile and grout cleaning machines and you, and your customers will be thrilled with floors, grout and tile that sparkle like new.

McCulloch MC1385 Deluxe Canister Steam Cleaner For Commercial Users

The McCulloch MC1385 Deluxe Canister floor tile and grout cleaning machine is one of the best commercial steam cleaners for tile and grout on the market.  It has a powerful steam and scrub system. This industrial tile and grout cleaner works great and cleans all the surfaces that need cleaning in homes, offices and business premises. This handy machine will get all your surfaces cleanThe McCulloch MC1385 Deluxe Canister Steam Cleaner provides the most effective clean that naturally sanitizes and deodorizes a variety of commercial surfaces.

As a commercial tool, it has a versatile 23-piece accessory kit that is very adaptable to all jobs around the home or in salesrooms, restaurants, offices and all other areas that need to be cleaned. These tools get the job done quickly and efficiently, saving you time and money. It does all the jobs a steamer can do including tile and grout and so much more. The tools can be stored onboard making all kinds of cleaning a breeze. The attachable brushes and tools can tackle just about anything from stains in grout to grease and grime, worktops, bathrooms, kitchens and anywhere else you can think of.

There is a handy brass tip nozzle for cleaning hard to get to grout areas like around the toilet basin on floors. An area where the men and boys are prone to miss the basin in busy offices and schools, restaurants and bars! The McCulloch Deluxe cleans grout lines on tiled floor and gives grout a fine bright-white finish that makes it look brand new.

This commercial grout cleaning machine has a steam canister that naturally sanitizes, deodorizes and cleans stains from your tiles, grout and all surfaces without the use of harsh chemicals – just natural tap water. This makes it safe around children and pets in schools and stores. The McCulloch provides you with up to 2 hours of continuous sanitizing and deodorizing steam clean – a clean that customers will be wondering why they didn’t invest in sooner.

McCulloch is an established and respected brand that provides an unrivalled design reputation for reliability and value for your money. They have been creating quality products for over 50 years and have a loyal customer base.

Here is the purchase link for you to buy this robust commercial steam cleaner product. A steam cleaner that will do the perfect clean of all commercial and household jobs.  And of course, those tiles and grout will have customers giving you a 5-star rating. Here is the link.  So buy it here, now!

Oreck Commercial ORB55MC Commercial Orbiter Floor Machine:

The Oreck Commercial ORB55MC Commercial Orbiter Floor Machine is designed to simplify the task of cleaning both your home’s hard floors and carpets. This unique design allows the brush to move in a random direction thus avoiding the risk of leaving frustrating lines and swirls across your carpeted rooms. Furthermore, the ORB55MC is exceptionally simple to set up and operate and doesn’t require any professional advice before starting.

This Oreck Commercial floor scrubber features a 3/4 horsepower, 5.4 amp motor and a 13-inch cleaning path, as well as 175 RPM orbital drive which allows for the brush head to rotate as you clean, buff, polish, sand, scrub, strip, or wax your property’s flooring—no turning required on your part! It also comes equipped with a 50-foot power cord. The machine weighs a mere 24 pounds—making it incredibly lightweight and easy to manoeuvre. 

The Oreck Commercial ORB55MC is a wonderful multi-purpose machine that is inexpensive compared to other models. Oreck makes some of the best tile and grout cleaning machines on the market and the OrB55MC Orbiter is no different.  It is also lightweight yet incredibly durable, with a long cord that makes cleaning large spaces a breeze. However, the fact that the machine is corded means that it is not easily portable. It should also be noted that the accessories don’t come along with the model and have to be purchased separately.

Koblenz RM-1715 Industrial Floor Machine

This heavy-duty industrial floor cleaning machine is made to last and perform to an exceptional standard. It features a 1.5 horsepower motor that has been designed to be free from vibrations, making for a comfortable cleaning experience. The 17-inch burnishing pad is larger than usual and makes the act of cleaning much quicker than with a smaller pad. The brush runs at 175 RPM.

The product weighs 82 pounds and is one of the heavier models of floor machines. Despite this, it is effortless to use, especially with the lack of vibrations from the motor. The wrap-around bumper guard prevents damage from occurring by accidentally bumping into furniture and walls. Meanwhile, their nonmarking sealed double ball-bearing wheels ensure your floor does not get scuffed during the cleaning process.

It comes fully equipped for running and is fitted with a 50 feet long power cord for convenient cleaning and is grounded by a 14 gauge 3 wire.

The Koblenz RM-1715 Industrial Floor Machine comes with a three year warranty on all of its parts, including the motor and transmission.

Industrial Floor Polisher Machine

The Industrial Floor Polisher Machine is an all-in-one floor works machine. It runs at a voltage of 110V and of power 1100 watts. Its brushes turn at a rate of 175 RPM, which is considerably slower than other machines on this list, however it comes with a 40-foot long power cable which will allow you to get a fair distance before you have to move power outlets.

