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The Power of Suction is KING –  Dodocool 2in1 Swivel Vacuum Cleaner

Before choosing which ‘Stick Vacuum’ cleaner is right for you and your home, there’s a whole host of questions you need to ask yourself. These include;

✅ Does it have an ultra-stylish contemporary modern design? Does it have the super suction power to capture dirt, debris, crumbs, and pet hair from wherever they’re lurking? Is it lightweight, versatile, and have the flexibility to glide from room to room and carried up and downstairs with ease? Does it offer exceptional performance and functionality?

✅ Does it have a removable HEPA filtration system and see-through dust canister that doesn’t need emptying every few minutes? Does it fit in with your cleaning schedule, and more importantly, is it capable of so much more than being used for just a quick fix vacuum?

Introducing the fantastic Dodocool 2in1 vacuum cleaner, it’s all of that and so much more.

The 800 watts super strong15KPa cyclone suction technology has more than enough power to not only tackle dust and grime; it can also suck up spilt liquids – how cool is that?

The wide cleaning path and unique flexible swivel rotatable brush heads of the Dodocool vacuum gives you the maneuverability and freedom to glide effortlessly from room to room, making sure every corner is dust-free. So now you can clean larger surfaces as well as get into corners and difficult spots quicker – giving you the time to get on with the more essential things in life.

The multifunction attachments tools are ideal for all your various cleaning needs, making cleaning dirt, dust, and spilled liquids from most types of hard flooring, including hardwoods, types of vinyl, laminates and tiles easy. And when its time to pick up crumbs or hair left behind by small children or even big children for that matter and by our furry friends on rugs and low pile carpets, then there’s no better choice.

But why stop at floors, the Dodocool gives you the versatility and flexibility to clean a whole lot more. Can’t reach your ceiling corners, the top of your curtains, or any of those hard to reach tricky spots like under beds or low furniture then, don’t worry. With its flexible 180°rotation swivel design, lightweight extension handle, and extra-long crevice tool, this stick vacuum cleaner gives you all the maneuverability you’ll ever need.

And when it’s time to clean the baseboards, freshen up the sofa and cushions, give your computer keyboard a clean or perhaps give the upholstery and floor mats in the car a tidy up, then the Dodocool converts in seconds to a super stylish, lightweight handheld vacuum cleaner ready to tackle the toughest of jobs.

The Dodocool is ultra-lightweight; it weighs just 4.5lbs and is easy enough to be carried single-handed up or downstairs, which is particularly useful if you suffer from any joint or back pain.

Vacuuming or cleaning is never fun at any time, particularly if you have to keep emptying the dust canister every five minutes. But with the Dodocool stick vacuum, that’s never a problem as it comes with a large easy to empty 1.5-liter transparent dust canister. That includes a removable HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) filtration system, which works by forcing air through a fine mesh that traps harmful particles such as pollen, pet dander, dust mites but releases clean air.

So not only does the design of the canister let you work longer without having to make loads of trips to the dustbin, but it’s also easier to keep clean as both the dust canister and the filter are washable.

There is no doubt that a stick vacuum is ideal, and some cordless stick vacuums do look attractive, which is all well and good.

But what happens if you forgot to charge the battery after the last time you used the machine? With most cordless stick vacuums requiring up to 3 hours charge time for around 20 to 45 minutes clean times — perhaps even less if you use a higher suction mode, it can mess with your day.

With the Dodocool 2in1 vacuum cleaner, you don’t have to think about any of this; just plug into a power outlet, and off you go, the 13-foot power cable gives the freedom without getting tangled up in the furniture. And then when you’ve finished the two cord holders make it easy to store without a second thought.

Is the Dodocool 2in1 Vacuum Cleaner right for me?

If you’re looking for an ultra-stylish lightweight Corded Stick Vacuum, then you won’t go far wrong with the Dodocool. Its suction power is considerably stronger than the majority of cordless machines in this category.

