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Dremel Versa Power Scrubber: Is it as Great as it Sounds?

Do you get tired easily while cleaning? Would you like a powerful cleaning tool that will slash your cleaning time in half? I know of the perfect thing for you.

Scrubbing surfaces until your arms are sore is no longer necessary.  The Dremel Versa power scrubber is an electric scrubber that is made of a small motor and has a batter that causes the tool to spin the cleaning accessory of your choice. This tool does the deep scrubbing for you, and cuts your cleaning time in half.

Dremel Versa Power Scrubber

Quick Overview : Dremel Versa Power Scrubber

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  • Quick charging battery
  • Charges with USB cable
  • Easily change accessories
  • Unique high-speed design
  • Weighs two pounds
  • Simple on/off button


The overall functionality of the Dremel scrubber is that it is able to clean in a way that we are not capable of. To be specific the Dremel versa power scrubber cordless cleaning tool spins at over 2000 revolutions per minute. To put this in perspective, in order to meet that speed, you would need to wipe one spot over thirty times a second. It’s just not possible!

Upon receiving the Dremel Versa power scrubber you will notice that it has a total of four detachable cleaning accessories. These include heavy duty cleaning pad, a stiff bristle cleaning brush, a non-scratch cleaning pad, and an eraser pad. You will also find a detachable splash guard for you to use when you are cleaning with cleaning solutions or water.

This effective tool is cordless which makes it easy to use anywhere you would like. You will no longer have to worry about stubborn cords with your cleaning tool. This tool works really well at things such as cleaning grease from a stove top. The Dremel power scrubber cleans the most stubborn stains that would otherwise be a pain to clean.

Due to the fact that the tile and grout cleaning scrubber uses a standard USB charging port, if the charger happens to break, or if you happen to misplace it, it will not be hard to replace. Because this effective cleaning tool weighs a total of two pounds, you will not have to apply pressure in order to get the job done. With the Dremel Versa the purpose is to work at a faster rate and cut your cleaning time in half.

This tool is perfect to keep under your sink and use when you are fighting with cleaning stubborn areas.

Pros & Cons


  • Overheating is not an issue.
  • Gets the job done quickly.
  • Does the work with little effort.
  • Easy changing of accessories.
  • Fights stubborn stains easily


  • Limited power
  • Shuts off when too much pressure is applied.


Will it clean calcium buildup from a shower wall?

Yes. Keep the Dremel power scrubber on the spot for a few second and it should come right off. You may want to consider using a cleaning solution as well.

Is the battery removable?

No. This is because the battery is rechargeable and there would be no real reason to remove the battery.

How long is the battery life?

The ultimate battery life is around fifteen minutes. This is because this tool is not meant for larger areas, or for cleaning areas that will take hours to complete. This tile and grout cleaning scrubber cleans fast which allows you to finish the job in half the time.

Does the tool have more than one speed?

No. It has two options. “On” and “Off.”

Can this be used for cleaning headlights?

Yes! The dremel versa power scrubber automotive kit certainly can clean grout from headlights!

Can I buy replacement pads/brushes?

Yes. You can find purchase Dremel versa pads on Amazon!


Give up on using elbow grease on the simple cleaning tasks! When you purchase the Dremel power scrubber you will spend less time cleaning and more time doing the things that you love. You will be able to scrub away dirt, scum, and grease from both inside and outside of your home. It is water resistant so getting the tool wet will not be a problem. You will no longer have to use unneeded force when cleaning stubborn areas.

This tool is absolutely perfect for small cleaning projects that you need to get done quickly. It quickly and easily does the job for you. For tougher areas you may need to consider adding cleaning solutions such as bleach or a degreaser. The most important thing is to remember that this tool Is not meant to be used for hours at a time. The battery only lasts around fifteen minutes before it requires a new charge. If you are looking for a new helping hand when it comes to cleaning, this tool is the perfect option for you. It is sure to be one of your best cleaning companions. This power cleaner is everything that the Dremel scrubber commercials make it out to be.