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Hoover ONEPWR Blade MAX – A True High Performance Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

Hoover ONEPWR Blade MAX High Performance Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner, Lightweight, for Pets, BH53350, Black
  • HIGH PERFORMANCE DIGITAL MOTOR: Efficiently tackles tough messes with maximum power
  • CORDLESS: Delivers cord-free convenience powered by the removable and rechargeable ONEPWR Battery
  • DUAL CYCLONIC DUSTVAULT TECHNOLOGY: Captures 99% of dust and fine particles with No Loss of Suction for continuous cleaning
  • MULTI-SURFACE BRUSH ROLL: Engineered for optimal cleaning performance on carpet and hard floors
  • MICROFIBER HARD FLOOR NOZZLE: Captures dust and large debris with the soft microfiber roller

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My home has two dogs who shed like crazy, and the Hoover ONEPWR Blade MAX has made cleaning up after them so much easier. I don’t like chores, but who does really? Luckily, the Blade MAX cordless vacuum cuts short the amount of time that I need to spend cleaning. The easy transition from tiles to carpet, not to mention the brushes and nozzles that help clean sofas and chairs, makes swooping up the hair a breath of fresh air.

The fact that the Blade MAX vacuum has interchangeable batteries allows it to remain cordless, so now I don’t have the hassle of messing with outlets and wires whenever I am changing rooms. This is especially nice given my home wasn’t wired that well so some of the outlets are a real pain to work with. Now, the battery lasts more than long enough to get my work done without worrying about the transition. And on the rare occasion it doesn’t, switching power-sources is an easy process, as is recharging the spent battery.

Innovation is the mark of the Hoover vacuum cleaner machine, as it works with other ONEPWR systems. The nine cord-free, high-performance cleaning products share the same Lithium-Ion batteries to increase the possible runtime of each product. This seamless integration of power sources and products is what I’ve been looking for to further ease the burden that cleaning a home can be.

But the Hoover Blade MAX is not only functional; it has a sleek design as well. The amount of space it takes up when not in use is negligible, providing easy storage. Perfect, since I don’t have a ton of extra space in which to store my cleaning products. It is also a sturdy machine, able to be used frequently and without showing signs of wear and tear. I also like that the Blade MAX is not a clunky machine, but rather one that can get into tight corners and underneath furniture.

The Blade MAX is an easy-to use machine that provides excellent results. Dumping the dust and hair that it picks up is simple, and the fact that it is lightweight means bringing it anywhere in the home is not a problem.

That’s all great, but let’s talk about the technology of Hoover ONEPWR Blade MAX:

As mentioned prior, the Blade MAX runs on a Lithium-Ion battery. This battery gives 45 minutes of power when it is fully charged. The charging time for the battery is just under 3.5 hours, a reasonable amount of time if you ask me.

There is a microfiber roll that can deal with both dust and larger debris, as well as a multi-surface brushroll cleaning head. The brushroll cleaning head has a 9.5” cleaning path, as well as a ‘Dusttracker’ LED headlight. Between the two, considerable swaths can be cleaned at a time, and the headlight ensures that you can see what you are picking up, even in shadowed or dark spaces.

There is a Dual Cyclonic Dustvault Technology that captures 99% dust and fine particles. This is consistent throughout the cleaning process and can be attributed to the vacuum’s excellent suction capacity.

It is also possible to get a deep carpet cleaning through the Carpet and ECO modes that are included on the vacuum. It is easy to switch over to either of them and affords a more thorough cleaning experience for the difficult messes. The Blade MAX comes with a removable dirt cup, so emptying the dirt and debris is easy and quickly done.

At 7 pounds, it is a fairly lightweight vacuum cleaner machine, easily transportable, and can transform into a handheld mode. The handheld mode includes an ergonomically designed comfort grip handle so that you have the best experience possible while cleaning. The cordless nature of the vacuum combined with the aforementioned light weight and handheld mode makes it simple to move quickly through the home.

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What’s in the box?

With your purchase you not only get a cordless stick vacuum but much more as well, such as a ONEPWR 4.9 Ah Battery and accompanying Charger.

