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The Easy Cleaning Hacks That Everyone Needs to Know to Make Their Floor Sparkle

Whatever type of flooring you have in your house you will know that at some point in the cleaning regime, they all need cleaning, whether by a floor cleaning machine or by hand. Thus, this article will bring you some easy cleaning hacks that will leave your floor looking sparkling new.

Fill buckets with a hosepipe

everyone who has ever cleaned a floor with a mop and bucket knows the struggle of filling up the bucket from the faucet and thus, by using a hosepipe attachment you can leave the bucket upon the floor and still fill it. This tip definitely makes for easy cleaning and saves your back.

Fashion a smaller crevice tool for your vacuum out of cardboard or a similar material

we have all been there when you are vacuuming a floor and the is always a small crevice that your crevice tool cannot fit into, thus by fashioning your own, you will always have one ready to go.

Make your dustpan attract more dirt

have you ever been sweeping your floor and more dust and dirt seems to be falling out of your dustpan than going in it. The quick and effective tip to making your dustpan attract more dirt is to dampen the dustpan before you use it. The water will attract the dirt and hold onto it allowing you to pick up the maximum amount of dirt with each brush. Once you have finished simply wipe the dustpan down.

Keep your vacuum fresh

if you notice that your vacuum or super cleaner vacuum robot, like all vacuums, is starting to smell slightly musty simply vacuum up some ground cinnamon or some laundry detergent crystals and this will keep your vacuum smelling fresher for longer.

Avoid vacuuming small objects

carpets and floors are a treasure trove of small objects that have been lost such as earrings for instance, thus, to avoid hoovering them up and losing them forever, place a stocking or one of the legs from a pair of tights over the vacuum hose, keep it secured in place and vacuum the carpet or floor. This will catch any small items within the tights/stockings enabling you to keep it and to stop it going in your vacuum or cluttering up your floor.

Clean the brush of your vacuum

most households will encounter long hairs whether it is from humans or pet hair, and this hair can get tangled and wound around the roller brush of your vacuum cleaner, which will, in turn, affect the ability of the vacuum. In order to keep it clean cut the hairs and this will make it easy to pull them out of the roller brush.

Clean all of your carpets

sometimes there are areas of the carpets that vacuums alone just cannot reach, such as crevices along the stairs and skirting boards. For these areas use a rubber glove to wipe these areas clean.

Freshen up carpets

carpets can get musty through no fault of your own, but by blending baking soda and essential oils you can quickly and effectively freshen up your carpet. Mix 10 drops of your favourite essential oil with one cup of baking soda and sprinkle the mixture on to the desired carpet, leave this to sit for one hour and then vacuum the carpet to relish in the freshness. You can use some top rated carpet cleaning machine too.

Hang brooms and mops up so they are in a clean environment

most brooms and mops come with a hook or hole at the end of the handle so that you are able to hang them easily, however if this is not the case then tying a loose zip tie or ribbon at the end of the mope or broom will allow you to hang them effectively.

Make your own cloths for mops etc

the squeeze mop and other cleaning tools like it can get very expensive to keep replacing, thus by making your own by placing clothes over the tool when the old clothe has finished, you will save money and still be able to have a sparkling floor.

grout cleaner

for people who have tiled flooring the grout between the tiles can become very grimy very quickly. Surprisingly one of the best things to clean the grout is bog standard carpet cleaner. It is as simple as spraying the cleaner on the grout, scrubbing with a scrubbing brush and then leaving it alone for 10 to 15 minutes. After this period simply mop the floor as normal and the grout will be cleaner. Quick and effective.

After spending all that time cleaning  the last thing you want is your floor to look streaked and old and so by following this advice you will help your floors look shiny, sparkling and brand spanking new.

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