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How to Clean Tile Grout Professionally [A Practical Guide]

How to clean tile groutAre you facing a problem with tiles grout cleaning? Then you came to the right place. Today we’ll show you how to clean tile grout professional way.

while tiles give waterproof and easy to clean floor and wall surfaces, it’s a universal truth that we all struggle with keeping them clean over time.

If we look closely grout lines are the spaces and depressed areas between tiles that usually act like a sponge and accumulate dirt in it over time. We spill all kinds of things on our floors especially liquids like tea, coffee, and beverages, kids and pets are messing up the floor all the time, foods and oils that fell on the ground, and dirty shoes from outside and whatnot. That is why we all do the cleaning. Right?

But normal regular cleaning is not enough for cleaning the grout. Because as we do regular vacuum and mope cleaning the tiny dirt particles pushed further down, making the dirt stick to the grout more firmly. And as dirty places are favorite places for the germs to grow that makes them not only looking darker and unclean but stingy and smelly as well.

So, what more we need to do? Here are few amazingly effective remedies to clean grout on tile floors and tiled walls.

Safety Precautions 

Safety Precautions for cleaning tile grout

  • It’s good and safe to wear hand gloves before working with any remedy because it usually involves strong chemicals.
  • You can wear a mask as well if you feel strong fumes of some products or if you already have some respiratory issues.
  • Make sure the area is well ventilated to avoid suffocation due to fumes and chemicals in the cleaning materials (open a window or exhaust fan).

Clean grout on tile floors with hydrogen peroxide and baking soda

clean grout on tile floors with hydrogen peroxide

  • First, vacuum or wipe the area to make it free from the trash.
  • You can mix both baking soda and hydrogen peroxide and make a paste-like consistency.
  • Apply it to the grout lines and leave for few minutes then use brush to scrub the grout areas and then just wipe it with any old kitchen towel because it will make the cleaning easier afterward by moping the surface.

Hydrogen peroxide is non-toxic therefore it is safer to use instead of bleach.

Clean kitchen tile grout with baking soda, vinegar, and dishwashing liquid

You can use baking soda two spoon mixed in a half glass water and put some vinegar approximately a quarter cup into the mixture and few drops of dishwashing liquid to make it convenient to work on grout lines.

  • Clean the surface with before applying this mixture.
  • Apply this mixture on grout lines and leave for few minutes.
  • Use a firm bristle brush and scrub the surface.
  • Wipe the dirt with any cloth piece and then mope it to get fine clean look.
  • You can repeat this procedure if needed.

Clean floor grout without scrubbing

If you don’t want to do scrubbing with a brush or grout cleaning scrubber, here is another remedy for you.

  • Again, cleaning the surface by vacuum first and take any surface cleaner spray.
  • Spray the grout area leave for few minutes and just wipe it with a cloth piece dipped in warm water.
  • You can mope the whole area afterward to give it more even and nicer finishing.
  • You may need to repeat the producer if you think grouts are not fully cleaned.

Clean bathroom/shower grout

The shower grouts are usually more greasy and darker which makes them very difficult to clean and it makes the bathroom looks unclean even if you clean it every day. But don’t worry you can do it.

  • You need a toilet bowl cleaner for this purpose because they are usually stronger in effect.
  • Just pour the cleaner along grout lines lavishly and cover the darker lines where your bathtub is placed with a wall or where the floor lines meet the wall lines (these are the areas with most dirt accumulated in them) and cover them with toilet paper so that the cleaner stays there and work properly.
  • Leave it for 30 minutes to 1 hour.
  • Then use a firm bristle, cleaning brush / hommit spin scrubber, and scrub the area with it. When you are done pour the bucket of warm water over all the walls and moldy areas.

You will see a huge difference believe me.

Professional ways of cleaning grout

These were few remedies mostly for home use and for low budget but if you are a professional cleaner or can pay more for grout cleaning, you can use the following remedies:

Grout ease products

There are a lot of grout easing/cleaning products available in the market.

  • Use any of them on a vacuum-cleaned surface, along the grout lines, no need to put them all over the tiles.
  • Leave it for few minutes or as indicated on the product.
  • You can use a brush attached to a poll instead of putting your hands and knees down.
  • Scrub the grout lines well and wipe out the dirt with a cloth first and then mope the whole area for an even look.

These products usually are stronger and have acid and grease cutter properties making them ideal and convenient to apply products. So, they are best to be used where ordinary products and home remedies don’t work.

Clean floor tile grout with steam

For cleaning white grout lines or others that have turned darker and darker over the years, the best product is a handheld steam cleaner. They are highly effective in removing dirt and grime leaving the floor looking fresher and much cleaner.

This is a one-time investment, you can buy a steam cleaner and it will be used for years to come, not only for grout cleaning but also for cleaning other areas as well like sinks, stoves, refrigerators, kitchen, and whatnot.

As steam cleaner use just water to make steam and clean things, it is free from all kind of chemicals and fumes. So, they are very user friendly and environment friendly as well.

Seal the grout lines

Seal the grout when they are super clean, to make future cleaning much easier. There are grout sealing products available in the market. As fools get dirty right after you are done cleaning them. By sealing you will make them waterproof, so everything that falls on them will just sit on the top and you can just clean it with mope or vacuum without harming the grout.

Lastly “prevention is better than cure”.

  • Regular cleaning of tiled areas will make them easier to clean without extensive grout cleaning, than if we just leave them unattended for years.
  • Try to clean the bathrooms with a simple soapy sponge every time you use them.
  • Remove anything that has fallen on the tiles immediately, so it won’t get dried and stuck in the grout lines and prevent discoloration of the floor.

I hope now you have few choices to begin your grout cleaning. Don’t let the things grow on you just start with something, experiment with different methods, and make this a fun activity instead of a huge cleaning project. Because you already know how to clean tile grout, right?