Top Rated Hardwood Floor Cleaning Machines You Can Buy in 2021!

The choices are almost endless for Hardwood Floor Cleaning Machines right now, so it can be extremely difficult to pick the most suitable product. Hardwood floors can be so visually appealing when correctly washed and looked after, so it might be unknown to the lucky owner how to maintain the perfect hardwood floor. Follow this article to find out the absolutely essential tips and tricks for choosing the most effective cleaning machine for your gorgeous hardwood floor to make sure it shines and looks its best, providing your perfect home with the centrepiece it deserves.

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Best Cleaning Machines For your Hardwood Floor

These have been expertly recommended, rated highly and flying off the shelves at top online retailers such as Amazon.

BISSELL Spinwave

The BISSELL Spinwave Powered Hardwood Floor Mop and Cleaner, will safely provide hard floor surfaces with a thorough cleaning service. The Spinwave features soft touch pads, conveniently offering a gentle clean. Hardwood floor cleaners such as this Spinwave are an absolute bargain, being highly useful to make the floor in your home appear brand spanking new.

The main draw of the BISSEL Spinwave Hardwood Cleaner is a careful, intelligent function that lets you distribute the perfect quantity of detergent to the floor, avoiding the need to use both hands, one spraying and one handling the machine. A great feature that is in-built to the system and makes housework fast and easy. The scrubbing appendage buffs hardwood floors to restore them to their former glory. A quick flick through the reviews will illustrate that many customers are satisfied with the BISSEL Spinwave. One review has it that assembly is complete in just over a minute and a half than 2 minute and even regular household chore haters were shocked to find the initial assembly and everyday usage so simple. A review writer married to a medical professional states that she is very discerning when it comes to a clean floor, and was astonished at how effective the BISSEL Spinwave was at removing every bit of grime across their home floors.

The Shark Sonic Duo

A cleaning machine designed for convenience with many functions, there’s a lot to say about the Shark Sonic Duo and impressively cleans carpets as well. Having an impressive delivery rate of a thousand scrubs within a minute and sporting a non-toxic detergent classified to be safely used around kids and pets, you’d be hard pushed to find a better solution to polish, clean, and spot remove stains right now. It includes microfiber Washable Pads that are specifically engineered to be compatible with hardwood floors. The Sonic Shark Duo has the added function of special AirGlide versatility and has a nifty headlight function, enabling you to have a clear path of the floor route no matter the lighting. A complete housework package, it includes dual modes for scrubbing, bringing you the freedom to switch up the technique for your specific floorcare requirements.

The Shark Sonic Duo can accomplish a luscious, streakfree effect for your floors without any dull excess.

The Gladwell Cordless Electric Mop

The Gladwell Cordless Electric Mop fantastically cleans wood floors and is phenomenally simple to get working! Sporting a characterful aesthetic that gets rid of cables providing you with a great ease of use. It includes an all-day rechargeable lithium-ion battery with a convenient 180 degree rotating handle, there is every opportunity to service your home’s space quickly and simply. The Gladwell Cordless Electric Mop has various setting levels and unique modes, offering speedy, tailored utility. It has energy efficient and high-performance twin-spinning motors, so it comes as no surprise that this cleaner handles grime quicker and better than other options available in the market. The Gladwell Cordless Electric Mop has reputation of one of the better mops of hardwood flooring out there and has a lot of band for its buck. Equipped with a 1-year warranty, you can be confident Gladwell stands by their offerings.

Bissell Symphony Pet Steam Mop

4th on the chart is the Bissell Symphony Pet Steam Mop and SteamVacuum Cleaner 1543A for Hardwood and TileFloors, with MicrofiberMop Pads. Widely revered as one of the best-reviewed wood floor mops in the industry, Bissell has provided a product that understands customers with household pets. Pet-lovers worldwide can rest assured a portion of their spend will be donated to The Bissell Pet Foundation. It comes supplied with a patented spillproof container so that your clothes remain clean and the Symphony Pet Steam Mop by Bissel plies pet owners with disposable pads for particular animal incidents you’d prefer to not physically deal with, conveniently going in the bin as opposed to the washing machine. A feat of household engineering, there is a vacuum to pick up loose animal hairs, debris and the rest, marking it characteristically ingenious when stood next to other, lesser Hardwood Floor Cleaning Machines. A floor mop that will help you scrub the most persistent marks whilst leaving your floor to sparkles. Pet-owners have left consistently resounding good reviews, many having concerns that large collections of debris hair on the floor wouldn’t be handled at all well by the Symphony Mop. They were shocked to discover the high performance of the Symphony, leaving nothing in its wake. The Bissel Symphony PetSteam mop is a marvellous steam mop for hardwood floors and is astonishing value for money. Make your floor gleam and shine with the Bissel Symphony Pet Steam Mop.

Things you should know before Buy a Hardwood Floor Cleaning Machine:

✅Every machine is different, take your time to evaluate online reviews when deciding your options.

