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Commercial Cleaners and Domestic Cleaners … What’s The Difference?

Whatever the area that it is that you need cleaning, or exactly what it is that you want cleaning, it is important that you know the difference between commercial and domestic cleaners in order to help you decide what is best for your needs.

Cleaning is an extremely important task no matter where it takes place or who is providing the cleaning, and so one of the first things that you may wonder when thinking about hiring a cleaner is about how their techniques differ from your own. With commercial cleaners they develop techniques that are for a commercial setting as they are used to cleaning in sizeable commercial buildings with extremely efficient equipment such as commercial hardwood floor cleaners, commercial tile cleaners and commercial floor steam cleaners which are highly expensive but extremely effective, whereas domestic cleaners are used to working in domestic settings such as houses and other residential areas using equipment such as handheld steam cleaners, spray mops and vacuum cleaners amongst other cleaning products. Commercial cleaning is more suitable for larger areas such as offices, hospitals and so forth whereas domestic cleaning is more suitable for residential settings.

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The tools and equipment that commercial cleaners use such as commercial grout cleaners, commercial tile cleaners, commercial vacuum cleaners and so forth are usually too powerful to be used within a residential setting. The large-scale equipment that they use are often made for regular use in more robust and larger areas than in the domestic settings such as a house. Whereas for domestic cleaners they are able to fulfil the necessary levels of cleaning within in a residential setting using regular equipment such as standard vacuum cleaners such as the Dyson vacuum and steam floor cleaners, spray mops and grout cleaners.

Commercial cleaning often requires more than one person to be able to undertake all the cleaning that is necessary and to be able to use all the machinery that is needed, whereas domestic cleaning usually only requires one cleaner in each residential setting rather than a team of cleaners.

But what are the specific differences for certain areas?

Carpet Cleaning

Domestic cleaners will simply usually be required to run a lightweight vacuum over a domestic carpet such as a Dyson Vacuum, an upright vacuum or even just turn on the robotic vacuum in order to remove hair, dust, dirt and debris from the floor. Whereas with commercial cleaning more thorough methods are used such as steam cleaning using a commercial floor steam cleaner or dry cleaning where dry compounds and cleaning solutions are used for a through and in-depth deep clean using commercial methods that can clean large areas efficiently

Hard Floors

In residential settings hard floor cleaning and polishing is often carried out using handheld tools such as spray floor mops and so forth. Whereas in a commercial setting powerful machinery is used to reach large surface areas in a short period of time such as commercial floor steamers and commercial floor polishers.

As you can see from the article although they are both the same job, the methods and equipment used by commercial cleaners is very different from domestic cleaners, thus if you are looking for someone to clean in your business commercial cleaners would be most suitable and for the household domestic cleaners are the best for the residential setting.

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