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Elicto ES230 – Technology Meets Stunning Design!

A familiar story

Shut your eyes and picture this scenario; its one you might know all too well. You’ve had a full-on day at work, getting home was a nightmare; the subway was like a lesson in hand to hand combat. Still, you finally got home, dinner’s finished, the dishes washed, and the children are supposedly doing homework in their rooms. And for the first time all day, you’ve finally got 5 minutes to yourself when from a distance you hear the all too familiar cry of “Mum I’ve split juice on my bedroom floor.”

Now you’ve got two choices, try to pretend you didn’t hear – which will last for about 5 seconds. Or get up, go into the kitchen, get the mop, fill the bucket up with water, find a cloth and some cleaning fluid. Nothing new here, but then you’ve got to struggle with everything up the stairs hoping above hope that you don’t end with water everywhere as you try to juggle everything at once while all the time, avoiding the dog who thinks it’s all a game. Then when you’ve finally mopped everything up, you’ve got to struggle back down the stairs and repeat the process in reverse. Does this sound all too familiar?

Well, what if we could tell you about a revolutionary piece of affordable home cleaning equipment. That delivers professional results every time and could make this whole sorry saga a thing of the past.

One that is an efficient way to keep the house immaculately clean, while saving you precious time, money on expensive cleaning products, and dispenses with all the drudgery that’s usually associated with doing the housework manually. What would you say – WOW, I thought so?

Be prepared to be wowed – it’s time to make your life easier

Introducing the fantastic Elicto ES-230 Electronic Wireless Mop – the stunning 3in1 cordless rechargeable spinning mop, polisher, and floor cleaning solution for all indoor surfaces – pretty crazy, yes.

Created by Elicto in the US, the ES-230 is just one of their innovative range of products that use leading-edge technology to ease the daily cleaning process.

Elicto designed the ES-230 to outperform all of its competitors, not only with its mechanics but also with its stunning looks.

The creativity of the ES-230 starts with the sleek main body and moves all the way up to the ergonomically designed handle. With efficiency, ease of use, and comfort top of mind. The ergonomically shaped ES-230 handle let’s you polish or mop without the need to be constantly bending down or struggling to clean under furniture.

The multipurpose Elicto ES-230 is so much more than just a regular spinning mop. Its state of the art design combines three different elements to make your floors spotless by mopping, polishing, and scrubbing all with one easy to use machine. So not only does it keep every floor in the house pristine, it looks great doing it.

Being cordless, ultra-lightweight, and extremely portable, the ES-230 saves time by letting you operate with complete freedom – no more trailing power cables or having to switch from outlet to outlet.

You can easily get to all of those otherwise inaccessible places that you need to clean but might get overlooked. It effortlessly fits underneath beds and couches, is ideal reaching under kitchen and bathroom cabinets, or anywhere else that dust gathers.

Cleans any floor surface with the touch of a button

It’s perfect for moping, cleaning, and polishing a range of surfaces without leaving swirls or patterns, including pine, softwoods, linoleum, laminates, marble, and ceramic floor tiles. Plus, it’s perfect for delicate surfaces such as expensive hardwood floors, where there is no fear of the original look being damage. You can definitely consider this product as a tile floor cleaner & hard floor cleaning machine.

The Elicot Dual Spin Technology makes cleaning floors so easy. Two high-powered 250-RPM discs deliver exceptional performance. Which completely removes even the finest dust and leaves your floors sparkling clean.

When it’s time to wet mop your floor, fill the 250 ml tank with your choice of any water-based solution, and spray away. The spray technology allows you to have more freedom, all at the touch of a button – no more mop and bucket.

Equipped with two microfiber pads, one for each spinning head, to double the cleaning power: the pads are interchangeable and machine washable. Saving you money and the trouble of replacing them. Throw them in the washing machine when you’ve finished, and they’re ready to use again next time.

With its original built-in lithium battery, you are guaranteed at least a half-hour autonomy with the ES-230 after full charge, (which usually takes around two to three hours), that’s more than enough time to make everything look perfect.   The long-time usage of this electric scrubber comes from the 2200mAh power battery, guaranteeing a long autonomy while at the same time being eco-friendly.

Is the ES-230 right for you?

It isn’t necessarily the best choice for everyone, but in our opinion, for an average-sized family home, the ES-230 is an excellent option for everyday moping and cleaning. Weighing a measly 8lbs not only is it ultra-lightweight and extremely portable. The awesome styling looks so good that you’ll probably not want to keep the machine locked in the cupboard.

Honestly, this is a device that could revolutionize your daily life; it’s the only tool you will ever need. It scrubs, cleans, and polishes all at once! Certainly, we found it to be one of the best machines for cleaning and moping tiles also the best for polishing laminates and hardwood floors quickly, quietly, and efficiently.

The only slight issue we had with the machine was the run time. At 20-25 minutes, you do have to work pretty smartly, but considering you have the functionality to clean, mop, and polish all at the touch of a button with just one machine. It’s more than enough time to keep the house looking spick and span.


The average online price for the Elicto ES-230 seems to be little high, but affordable if you really want to buy a long-lasting & quality product; the price includes the dual-spin mop, cleaning fluid measuring cup and filler funnel, two sets of mop heads, an AC adapter, and the easy to follow user manual.

We also found a bundled price offer in Amazon, which included everything mentioned previously, with the addition of a set of Green microfiber mop heads for cleaning and polishing along with a set of Pink long hair, mop heads that are ideal for cleaning those expensive hardwood floors. In both instances, the machine comes with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty.
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The Last words

Generally, after we have reviewed a machine, we have to give it back, but in the case of the ES-230, we haven’t stopped playing with it. The office has never looked so clean. We’ve even got grown men arguing over who’s turn it is to mop the floors – these are the same men who typically struggle to empty a waste bin.

We feel the state of the art technology combined with the overall futuristic design and styling look fantastic.

As a convenient 3 in 1 wireless machine, it’s perfect for everyday moping and cleaning with the minimum of effort. It tackled the toughest of jobs. It’s a safe, quiet – only 60db, about the same as a small fan, and is the reliable alternative to having to use a bunch of expensive cleaning tools for all your different floor surfaces.

It’s incredibly eco-friendly and safe for the environment with no disposable garbage. We can’t think of a more capable way of saving time, energy, and keeping your house looking spotless with so little effort than by using the Elicto ES-230 Electronic Wireless Mop.


Does the machine come with batteries?
It’s a rechargeable unit; you plug it in when not in use as you would with your mobile phone. It comes ready to use.

Will it damage my vinyl floors?
No, it shouldn’t. There is a choice of soft mop heads available that are ideally suited for vinyl floors.

Can I use any cleaning solution in the water tank?
As long as it is a water-based cleaning solution, then you should be okay. Perhaps test a small area before filling the tank to make sure everything is working.

Will it clean the grout between my bathroom tiles?
Realistically probably not in the way you’re expecting, it’s not that type of heavy-duty machine, but it’s perfect for cleaning and polishing all kinds of floor tiles.

Can the machine be used to only polish, or do I have to mop and scrub the floors before I shine?
No need to mop and scrub – unless you need too, the ES-230 was born to polish and is the perfect machine for this type of job.

Will this machine scratch my expensive hardwood floors?
We tested it on a Bamboo floor and had no problem with it scratching. We found it buffed to a nice finish and left no marks or swirls.

Can I clean my carpets with Elicto ES230?
We never tried it on carpets and would have to think the answer is probably no.