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The sleek white version of the Eufy Robovac 11s. Quite simply an amazing all-round robotic tool.

In today’s society of couch potato sessions, whilst attending a daily gym, you will find a Robotic vacuum really, really appealing.

Let’s face it, vacuum cleaning has always been a bothersome grind.
Vacuum cleaning, is a domestic nuance!

We took the Eufy Robovac 11s, white, for a spin – literally – to see if there was anything that could compete at the price. Although the 11s is not the cheapest of robotic vacuum cleaners. What it is, is a, middle-ranged price for such recent technology. Premium robovacs come in at double the cost of this Eufy 11s white. This makes the Robovac 11s, very attractive if you don’t want to spend a mint on an automated cleaner.

This causes a trade off!

Double the cost, or go for the clean?

Double the cost and you get all the technology. If not, this is the ideal tool that’s technology is more than enough to keep you going. Here is our experience of the Eufy 11s.

It is an easy process to get the Eufy 11s started.  Pull from the packaging, slot the brushes into place, plug the unit into the charger, then stick a couple of batteries in the remote. And yes, the technology for this, is that this is a remote-control unit dependant robotic tool. This is a very 1990’s style, right? You are looking at a 90’s style that is still a part of everyday life from the TV to air conditioning.

Despite all this, the speed of the 11s setup is fast and easily achieved. While some of the robotic vacuums require you to setup sensor beacons in each room. The sensor beacons do not always come supplied with more than one. The Eufy 11s, white relies on none of this overinflated technology and is ready to function in seconds.

The charging station can be placed anywhere in the upstairs or downstairs of a home. Simply plug the unit in the socket and the Eufy is ready to go.

As with all these robotic vacuums, the areas need to be robot-proofed in your home. The manual – supplied – recommends lifting light mats, tuck away any protruding cables. They have supplied a pack of cable ties, just for this purpose. When the Eufy is first set into motion, it should be watched to make sure it does not get trapped under furniture. That is a key to the robovac, getting one that either fits under furniture, or is low enough, not to trap the robotic vacuum.

In the homes of most purchasers of this product we interviewed had a mixture of floor coverings. You might be thinking at the moment that these robots are designed for showroom homes. Homes that have hardwood everywhere. However, you will be mighty impressed, with just how easily, the Eufy 11s takes the cleaning in its strides.

The Eufy can tackle a mixture of heavy mats and carpet. Some have reported that it can tackle the toughest of situations without missing a beat. The Eufy 11s, white will have you surprised at just how fast it can suck up random debris.

This powerful action is the 1300Pa suction, along with its BOOSTIQ Technology, where it automatically increases suction as and whenever necessary. As one purchaser said,

‘It may sound like a marketing spin!’

‘But you just have to see the results of the Eufy 11s.

Some purchasers of this robotic tool have compared its cleaning action to older models of the Dyson range. However, you have the reality now of not having to get your arm taken off like with the older Dysons. You can simply watch it as it passes you by – cleaning. This allows for more relaxation, at weekends after work or education, to do what you like instead of, heavy arduous vacuuming.

When our consumers were asked about the tool going through narrow doorways, it did pretty well. It literally just wandered into the hallway, like it was the norm, picking up the fur balls as it went, one consumer reported.

If you leave this robovac to its own Auto mode devices, you will find, this tool will leave a place cleaner, than doing it by hand. Especially when it comes to getting underneath the furniture. It can handle the transition, between thick mats, from hardwood floors, effortlessly.

So, the Eufy 11s is not the brightest of vacuum cleaners in certain areas! The name BOOSTIQ is more or less limited to its capacity to adjust pressure of different piles.

The only downside we really found with the Eufy, is that it will return to the charger dock, before cleaning all of, a larger house. The cleaning battery life of this robotic tool is around 100 minutes.

If you are the type that simply must have the Smartphone or Alexa link, then this is not for you. Without the functions of a smart phone, you will not be able to get the Eufy doing stuff whilst you are running an errand. If you are a tech-fan you might find you want more. Things like the flexibility of IFTT.

By definition of what is better:

Double the cost, or go for the clean?

If this robotic vacuum is as good as an old Dyson, where can you go wrong. Unless you are tech-head savvy of course. The BOOSTIQ Robovac 11s is quite simply where to place your money now! If you can forgo the Alexa and the Smartphone Apps, then I entirely agree that this is the robovac for you, too purchase.

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