It also comes with individually designed cleaning tools, including a Dusting Brush, Crevice Tool, Upholstery Tool, Motorized Pet Tool, and Microfiber Hard Floor Nozzle. These many options help provide a customized cleaning experience.

One of the best guarantees, in my opinion, is that the vacuum comes with a three-year motor warranty. It is such a nice assurance of the quality being promised. The vacuum and its various parts are accompanied by a User Manual that lets you know how to best optimize use of the machine.

Is the Hoover Blade MAX right for You?

When I began my Hoover ONEPWR Blade review, one of the things that immediately stood out was that Hoover is a quality brand. There is a dependability associated with the vacuum, and it pulls through on the promises inherent in the brand name.

Another thing that I like about the Blade MAX is that it is easily portable—both because it is cordless as well as because of how light it is. At only seven pounds, it is very possible to carry it up and down stairways, or even outside if need be. I appreciate that there are no wires to possibly trip over (since I am truly a klutz) and that it doesn’t weigh very much so I can focus on my footing instead. Because of the ease of transport, the versatility of the product really shines through which is a huge plus.

Despite what the lightweight and small size might indicate, it also has a very solid suction. The fact that I don’t half to worry about hard debris while I am focusing on the soft debris, like the dog hair that is a constant presence, makes cleaning the home a lot faster. It can get into the corners of walls and under furniture as well, making cleaning up a breeze. The stick-cleaning machine is one of the best on the market, which means you know that it is doing quality work in your home.

The handheld mode I appreciate greatly. The problem with dust is that it gets everywhere—even on cushions and on top of ceiling fan blades. The handheld mode makes it simple to have a focused clean on areas that need it. Mess is also prevented due to the removable dirt cup, which eliminates any dust falling out of the container on the way to the trash can. Nothing is worse than having to re-clean a section of the home that was just done, and with the Blade MAX, that’s a worry of the past.

Only a few things stick out in the negative. Though I have no problems with the battery life, it does only last 45 minutes. For someone that wants to do an extensive clean, or has a lot of ground to cover, that could be a problem.

It is also a bit loud for its size. Though I appreciate the size itself, I was running under the assumption that it would be on the quieter side due to how compact it is. It’s not really a huge deal, but if loud noises bother you, this could be an annoyance. I think it is worth it though for the abilities that I am getting in return.


The vacuum can be used both on any kind of surface—carpets, hardwood floors, tiles and more. It smoothly glides across any kind of floor to pick up both soft and hard debris easily. With its 99% pick-up rate, nothing is left. The way it can reach into any crevice or small space lends to its versatility.


Can the battery be replaced?

– This product works with any other ONEPWR product battery source. They are interchangeable as long as they are charged. The Blade Max comes with a 4.0 Ah battery, as well as a Charger.

Can the vacuum get under furniture?

-Yes! It can lay flat and get underneath furniture. Recommended article for you: Best vacuum cleaner for your Furniture

Does the vacuum have a warranty?

-Yes! It has a 3-year warranty.

Can the blade max vacuum wet messes as well?

-While there is another ONEPWR product that focuses on wet messes, the Blade MAX focuses on dry debris instead.

Is there a difference between the Blade plus and this vacuum?

-The Blade MAX has greater suction due to the High-Performance Digital Motor. It also comes with a Microfiber Hard Floor Nozzle that concentrates on hard debris, and a Motorized Pet Tool that focuses on collecting pet hair.

Does this come with any upgrades from a regular version?

-The Blade MAX has extra attachments for different types of cleaning surfaces, an ECO mode, and a microfiber brush roll that can detach.

What does ECO mode do?

-ECO mode gives a little less suction, but in exchange the battery life lasts longer. The change in the power of suction has little effect on the effectiveness of the cleaning, still working well on any type of flooring.


My Opinion

This vacuum has made my life so much easier. The battery life is a negligible concern, and the ease with which I can clean all the hard-to-reach areas in my home more than makes up for concern. I am so happy to have included this in the home, the pick-up rate and simple-to-remove container give me more time to do other things. It is definitely worth it to buy the Hoover ONEPWR Blade MAX!