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10 Best Electric Spin Scrubber Review and Guide

Are you tired of trying to clean without significant results? Are you constantly straining and scrubbing by hand so that you end up with sore arms? It might be time to try an electric spin scrubber. This article will be a review of the 10 best models. Modern day consumers want cleaning to be both effective and fun. Stop wasting energy when you could be using an automatic tool like a scrubber. Did you know that these scrubbers work on all floor types and can be used to clean the kitchen floor, bathtub, and even bathroom? There are many choices on the market so we are saving you a lot of precious time by giving you this review of 10 of the best models. Get your bucket and soap ready. It’s cleaning time!

10 Best Electric Spin Scrubber of 2021

Hommit Electric Spin Scrubber

This cordless scrubber comes in with two superior LG batteries which could be used continuously up to 90 minutes. The charging time will take only 3.5 hours for the 3.6-volt battery. It comes with an upgraded adjustable long extension handle; this is definitely useful when you are trying to reach those ceilings. They have the exact type of brush which is not too hard and not too soft. The bristles will not scratch your bathtub but will not deform when you use them to clean those stains on the bathroom floor. There are four packs replacement cleansing brush which provides an excellent choice for different usage. And don’t worry about getting it wet, the brush head is built waterproof and for long-lasting performance. Finally, we must say that hommit spin scrubber is the best & perfect tile & grout cleaning machine for your home.


For our second product, we will take a closer look at this multi-purpose, 360 cordless scrubber. This electric spin scrubber is effective to clean soap scum, mildew, grime, and they can operate up to 30 minutes on a fully charged battery. They come with 3 interchangeable brush heads types which are suitable for cleaning the tub, bathroom floor, wall, car surface, and car tire. Yes, you read it right; the bristle is soft enough to clean your car surfaces safely. The extension arm can operate in 360 angels, giving full coverage of those narrow corners and crevices. The IPX 7 specific waterproof design will let you clean freely under wet conditions.


Next one, we have the C-colour electric spin scrubber, a cordless, highly flexible scrubber, and they come in a blue colour. They come with an extension arm which will make it easier to adjust according to your need. This scrubber also comes with three types of brush, each with different shapes and suits different purposes. Say goodbye to sore knees and elbow grease, this c-colour electric spin scrubber will speed up your cleaning time with less than half the effort you usually have to spend. The portable cordless design makes it convenient for outdoor usage without having to worry about dragging cords around. And what’s more, the 360 degrees high rotate speed will clean even your most steep corners.


Operating at 300 RPM with the working time between 90-180 mins when fully charged, this electric spin scrubber is definitely one to buy for. It has an adjustable extension handle which will make it both convenient to clean the floor or the window. This scrubber is equipped with an overcharge and over-discharged protection kit to keep the machine last longer. With four multi-purpose brush heads, they are effective to clean your window glass, sink, hard floor, and even pool. They upgraded the material used for the motor with metal to provide a more durable machine and can withstand more pressure, thus improving the cleaning effectivity. This is one you shouldn’t miss to check.


Youkada adopts a traditional design method with classic appearance to give you the most comfortable cleaning tool. Comes with three types of brush and extendable handle, they are effective to clean just any part of the house. They meticulously adjust every part and make modifications to let this machine work continuously for 60 minutes. They also provide a safety net by allowing the machine to be charged only when it is off. The design is absolutely waterproof, which will guarantee safety upon usage in a wet environment. They are committed to giving excellent service by providing 100% warranty for their product for one year. If you have any questions or complaints, their customer service will be ready 24 hours to solve your inquiries.


This power scrubber comes with three types of brush (they come in a blue colour!) and one extension arm. The different types of brush heads are suitable to clean various scenes.

They are equipped with a lithium battery which could function up to 2.5 hours after charging fully. The intimate waterproof design will let you work without any hesitation, and they could only be charged when the switch is off to guarantee your safety. Their extendable arm will allow you to clean without having to bend your knee and will definitely save a lot of your precious time. They can double your cleaning coverage with the same amount of time.


Acrimax electric spin scrubber has five different kinds of brush types: dome brush, corner brush, flat brush, sponge, and cloth. This electric spin scrubber has 360-degree coverage and can be used up to 60 minutes non-stop with a speed of 350 rpm. For storage, they are conveniently hang-able and will not take up much space. The extending pole design will allow you to clean sinks, ceilings, or bathroom floor without having to stretch or bend your joints. This wall tile cleaner machine is designed to be waterproof, which makes it perfect for bathroom condition. Besides, the cordless form allows this scrubber to be used anywhere, including outdoors.


