COSTWAY Steam Cleaner offers outstanding versatility!

COSTWAY Steam Cleaner, Adjustable Heavy Duty Professional Steam Cleaning, Cleaning Machine-Included 17 Accessories, Ideal for Floors, Windows, 1500WCostway’s Steam Cleaner is a cutting edge, heavy-duty professional steam appliance that’s easily the best machine to clean tile floors and grout. It has 1500W of power and also comes with 17 different attachments and accessories so it can be used to clean appliances, grills, autos, curtains and more. The versatility of this product is outstanding!

This product is also safe! Using only ordinary water, this steamer can handle your toughest cleaning projects with the results of a commercial tile and grout cleaning machine. It’s an eco-friendly, chemical-free alternative for deep cleaning and sanitizing the home. It effectively cleans and naturally disinfects eliminating the concern of harsh chemicals. This is a huge plus because it’s completely safe for children and animals. Why worry about possible chemical residue from standard cleaning products when the steam temperature alone sterilizes your home naturally.

The steam cleaner is also fitted with several safety devices. Not only does it come with a child-proof lock, but it also comes with a tank safely cap to prevent leaks and potential damage to floors. There’s also an automatic shut-off in the event that your machine starts to overheat. This allows the system to sufficiently cool preventing any possible damage to the motor.

The lightweight design is a large capacity machine that offers tons of convenience. It features a 65oz water tank that heats up in less than 8 minutes to provide at least 30 minutes of high-pressure steam output. The whole appliance only weighs 13.5lbs and has wheels, so it’s easy and maneuverable. The extra-long 10ft power cord and 3 different extension tubes allow for additional reach. These are options you usually only find with much more expensive machines.

There is a steam flow adjustment from 2.0 to 4.0 bars, allowing selection for the correct output for any job. High-pressure steam can be used to eliminate grease, grime, stains, and mold from a wide range of surfaces–thus making it the best machine to clean tile floors and grout that you can buy.

Your steam cleaner comes with a fantastic assortment of accessories!

The comprehensive set of attachments includes a floor nozzle that can be used on all types of flooring, such as ceramic tile, grout, granite, sealed wood flooring, laminate, and carpets. There’s a fine-nozzle accessory that can be used for hard to reach crevices, windows and sliding door track systems, and difficult to reach areas in car interiors. A steam gun is provided with a trigger for optional continuous steam. You’ll receive two circular brushes for cleaning gas stoves, induction cooktops and sinks. There’s a window wiper attachment, an accessory adapter, a measuring jug and funnel, and all the needed floor cloths and cotton covers for these extras.

Lastly, there’s my favorite piece; an incredible textile steam head for garments, fabric-covered furniture, and drapes. You can even use it to remove wallpaper. That alone is worth the purchase!

The appliance base comes equipped with a detachable lid that covers a handy compartment for accessory storage. So you always have the most commonly used tools you need within your reach.

COSTWAY Steam Cleaner 1500W makes cleaning easy. It’s a powerful, versatile appliance at a great price. It’s a time saving and stress-free alternative that includes all the tools you need to get the job done right the first time. You’ll wonder why you waited so long!

Here are the Pros:

  • Incredibly versatile and comes with 17 different cleaning accessories.
  • Offers a storage compartment for attachments, so they are conveniently on hand.
  • Eco-friendly alternative making it safe for children and animals.
  • An excellent substitute for a commercial tile and grout cleaning machine.
  • It is a lightweight appliance with wheels for easy maneuvering.
  • Has a childproof lock and an automatic shut-off to avoid overheating.
  • Comes with a large sized water tank that provides up to 30 minutes of high-pressure steam.

Here are the Cons:

  • The automatic shut-off can delay use for up to 30 minutes. But considering the alternative possibility of overheating and damaging the cleaner, it’s well worth it.