It offers you total cleaning flexibility as an upright stick vacuum for gliding around your hard floors, rugs, and carpets effortlessly and then converts easily to a handheld cleaner that’s perfect for all those hard to reach spots in the house or the car. Plus, of course, with an extra-large dust canister, there are fewer trips to the bin – which is no bad thing.

And lastly, being a corded machine means you are not reliant on the battery power before you use it.

Overall we liked the contemporary styling of the Dodcool; the only thing we had an issue with was the length of the power cable. At only 13-feet long, we felt there was a slight restriction on the movement you have to clean, which could become a bit of a nuisance if you were in a hurry.

What’s in the box?

In the box is the power unit with dust canister and HEPA filter, swivel brush head, lightweight, extendable handle, and user guide. For total peace of mind, the Dodocool 2in1 vacuum comes with a 30 day back money guarantee and 12 months manufacturer warranty.


The Dodocool lightweight 2in1 vacuum cleaner is currently being offered on several online buying platforms. However, we found Amazon.com to be the most competitively priced.

The last word

Suction and power is KING when it comes to a Stick Vacuum, and the Dodocool has both in abundance. This machine is one of the best-corded stick hard floor, rug, and carpet vacuum cleaners that makes good on its promise to provide powerful cleaning.


We’ve got fitted carpets and several loose rugs in the house can the Dodocool cope with both?
Firstly you have to remember this machine is not instead of your traditional upright vacuum. The Dodcool is more about being a multifunctional machine that’s able to clean a whole host of surfaces. It’s certainly ideal for all your rugs and quick vacuums.

How often do I need to change the HEPA filter on my Dodocool machine?
With regular cleaning and washing after use, the filter should last for some time. For best results, simply wash the filter in warm water and let it air dry before you use it next time.

My young daughter loves helping me with the cleaning, but I’m a bit worried that this machine might be a little too heavy for her to use. What do you suggest, please?
That’s great to hear about your daughter – the Dodocool 2in1 vacuum cleaner only weighs 4.5lbs, so she should be perfectly safe using the machine. Also, don’t forget it easily converts to a handheld unit, which might be more comfortable for her to use on things like the sofa or cushions. We hope this helps.

There always seems to be cat hairs all over my sofa, and I’m fed up of having to brush them off by hand. Would this machine be any good for removing them?
The Dodocool is the perfect machine for removing all types of pet hair from the sofa’s, cushions, carpets, and rugs. You’ll be surprised just how easy the machine is to use.

Living by the beach, we get a smooth coating of soft sand across the kitchen and conservatory floor throughout the summer, and I just want to check if this machine is up to the job?
You won’t find a better ultra-lightweight machine for this job; not only is it great for cleaning all hard floors, vinyl, laminates, and tiles. The unique HEPA filter collects and traps fine particles like sand without trapping in the fresh air. Also, you will be able to see just how much sand you have collected with the easy to clean extra-large transparent dust canister.

We’ve just had a new tile floor put in our bathroom, and I’m concerned that using my Dodocool machine might scratch or damage the new tiles.
The Dodocool is designed to effortless glide over all types of hard floor surfaces, including bathroom tiles, so you should have no problem keeping your new floor looking sparkling and spotlessly clean.[/su_spoiler]

Strange question I know, but I just wanted to check that it would be okay to use my machine with an extension lead. You see, the power cable on the machine is just not long enough to reach the top of the stairs, and I don’t want to change sockets halfway through the job. Can you help?
First of all it’s not a strange question and it makes perfect sense. Please rest assured that using an extension cable with your Dodocool machine will have absolutely no impact on its performance.

I’m thinking of buying this machine but can’t find out if it comes with any warranty?
The Dodocool 2in1 ultra-lightweight vacuum cleaner comes with a 12-month manufacturer warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee. We hope this helps you make the right choice and you choose Dodocool for all your cleaning and vacuuming needs.