The vacuum comes with a tank for stripping the floor and two brushes, as well as a pad holder. It runs at 1 horsepower, which is about average for these types of polishing machines.

The main thing that lets this product down is its instruction manual or lack thereof. The vacuum itself is of excellent value for the price, however, a purchaser who is not skilled in construction and is not mechanically inclined may struggle to understand a confusing instruction manual that can lead to the need for assistance in putting this machine together. Otherwise, though, this industrial floor polisher gets consistently positive reviews and feedback.

Oreck Commercial XL Commercial Upright Vacuum Cleaner

The award-winning Oreck Commercial XL Commercial Upright Vacuum Cleaner, XL2100RHS is designed for ease of transportation around your commercial property and workplace. It features a Helping Hand Handle which can be turned on and off by a switch on the back of the handle.  This makes vacuuming easier for those who suffer from weak or painful wrists. The Arthritis Foundation has awarded Oreck an Ease-of-Use Commendation for their work on this product. It weighs just 8.2 pounds, making it one of the lightest machines available and incredibly easy to pick up and carry around in any commercial environment.

The vacuum’s foot design allows for easy access underneath and around furniture whilst the 12” cleaning path will allow for quick and thorough cleaning. The inbuilt Micro-sweep technology allows the vacuum to recognize when it has switched flooring types from carpet to hard (wood, tiled, or laminate) floors, allowing it to adjust its suction power accordingly. This unique Oreck top-fill design also allows the vacuum to continue running at its peak efficiency and power, even when the bag is nearly full.

The vacuum and the belt each have a one year warranty.

Dupray One Steam Tile And Grout Floor Cleaning Machine

This Dupray One Steam Cleaner is one of the best grout cleaning machines for home use and the perfect robust commercial tile and grout cleaning machine. You can clean just about any surface with this handy little machine and the machine is guaranteed for 3 years while the steel boiler has a lifetime warranty.

The Dupray One Steam cleaner has an adjustable steam control heats up in less than 8 minutes.  The high capacity water tank has a run-time of up to 50 minutes and gives a new look, via steam cleaning, to tired tiles and stained grout. It has a heavy-duty tool kit with 16 pieces that are very versatile in their usage from hard-to-reach floors areas to the kitchen cooker. It is a lightweight steam cleaner for your workers to use and is extremely portable.

This commercial tile steam cleaner kills 99.99% of viruses and mites, bacteria, fleas and even bed bugs. It cleans surfaces with the superheated steam including office and home furniture and carpets, countertops, mattresses, kitchens, bathrooms and toilets. You can disinfect tiles and grout and other surfaces instantly using nothing but regular tap water. This commercially robust steam cleaner equipment is a must if you are in the market for a tile and grout steam cleaner.

Sanitize and cleanse all tile with grout floors and remove all stains, making grout bright-white again.  The Dupray One Steam will do all hard surfaces and many more. It is amazing on grout and tiles, making it look brand spanking new.  Please your customers by reinvigorating their tile and grout today.

The Dupray is a quality, robust steam cleaner and also light-weight, making it easy to use and transport.  You and your customers will simply love the results you get from it. Steam cleaners like the Dupray are simple, easy and versatile to use. A steam cleaner like the Dupray is an essential purchase for cleaning the household, office and all other areas that you want to sparkle.  Buy the best commercial steam cleaner for brilliant white, new-like grout and put the iridescence back in your customer’s tiles, grout and other surfaces!  Get ready to listen to the praise from happily satisfied customers if you use this link now.

Nilfisk Advance Floor Scrubber

The Nilfisk Advance Commercial Floor Scrubber is in a class all its own, delivering better, faster and easier scrubbing that makes your grout and tile floors shine.   The easy-to-use control panel has four operating modes, allowing for diverse scrub settings while the integrated squeegee allows forward and backward water pick-up.  The foldable/adjustable handle makes transport and storage easy. The Recovery and Solution tank can be quickly and easily removed for refill, dumping or cleaning procedures, saving you time and effort.

The durable brush and heavy-duty polyurethane squeegee blades can be easily changed without the use of tools, making cleaning a breeze for just about anyone.  The Nilfisk Advance Scrubber is one of the best commercial tile floor cleaners on the market today.

The Nilfisk is the quietest machine in its class, making cleaning during the day or noise-sensitive times an easy option as it runs at only 64 dB A.  Featuring full battery-powered operation with a standard onboard battery charger, the 14-inch disc delivers more scrubbing with minimal downtime and less hassle. With its compact, maneuverable design, the Nilfisk Advance Floor Scrubber is ideal for scrubbing in tight corners or under tables or chairs, making it one of the top ways to whiten tile grout , thanks to its long-lasting battery.

