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5 Floor Cleaning Tips That Essential For Everyone To Know When They Have To Clean Their Floors

Every floor is different, some are wood, some are tiled, some are carpeted and each with their own distinctive cleaning requisites. Thus, these 5 cleaning tips will help you find the best tip for cleaning your specific floor type and enable you to have hassle-free cleaning, whether it is with the best floor scrubbing machine or other machines to clean floors or by hand.

Stone Floors 

The important thing to know about cleaning stone floors is that any products that are acidic, such as the overall cleaning wonder that is vinegar, or have a bleach or ammonia base will in actual fact, ruin your floor better than it will clean it. The best way to clean a natural stone floor is by using a neutral pH based cleaner, as this means there is less chance of your floor cleaner reacting with the minerals within your stone floor. If your stone tiles are unsealed then the best way to clean is to use hot water and a mop (preferably a microfiber one), or a steamer if you own one.

Linoleum Floors 

a delicate kind of flooring that requires some extra tender loving care when cleaning. As most of them are made with linseed oil, cork dust, resin, wood fibre and limestone they should be treated roughly the same as stone floors. For the best method of cleaning a few drops of washing up liquid should be placed into a spray bottle with hot water, and using this the floor should be sprinkled and then wiped over using a microfiber cloth or a dry mop, you will notice that the floor will dry almost instantaneously.

Vinyl Floors 

Often found in a lot of kitchens and bathrooms, they are incredibly easy to clean. In order to give the floor a good clean on a weekly basis, you should mix ¼ of a cup of vinegar in a spray bottle and add one drop of washing up liquid and warm water. This can then be sprinkled on the floor in sections and wiped clean with a microfiber cloth or a mop if you prefer that method. For knowing the best way to clean vinyl floor, click here.

Laminate Floors 

one thing to remember with laminate floors is that they are different to hardwood floors and therefore need a different cleaning regimen. In order to clean laminate flooring, you should never clean with polish or any liquid form of cleaner, as this can seep under the boards and ruin the flooring. In order to clean laminate flooring, you should vacuum it regularly and run it over with a dry mop such as the Bona wood floor spray mop or a hardwood floor cleaner machine.


Unlike the other flooring carpeting is in a cleaning league of its own. You could use a detergent that you can buy and mix with water, which is effective. The other effective way of cleaning carpets that you could use is that of a cleaner that you make yourself. For this, you mix an equal parts mixture of baking soda and vinegar until you are left with a thick paste. This should then be diluted with warm water until a thin liquid is formed and then scrub into stains with a sponge. You can use a best carpet cleaner too for better result.

If you are finding it hard to get pet hairs out of your carpets then using a squeegee that you can get for the car and so forth, can allow you to easily take the hairs out of the carpet.

The flooring in a home is just as important as other areas of the house and requires the same attention to detail in order to stay shining and in great condition for longer, so by following the advice in this article you will help your floor stay great for longer.

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