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Your Easy Guide to Installing Brand New Laminate Flooring

So, you’re embarking on a new mission to install your very own new flooring in your new or even older home. You are truly embarking on an awesome journey and with an easy how-to guide with simple user-friendly steps to follow your laminate floor dreams can quickly become a reality in your home. This is a totally possible and achievable endeavor that if you follow simple instructions you can definitely be successful at it! You have dreams of new laminate flooring in your home sparkling with shine and luster and you are now ready to make that dream a total reality through an impressive do-it-yourself method. By following these simple instructions your dreams can now truly become your reality!

Step 1: You will want to do a cleansing and removal of old furniture from the room in which you are wishing to install the new floor. You will do a cleansing sweep and removal of furniture from the room to make yourself a brand new palette ready to be floored. Removing all furniture from the room will allow you to visualize the new space with the new flooring installed. If the room was previously carpeted you are going to want to remove all of that old undesirable carpet by removing the tack strips on the carpet and pulling up all old carpet. You are closer than you think to a whole new flooring reality. This is a basic and important step as we move closer to new floors!

Next you will want to do a self conducted test for moisture in the concrete of the floor before moving forward. This will ensure the best quality flooring installation process moving forward. You can do this by conducting a simple mat test on the floor. Now, we are getting closer and closer to the fun part of the whole flooring endeavor! It is now time to personally pick out your favorite and most desirable flooring choices and options on the market. Which floor look suits you most? There are many diverse products on the market to choose from and you can easily visit any home improvement store or Amazon to check out all of the different various looks and options to choose from. You will want to keep in mind the tones and colors of your home and choose a flooring option that best highlights and accents those tones and colors and the overall look and feel of the home in general. There is the hardwood look amongst various other types of looks to suit your specific flooring desires. There are options sure to fit your budget as well as laminate flooring can prove to be cost effective if chosen properly.

Now, once you have chosen the perfect flooring for your needs you are going to want to arrange and acclimate the planks to your concrete floor. You are basically getting everything ready and in place to be installed at this point and we are getting closer and closer to our desired result! All laminate flooring will come with specific installation instructions that should be rather easy and straightforward to follow if interpreted properly and accurately. Follow these instructions precisely and be sure not to miss a step and you will be well on your way to a new and perfect floor! Now it’s time to take a closer look at the laminate planks to ensure the highest quality planks and flooring pieces. Ensure everything is intact through a careful and thorough inspection of the planks and you are on your way to a quality floor. If any defects are found make sure that those pieces are replaced.

Now it’s time to lay the foundation for the planks. Let’s roll out, cut and install the laminate flooring underlayment for a solid foundation for the floor. This can be an intricate process and step but completely necessary for a successful installation process. Now it is time to lay out all of the planks and do the locking system and get ready to install. You can at this point measure, mark and cut your planks to precision for an accurate floor covering process. We are so close to being finished as we wind up the process with our final steps. It is important to note that all steps require detail, precision and precise accuracy in order to ensure that the next step following it is able to be executed successfully.

Now it’s time to bring your process to the next and one of the most important steps in the entire process. You are going to want to glue with precision the planks. And you are going to want to clean up any excess glue if needed if there was any excess during the application process. Your floors at this point should be accurately assembled and glued down. You can now see at this time how all of your hard work and precise attention to detail has paid off as you can actually view the fruits of your labor and begin to see the final product at hand. You can see how every piece is accurately aligned and glued properly for a seamless and beautiful finish and a floor look that can’t be beat! You can now say goodbye to the days of old and used and worn looking carpet and enter a whole new era of flooring as you enjoy your new laminate flooring dreams in your home! You can now take the look of your home to a whole new level and impress friends, neighbors, family and relatives with your newly upgraded flooring feature of your dream home! Although you have officially finished the installation process there may be one more important to step to consider, follow and apply and that would be to apply silicone sealant in sensitive areas where moisture build up may be most likely to occur. These types of areas of the floor would include places where the refrigerator will be positioned, where sinks, toilets, baths and tubs will be positioned and placed. These are all sensitive target areas for moisture and moisture build up in the home and you are going to want to protect against damage to the newly laid flooring through applying a quality sealant to those areas of the laminate floor. Also an unknown area to apply sealant and one that may not have been suspected would be all entrances that lead to outside and the outdoors. These are also target areas for moisture build up in the home.

As you can see through following these simple yet calculated and precise steps anyone has the ability to accurately and effectively install laminate flooring to any area of their home! You can totally upgrade the entire look of your home through self-installing brand new laminate flooring to any or all rooms in your home for an expensive and classy look for all areas of the home. Your home’s look will never be the same and you are sure to be a laminate flooring convert the minute you see how newly laid laminate floors can brighten and add sparkle and class to any room in the home. Follow these steps today and make your home look entirely new and upgraded all with simple and easy to follow steps!

Also, After installing the laminate flooring you need to learn to take care of it to make it shiner & you need a laminate floor cleaner to clean the floor. These all things are making your home completely new & comfortable.