Powr-Flite PFMW14 Automatic Multiwash Scrubber

The Powr-Flite PFMW14 Automatic Multiwash Scrubber is truly a multi-use machine. One machine for any floor type as the Powr-Flite cleans carpet, tile, stone, linoleum, sports floor, rubber matting and more.  This single machine cleans almost every surface you can imagine, leaving hard-to-reach grout and uneven surfaces looking new again.

Its cylindrical brush system provides deep scrubbing at 650 RPMs – over three times higher than rotary brush scrubbers and 4-6 times more contact pressure for superior cleaning.  Self-cleaning brushes save you time and there is no mess to fuss with when cleaning.  With this unit, brushes are good for about 100 uses and it uses an eco-friendly, low moisture cleaning solution that uses 30% less water and cleaner.

With consistently positive customer reviews, the Powr-Flite is a great little machine, whether as a gout cleaning machine for home use or as a small-scale industrial tile and grout cleaner.  This machine is a must for any home or small gym that needs to maintain clean floors.  It’s easy to see why the Powr-Flite is a top ten as it provides great value for your dollar and it does the job!

Viper Fang

The first step to maintaining your flooring is daily cleaning, including sweeping.  Make daily cleaning an easy process with the Viper Fang 15B Compact Floor Scrubber.  Viper’s automatic floor scrubbers are built to tackle everything from small area floor cleaning to warehouse floor cleaning to store aisle floor cleaning and large area floor scrubbing which makes it one of the best options available for a commercial tile steam cleaner.

One of the best commercial steam cleaners available, the Viper Fang 15B Micro Scrubber is engineered for expedient, light cleaning in small areas with commercial applications such as washrooms, classrooms and offices. There is a fold-down handle for easy storage and a lift off-tank to make cleaning a snap.


Consistently reviewed as one of the top ten machines on the market, Viper buffers are some of the best industrial floor cleaning machines money can buy. With an amazing warranty, plenty of features and a reasonable price, Venom floor machines are the best buy on the market. The Viper Buffer is easy to use, quiet and affordable.

The CSA-approved Venom Viper Buffer is available in both 17″ and 20″ models. All Viper buffers come complete with an all-steel triple-planetary gearbox pad driver and a 1.5hp motor.  The Viper Buffer is built to last with all-metal construction and a 3-year parts warranty and a 2-year labour warranty.


  • POWER SOURCE: The main sources of power for floor cleaning equipment are battery, electric cord, gas, propane or diesel. Cordless, battery-powered machines give you the ability to manoeuver indoors or out without the need for an electric source. The length of time needed to charge plus battery life should be considered for any battery-operated model.  If you are cleaning a large area of grout and battery charge is a concern, look for models of floor scrubbers that offer different battery options allowing buyers to choose higher amp rated batteries that hold a bigger charge for longer.
  • The size of the sweeper or scrubber and the size of the area being cleaned need to be a good match.
  • Maintenance
  • Cost
  • Ease of Filling and Draining Tanks
  • Cylindrical or Disk
  • Warranty

Always remember to do your research.  Look at your options and the manufacturers.  Look at warranties and customer reviews.  Look at your needs and decide which option is best for you.

How you’ll Use & Maintain your Commercial Tile & Grout Cleaning Machine to avoid any damage:

Read the instruction manual and follow all instructions regarding the care, usage and storage of your commercial tile and grout cleaner machine.  Keep your machine stored properly, in a cool dry place away from excess heat, cold or water.  Always clean your machine after use, before storing it away.


Ensure all staff read and understand the user’s manual and are trained in basic maintenance.  No staff member should be using an industrial tile and grout cleaner without proper training.


Ensure machines are services regularly and any concerns or issues are checked out immediately.  Store machines properly and keep clean to help ensure they run properly.

Conclusion :

Now is the time for you to decide which commercial machines you simply have to purchase. There are many great tile and grout cleaners available to make your floor sparkle and this list provides you with some of the best cleaners on the market today. These are all top-quality, robust models that you can rely on to give you outstanding usage, so consider purchasing one of the machines on our list today.  The machines listed above are some of the top ways to whiten tile grout and make your floor, tiles and surfaces shine.  Find the machine that works best for your industrial or home setting today.

This list provides the best options your money can buy.  These tile and grout cleaning machines are from reputable manufacturers, do an amazing job and are versatile for commercial and home use.  Whether it is tile, grout, hard flooring or soft surfaces, these are all at affordable and competitive prices and can easily do the job you need to be done today.  One or more of these tile and grout cleaning machines is just what you are looking for.

These are high-quality machines from highly experienced, reputable companies.  This list provides the best options available to you and we hope you can find one that suits your commercial use perfectly. They are guaranteed to leave your customers tile and grout floors in a condition that only adds to your business reputation. Click on your favourite reviews and buy today! I genuinely assure you, you will not regret buying any of these products that are an astounding commercial tile and grout cleaning machines. Something in this list tempts you, right? A business tool that will be the perfect commercial tile and grout cleaning machine.  Make your client’s tile and grout sparkle just like your reputation.