Our next product is high in demand and sold out fast. They rotate 300 times per minute and torque well to easily scrub away calcium, hard water stain, and soap. The scrubber comes in blue colour and is portable to be used both outdoors and indoors. They come with three interchangeable brush heads, the small and narrow design is suitable for cleaning small materials such as the sink, and the flare type of brush is suitable for cleaning the larger things such as a tyre. The flexible bristle is soft enough not to scratch your car surface but tough enough to remove the stain.

Adpow (Upgraded)

This powerful tile floor scrubber can last up to 3 hours after only 2.5 hours of charging. The handle is extendable and can be adjusted up to 80 degrees. This tool will help you reach the impossible corners with little to no effort. They provide two-speed mode to adjust for a different kind of cleaning. The speed mode and the switch are displayed in the LED display. This scrubber comes with a rack for easy storage. The brushes are available in 4 different types and different colours. Do please take note that they give a 12 months warranty and 60 days Money back guarantee.


Meco electric spin scrubber has two colours, green and white. They are built-in with a rechargeable lithium battery which can last up to 50 minutes. The 320 rpm high-torque spinning power can clean faster and more effectively. The brush heads can be replaced with a choice of 4 types of brushes. You don’t have to worry about the potential electric shock since the rod of this power scrubber is fully covered with high-quality waterproof materials. The extendable handle can be adjusted from 62cm to 110cm, which allows extensive area coverage. This versatile brush is essential for anyone who likes a clean house with minimal effort.

Why Should I Purchase The Electric Spin Scrubber?

With all the features of the spin scrubber, cleaning your house couldn’t be more convenient and fast. This tile cleaning machine can clean the stain more effectively than our manual method. House chores, especially cleaning, can be a tiring and boring activity to do. Sure, you want your house to look clean, but imagine the amount of work and energy you have to spend to clean one part of your house. Not to mention the bruises you get on your elbow and knees or the chance of falling from the stairs when cleaning your ceiling. With this electric spin scrubber, you will save a lot of time and a lot of energy. You could reach those high ceilings, clean those stubborn stains, and you could even get a shiny tub all with one scrubber. These scrubbers are specifically designed with several types of brush to facilitate your need and with a specific type of bristle that is both strong enough to remove those stains yet soft enough not to scratch your glass or tub.

Electric Spin Scrubbers Buying Guide :

Now, we come to the interesting part, the spin scrubber buying guide.

We got several types of scrubber, each with its’ own features and design. Each one is designed to suit our different needs, so before you decide on which machine to purchase, here is a little buying guide for you.

  • Runtime:
    This feature is crucial since it will determine how long you could use this and how long you are going to have to charge it If you desire to use this scrubber to clean a lot of parts of your house, then I suggest you choose one with longer running time.
  • Rotating speed:
    Rotational speed is useful to remove the stains on the crevices, soap scum, grout dirt, and not to mention this is one of several ways to whiten tile grout. The more rotation per minute your electric tile cleaner has, the easier it is to remove those stains, soap scum, and grout dirt.
  • Design and brushes:
    Choose one that suits your need the most, do you need a long one, or a portable one, what type of brush will you use/need the most. These wall tile cleaner machines should ease up your cleaning job and make it more fun.


  • How often do you have to replace the brush?
    • Keeping the brush clean and up to date is essential to get the maximum result. However, how often do you have to replace them will depend on how often you use Some power scrubbers can even last for one year without having to replace them, but some can last only up to several months. Most importantly, it depends on how often you use it.
  • Is buying a power scrubber essential?
    • I will have to say definitely yes for This is the clear solution for a clean house but with efficient time and less energy.
  • Can you use an electric scrubber with any cleaner?
    • It will depend on the specific brand name that you’ve purchased. But most cleaning brushes can be used with the versatility of any bath and tub. The problem is mostly on the cleaner with the particular surface rather than the cleaner and the brush.
  • What brush should I use to clean an acrylic bathtub?
    • Most brushes claim that the bristle is soft enough to clean the tub or glass without scratching it, but make sure that you choose the non-abrasive
  • Can we use these products outdoors?
    • Yes, most scrubbers are designed portable to suit the need of outdoor usage. But take this in mind that if your brush is used to clean the hardwood or rough surfaces, your brushes’ lifespan will be.


With all this data provided, it is safe to say that electric power scrubbers are essential for your cleaning protocol nowadays. To achieve the maximum cleaning result with less effort and less time consumed, you could choose one of the best electric spin scrubbers we have detailed out for you above.

Happy cleaning and happy scrubbing!