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How to Clean Bleach Stains Off Tiles?

Uncleanable bleach stains are a common problem that most homeowners deal with. You can clean normal stains easily. But when it comes to cleaning bleach stains, you will need a proper cleaning method. So, that is why today we will talk about how to clean bleach stains off tiles.

For example, if you have a ceramic tile floor in your house, these bleach stains will make your tile floor very ugly. So, it is crucial to prevent and clean these bleach stains. First, we are going to talk about prevention.


It is always better if you can prevent bleach stains. This is much more helpful tactic than cleaning. If you are dealing with bleach stains, proper containment and proper ventilation are very important. These two factors will prevent bleach stains to a great extent.

Sometimes bleach stains can occur when you are trying to clean with a bleach solution. For example, you should always use three parts of the water for one part of bleach whenever you clean ceramic tiles.

Whenever bleach stains occur, you should act quickly. That way you will save a lot of money and time. Also, it is much easier to clean a small number of bleach stains than a significant amount.

How to Clean Bleach Stains Off Tiles?

In this section, we will talk about the few ways to clean this bleach stains efficiently. You can use household cleaners or natural solutions. Depending on the requirement, you can pick a method that is most suited for you.

Cleaning with Natural Solutions

Cleaning with a natural solution is the best way. It will cost less, suitable for your tiles, and good for the environment.

Method 01 – Using Club Soda

Using club soda is the easiest and inexpensive way. First, pour some club soda on the bleach stains. Let the club soda stay on the floor for at least 5 minutes. You will have to wait until the chemical reaction is over. Club soda will lift the bleach stains from the surface. Then wipe the club soda from the floor. Use a sponge to scrub the surface.

Method 02 – Using White Vinegar

White vinegar can break down bleach stains very efficiently. You will need white vinegar, a spray bottle, warm water, a scrub brush, a clean towel.

Add four parts of warm water to one part of white vinegar. This procedure should be done in a spray bottle. Now spray the mixture on the bleach stains. Then after five minutes, you can start the cleaning process. Use a grout/scrub brush to scrub the bleach stains. When scrubbing, you can see the separation of the excessive bleach stains from the tiles. This method is handy and will work on most of the tile types. Also, don’t forget to clean the tiled floor with some clean water. Then dry the surface with a clean towel.

Method 03 – Using Baking Soda

You will need baking soda, warm water, a scrub brush, a clean towel, and a container for this method.

First, mix three-part of baking soda into one part of warm water in the container. This will create a thick paste. Stir the mixture properly and apply the paste to the bleach stains. Use the grout brush or the scrub brush for this process. Wait five minutes. After five minutes, you can start the scrubbing process. Use the grout brush or scrub brush for scrubbing. Always use a circular motion for scrubbing. Clean the dissolved bleach stains and baking soda paste from the surface. Now rinse the whole area. This will remove any leftover bleach stains and baking soda paste. Use a clean towel to dry the tiles.

Method 04 – Using Lemon Juice

You will need lemon juice, a spray bottle, a scrub brush, a clean towel, and cool water for this process.

First, fill the spray bottle with lemon juice. Now spray the lemon juice on the bleach stains. Let the lemon juice react with the bleach stains. This will lift the stains considerably. Then scrub the surface using a scrub brush. If you don’t have a scrub brush, you can use an old toothbrush. Now rinse the tile surface and dry it using a clean towel.

Cleaning with Household Cleaners

Using a household cleaner can be a little expensive and time-consuming. But, these cleaners are very effective. The following methods are most suitable for cleaning a large number of bleach stains.

Method 01 – Cleaning with Hydrogen Peroxide

In this process, remember to wear protective gear. Whenever you are using hydrogen peroxide, you should be very careful.

Materials – Hydrogen peroxide, a spray bottle, grout brush or scrub brush, a small bowl, a clean towel, and warm water

First, wear protective gear like rubber gloves and safety goggles. And open the windows and doors in the cleaning area. As we pointed out earlier proper ventilation is required while cleaning. Fill the spray bottle with hydrogen peroxide. Spray the hydrogen peroxide on the bleach stains. Let the Hydrogen peroxide react to the bleach stains. Wait at least 15 minutes. Now start the scrubbing process. Use a scrub brush or an old toothbrush for this. After scrubbing all the bleach stains, rinse the surface with warm water. Then dry the tiles using a clean towel. If needed, repeat the last two steps.

Note – If you are uncomfortable with using only hydrogen peroxide, you can add some warm water. Add three parts of warm water to one part of hydrogen peroxide.

Method 02 – Cleaning with Scouring Powder

First, mix the scouring powder and warm water. Stir the mixture until it forms a paste, and apply the paste on the bleach stains. Wait at least five minutes. After five minutes, you can start the scrubbing process. Finally, rinse the surface and dry it with a clean towel.

Final Thoughts

We hope that you can get a good idea about how to clean bleach stains off tiles from the above section. Always remember to clean the bleach stains before they spread broadly.