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The Costway Electric Spin Mop

To infinity and beyond – with apologizes to all ‘Toy Story’ fans, the Costway Electric Spray Mop leads the revolution in next-generation multi-purpose cordless hard floor cleaning, moping, and polishing.

Inspired by the exceptional cleaning power of commercial floor cleaners, the cordless electric mop is the newest power-cleaning tool from Costway. Designed to give you the ultimate in cleaning flexibility, it lets you clean and wax all your hard floor types at the same time, leaving a superbly clean finish every time in every room throughout the house.

This super stylish cordless electric mop is perfectly balanced, so no more back pain or cleaning fatigue. And of course no more pressing, constant rinsing and squeezing of dirty water. Mopping and cleaning your floors using the Costway Electric Mop couldn’t be more elegant or comfortable.

So let’s take a closer look at Costway Electric Cordless Mop.

The first thing that strikes us is that unlike so many other electric mops on the market, the 360-degree dual spinning heads on the Costway rotate inwards as opposed to outwards, giving you a fast spotless clean.

All the dirt and grime is instantly collected directly onto the mop head and not pushed away, so no more stains or marks on your floors. Plus no need for any additional cleaning leaving you the time to get on with the more essential things in life.

Styled in classic Diamond white finish, the all-in-one Costway electric mop is ideal for all your wet wiping, dry wiping, waxing, and decontaminating needs. Designed to save you time and energy, it effortlessly cleans and polishes all your smooth and hard surfaces, such as wooden floors, stone floors, ceramic tiles, marble, etc.

It’s the perfect machine for removing all sorts of spills and stubborn stains, everything from wine and muddy paw prints to sticky gunk left behind by small children or for when you need to wax your floors back to their sparkling best easily and quickly.

The ultra-thin 2.5″ machine body and multifunctional all-in-one design includes a powerful LED light (you can even use it at night), and the unique Costway, ‘Dead Corner’ technology makes sure that dirt and grime have nowhere to hide in your home. Plus, the machine is so quiet you can use the spin mop anytime day or night without upsetting the neighbors.

For wet wiping or waxing your hard floors, the fine spray nozzle combined with the 440ml water tank lets you spread water or cleaning fluid evenly and exactly where you need it, so there’s no waste or puddles to go back over.

And unlike so many electric mops of this type, you are not restricted to using the manufacturer’s approved cleaning solution. With the Costway Electric Mop, you can customize your cleaning needs to get the best results by using various liquids, including water, disinfectant, vinegar, or waxing oils.

The lightweight spin mop comes with only two buttons, one to spray the water and the other one to turn the machine on/off. Means when it comes to cleaning the house, there’s simply no holding you back and with no cumbersome trailing power lead to get wrapped around the furniture. You can work quickly and efficiently without having to worry about moving from socket to socket.

At a mere 7lbs, it’s absolutely no effort to carry your Costway Cordless Electric Mop up and down stairs or glide from room to room with one hand. But it doesn’t stop there; the ergonomically designed adjustable handle height and flexible choice of angles make the electric mop ideal for all your needs. It is a natural fit and suitable for anybody, including kids and seniors, to use without the fear of getting tired or backache from long time housework.

But what about battery life?

The Costway Electric Mop lets you continually work for 30-40min, after only 1.5-2 hours of fast charging. The cordless electric spin mop is unrestricted by distance, and its compact size makes it easy to store when you’re not using it.

What’s in the box?

Your Costway Electric Spin Mop comes with a whole host of goodies, perfect for thoroughly cleaning, waxing, and polishing your house. Along with the mainframe head is the adjustable telescopic handle. Plus, a selection of multi-purpose washable pads, which can all, be changed quickly and easily. These include two reusable round cleaning and waxing pads, four-round disposable cleaning pads, one square moping pad, and two disposable square cleaning pads along with the AC Charger and user manual.

Is the Costway Electric Spin Mop the right machine for me?

If you live in a large mansion with carpets on every floor, including the bathrooms and kitchen, then this machine is probably not the right for you.

However, if you live in an average-sized house with a mixture of hard floor surfaces, and you’re fed up with buying different expensive cleaning tools for each of your floors, only to find out that they still won’t give you the finish you’re looking for, and you’re tired of bending or kneeling on the floor.

Then the Costway Electric Spin Mop is the perfect affordable cordless cleaning tool for you. It’s lightweight design lets you mop, clean, and wax around the house almost single-handed. We liked it so much we even thought it might make the perfect gift for parents or friends.

However, while we really like this electric spin mop and think its the best machine for all manner of hard floor surfaces including wood, vinyl, laminate, and floor tiles, we did have a couple of observations.

Firstly we didn’t understand why there are square pads included with the machine. We took ages trying to fit them only to come to the conclusion that they were there as extra cleaning clothes and were not part of the machine.

The second thing we had an issue with was filling and emptying the water tank. We thought the entrance and exit hole to the water tank was a little small. So filling the machine and then emptying it, especially with dirty water and cleaning fluid, required a bit of fussing about, perhaps a drain bung could be fitted, and a filling/measuring jug could be included with the machine?

