This iRobot Braava 380t can dry mop or damp mop all hard floors. It removes dust and dirt on a daily basis!

A Quick Overview of iRobot Braava 380t Robot Mop:

This is the Braava 380t and this tool can do a basic dry mop, but also wet mopping. It is the best hardwood floor cleaner machine, best mop for tile, best hardwood floor mop and best mop for laminate floors. It is the perfect tool to clean daily, the thin layers of hair, dust and dirt, for you to purchase here today. If you like to sweep your floors daily, then this is the must have tool of the best floor sweeper.

This robovac has two basic modes: dry mop and damp mop modes. It does not however, have a timer and needs to be switched on, such as when leaving the home or before bed-time. This robotic tool is a must have unit for all your daily cleaning of wooden, linoleum and stone and tile floors. If you want a home that is kept clean daily of dust, dirt and pet hair, look no further. This is the perfect tool to buy, so your look for the best floor sweeper is over.

The 380t can sweep hard floors for up to 4 hours. It can mop your floors for 2.5 hours before the battery runs low. It can easily run for this time to cover 1,000 Sq ft in sweeping mode and 350 Sq ft in mopping mode.

The iRobot does not self-charge when the battery runs low. It does however return to its docking unit. The battery is quick to recharge in just 4 hours. You can also buy a special turbo-charger that does the job in a speedy 2 hours.

Do not expect this iRobot to clean a major mess or an over-filthy floor. It is not a vacuum, so has limited heavy duty usage. It is designed for the daily uses of cleaning. This is a tool designed to be a quick and very effective daily cleaner of your hard floors. If you are looking to get rid of a daily chore, then this iRobot 380t is the prefect answer for your lifestyle.

What’s included

The Braava 380t comes with reusable microfilter cloth pads, charging adapter and a navigation cube. These cloth pads are totally reusable and can be washed by hand or in the washing machine.

The main body is where the internal parts are stored. On its plush top are the control buttons, a navigation indicator and sensor. A very handy carry handle is located at the back of it. Its bumper and removable cleaning pad is located on the front of the tool.

Running lights

The power button is pressed to turn the robotic tool on. The power button also changes colour, to let you know the state of the battery.

The button that has the broom symbol on it, is the sweep mode. Press, just once, to start the iRobot, when a dry cloth is attached. This will set the versatile robotic tool into a daily cleaning action of your home. The constant blue colour indicates it is in operation, whilst the light flashing indicates a pause.

The water drop symbol is for the mop mode of the robotic tool. The light indication is just the same when constant and flashing.

The navigation lights are located below these buttons. A connection is being established when they are flashing. A constant blue light indicates that the signal is established.

This iRobot vacuum cleaner has a four-star rating out of five for its quiet and low profile by our purchasers. This quietude will help if you have a jittery pet. Although not specifically designed for large amounts of pet hair, you will be surprised by, just how much it can actually consume.

The navigation cube

The NorthStar navigation cube is a beacon that signals the iRobot. This helps create a map of the current cleaning area. However, this map is unique to the current cleaning area. It will keep cleaning in the general area of the cube. You can, if you want, use multiple navigation cubes. This extends the effective ranges of this cleaning robotic tool, as it moves from one cube to the one in the next room.


You need to think carefully when you buy this device. Many of the purchasers found that using it once a week, just didn’t work, unlike with a mop and bucket! No, this device needs to be used daily. It will get your hard floors spotless, but it must be used daily. If you dread the weekend mopping with a bucket and sopping mop, then please save yourself the effort and purchase this iRobot 380t today. By using the iRobot you are resetting the ghastly chore, to an overnight cleansing, that will reveal itself to you every morning. It gets under the furniture, where you may have a natural dread to clean!

If you have allergies to dust, then many of the users in this condition find that using it daily reduces symptoms.

Although the iRobot Braava 380t does not completely remove this chore, where larger and messy stains are concerned, it does take away the job for the most-part. The dry mopping is superb for a daily job that keeps the floors free of harmful dust on delicate wood floors and tiles. Areas where daily dust and dirt can scratch the surface.

The iRobot is quiet while sweeping and mopping and will be okay to set overnight. The robotic mop will navigate around rooms and underneath most furniture, while avoiding most obstacles. It also avoids ledges and stairs.

All-in-all this iRobot 380t is an excellent purchase, for you to consider buying now. It has an excellent all-round cleaning action of all types of hard floor, other than unsealed floors in damp mop action.

You’ll save yourself time and unnecessary grief with the mop and water bucket!