✅It bears some importance that you read up a bit about the differences between regular Hardwood Floor Cleaners and Hardwood Floor Steamers. They are both different products entirely and a poor choice may dramatically and permanently alter the wood flooring at home.

✅Floors must be kept free of excess grime and debris prior to getting your  Hardwood Floor Cleaner out of storage. They aren’t designed to handle huge clumps or giant spillages.

✅There are a lot of inexpensive all-in-one detergents that have been found to harm hardwood flooring. It may come as a shock when you find the damaging culprits. Make sure you read up on the most suitable cleaning solution for your specific floor.

Hardwood Floor Cleaning Tips & Advice

It can be daunting and confusing with a basic Google search. When your flooring gives a pale-white veneer, the color is damaged or the wood warps, it could be crucial that your information is sourced from someone or something reliable and trustworthy. You can potentially trust the manufacturer of the product you have purchased. All products have different features and designs, so it could be unwise to take advice from the first wood flooring website you find. When you’re unsure who manufactures your flooring, there are a couple of basic cleaning hints to pull you through.

  1. Despite popular knowledge or opinion vinegar can be bad for wood flooring. Actually vinegar’s acidic level may discolor the flooring, and may lead to an abrasive etch on wood’s surfaces.
  2. Don’t buy any solutions that have abrasive chemicals in their ingredients for similar reasons to number 1. Also avoid using a brush or cloth that has an abrasive property.
  3. Common household cleaning solutions, particularly with ingredients such as ammonia or bleach, are incredibly unwise to use. A shock to some, a lot of big name brand wood polish is unfit to use too.

Make sure you’re aware that floor polish and furniture polish are totally different products with different ingredients, and if you’re unsure check the packaging. The majority of today’s wood flooring  doesn’t require polish. They should retain their natural bright appearance if you wash them thoroughly and regularly. Regular wipe-downs with soft cloths or soft brushes in the places you foot the most can do wonders. Maybe the major takeaway when it comes to clean is that keeping your floor dry prevents it from warping. Mops should be wrought out fully, and hotter water should be used to ensure fast evaporation. Leaving large pockets of liquid on flooring will ultimately damage it, wood or not. Ensuring your floor dries as quickly as possible lessens the potential for warping wood (and ultimately having to inconveniently replace your damaged flooring).

The National Wood Floor Association explicitly decries and denounces the use of steam cleaners, despite their growing popularity on hardwood floors. “The use of steam or liquid excess will damage wood and laminated flooring.”

And similar sentiments are shared by the World Floor Covering Association: “We aren’t able to locate a company that manufactures either laminate floors or hardwood floorings that suggests using steam cleaners on their products.”

How to use your Hardwood Floor Cleaning Machine

Preparation takes effort, and the task at hand will be quicker and simpler when time has been taken to make sure all possible obstacles on your flooring is removed. If you’re fit and able, relocate the rug and any loose furniture to different parts of the house. Don’t forget to be safe when you lift anything of a heavy weight. Coasters, spare rugs as well as blankets can bring furniture from one location to the next, and will reward you with its safety and simplicity. It will also offer a serious level of protection to not only your beautiful household furniture, but to your spotless, shining wood flooring. If you aren’t physically able to lift all obstacles from the area, we suggest leaving unmoved furniture to one end of the area. Keeping high traffic areas clean regularly may mean that you won’t have to move every piece of furniture on every occasion.

The next stage involves removing large quantities of dust and debris from the flooring. This is where dust mops and vacuum cleaners come in handy. Make sure coagulated dust and grit hasn’t accumulated on your mop or vacuum cleaner appendages, as these will surely scratch and scuff your beautiful wood flooring. If you are using the traditional broom and dustpan and brush method, ensure you sweep along the grain of your wood flooring to efficiently gather the maximum amount of dust and debris, and minimise any scratching to the floor.

Finally we can pull out the machine from storage. Ensure you fully scan and take in the Instruction manual on the packaging if you have taken the time to purchase universal detergent solution. Cleaning solution concentrates need to be diluted properly. Anxious of dulling or discoloration? Try working on a low traffic area first, or part of the floor that is usually covered with furniture. Simply apply the spray function, available on most mainstream models.  A lateral figure-eight technique is suggest to be employed when wiping with the cleaner. Make sure to spray a manageable portion of the floor at any one time. Don’t forget it is ideal to keep the floor as dry as possible for as long as possible. Any residual excess liquid can be absorbed with a soft mop or dry cloth.

A lot of places online offer quick, low-energy solutions to rejuvenate your wood flooring. We have found that the best practice involves regular and careful routine cleaning using the correct products. Making a wise investment in a high quality Hardwood Floor Cleaning Machine may help make this laborious and repetitive task a quick and simple joy.


Hardwood floors are not only an aesthetic wonder to behold, offering warmth and homeliness to any house, but they offer sustainability with a low carbon footprint, when you ensure your wood is sourced from a responsible and sustainable logging firm. Make your home truly yours. Be the Master of the House with a Hardwood Floor Cleaner Machine, today!