And of course, while there are a whole host of advantages to the machine being cordless, you are at the mercy of quite a short run time, so you do need to work quickly and smartly before having to recharge the battery.

The Price

As is usual, we visited several online retailers regarding the price on the Costway Electric Spin Mop and found Amazon.com to be the most competitive.

COSTWAY Cordless Electric Spin Mop, Spray Wireless Dual- Head Mop with LED Light, Adjustable Telescopic Rod Height & Angle, Rechargeable Quiet Powerful Cleaner Spin Mop Polisher and Scrubber
  • 🏆【All-in-one Multifunctional Design】You don't need to waste money anymore by buying different tools for keeping your floor surface clean. This all-in-one electric mop features wet wiping, dry wiping, waxing and decontaminating. With a 440ml water tank, the spray nozzle can spread the water evenly on the ground surface. In addition, equipped with a two-spin head, the dust is being contained in the middle of the mop.
  • 🏆【Mighty Cleaning Capacity】Supported by the powerful spin system, this spray mop rotates inwardly with spins up to 250r/min, removing the stubborn stains easily and quickly. Designed with the latest LED lights and 2.5" thin head, the mop is suitable for different housing structures. With the light brightening the path around each corner, it ensures no corner is left unclean. Moreover, it can continually work for 30-40min, after only 1.5-2 hours of fast charging.
  • 🏆【Easy Operation Even for Kids and Elders】There are only two buttons to use. One is pressed to spray the water and the other one to turn it on/off. You don't have to kneel or bend down to spray water anymore. It's easy to use even for kids and elderly people, as well as for people suffering from backache. One-hand control and two buttons interface make this household item extremely operational, making it a perfect gift for people in your life.
  • 🏆【Lightweight for One Hand Control】Say goodbye to the old fashion traditional way of mopping the floor. No more bending or kneeling on the floor. The lightweight design allows you to mop around the house with a single hand and moving the mop around the house an easy task to do. Our cordless electric spin mop is unrestricted by distance and the compact size is easy to store in any corner of your house.
  • 🏆【Adjustable Height and Angle】 Adjustable height from 36" to 48" and adjustable angle from 0° to 90°make this mop even more convenient to use. No more back pain. The 90-degree rotating mop rod makes cleaning much easier, time-saving and labor-efficient. Ergonomic aluminum alloy handle is very comfortable to use. This mop guarantees no crack left uncleaned.

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The last word

This is the machine that finally lets you say goodbye to the old fashion traditional ways of mopping and waxing all your hard surface floors.


I love my electric spin mop, and it’s great for keeping the kitchen and bathroom floors looking their best. The only thing is it does keep stopping. What can I do about this?

There could be a couple of issues here, and that is perhaps you didn’t fully charge the machine when you first purchased it, and now it’s not fully charging. Leave it on charge while you’re not using the machine and let it reach maximum load before using it next.


The grout on our bathroom floor is looking a bit grubby can I use the spin mop to bring it back to life?

The machine is excellent on bathroom tiles and will undoubtedly bring the sparkle back to your floor without scratching the tiles. For the grout, you might need to add a particular grout cleaning solution to the water tank for the best results. Perhaps try a section of the floor before you go too far.

Do I need to buy new pads after each time I’ve used them?

The pads should last for some time if you wash them and then let them air dry before you use them again.


Hi, please can you tell me where I buy the Costway cleaning solution for my new Electric Spin Mop?

The great thing about this machine is that you do not require any specialized cleaning solutions. For moping, you can use warm water or for cleaning and polishing everyday wax oil or vinegar is perfect and is ideal for the machine.

Does the machine come with a warranty and how long does it last?

Every purchase is 100% guaranteed. If for any reason, your machine doesn’t work within 90 days from the date of purchase, Costway will refund you the money you paid.


We have two or three different floors in our house, including hardwood, tiles, and sealed cement floors, and I just want one machine that will clean and mop all of them – will this machine do the job?

Look no further than the Costway Cordless Spin Mop; this is the ideal machine for cleaning, polishing, and waxing all of these floor types and more. You will not be disappointed with the results.


We’ve got a brand new puppy, and sometimes she gets a bit too excited, and before we know it, she’s had a little accident, and I’m fed up with getting the mop and bucket out – any thoughts on what to do?

Let the cordless spin mop take away all your worries because it is cordless and lightweight; you can move effortlessly around the house. So wherever it happens, you can clean up in no time and leave everything looking spotless and sparkling clean with no more constant rinsing and squeezing of dirty water. We hope this helps and best of luck with the new puppy.


I’ve got quite a small apartment that’s wood flooring throughout and I am looking for a quick, easy cleaning and mop fix. I read about the spin mop would it work for me?

The cordless spin mop is ideal for what you need; it’s easy to use and covers a lot of flooring in a small amount to time. Perfect for a busy home that has only hard surface flooring.