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Koblenz RM-1715 : An absolute beast of a industrial floor cleaning machine.

We usually only talk to you about various domestic cleaning machines, but this time we’re doing something a little different, we’re moving up a notch by delving into the world of the heavy-duty commercial floor cleaners by taking a look at the fantastic Koblenz RM-1715 Industrial Floor Machine.

The minute you see the RM-1715, you know it’s an absolute beast of a machine. It easily stands up to the toughest of tasks and delivers a reliable, professional-quality performance every time — manufactured maintaining the superior industrial standards needed to perform the heavy-duty functions of an industrial floor cleaning machine.

It is developed very much for the commercial and industrial space as opposed to the domestic house market. Weighing in at 85lbs the Koblenz RM-1715 is an industrial floor-cleaning machine that’s very much at the top of its game and can tackle the toughest of demanding floors with ease.

Koblenz RM-1715 Industrial Floor Machine
  • The koblenz heavy duty industrial floor machine is a durable floor cleaner with a 1.5 hp vibration free motor
  • 17-inch burnishing pad for a wide cleaning path
  • 3 year warranty on motor and all parts
  • 175 RPM brush speed

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Designed to power through the toughest of jobs

Designed and manufactured by Koblenz in the United States, the RM-1715 is an extremely durable, heavy-duty industrial floor machine that encapsulates the very best in today’s advanced floor cleaning technology.

This scrubber/buffer powers through the hardest of jobs without a hint of hesitation, engineered for rugged dependability, the RM-1715 has a build quality and functionality that meets the ever-increasing daily demands and rigors of commercial floor cleaning. Which includes;

Precision balanced triple planetary stainless steel gears assuring smooth transmissions of power to the pad driver while minimizing gear wear ensures a perfect user experience.

Free from vibrations, the cool running and consistent, 1.5 horsepower motor is designed to power a durable rotomolded chassis giving an incredible 175 RPM brush speed, making cleaning easy without requiring any extra force.

Safety standards are paramount on the RM-1715 build, and these include an enhanced interlocking auto cut off switch and locking mechanism that enables both left and right-hand control, all of which combine to the defense of managing errors.

The non-marking sealed double ball-bearing wheels protect the floor during cleaning – leaving no marks or patterns, while the full wrap-around bumper guard gives added protection against any scuffs or scrapes to walls, baseboards, and furniture.

A fully adjustable sleek adjustable chrome handle makes it easy for the operator to maneuver the machine without getting tired, combined with a 17-inch burnishing pad that is more generous in size than usual, this makes the act of cleaning more manageable and so much quicker.

The 50ft heavy-duty power cable means you can work efficiently and safely without the need to be continually changing position, which is ideal if you are a busy cleaning contractor.

And to give you that all-important peace of mind the RM-1715 comes with a standard three-year power train warranty and a one-year warranty on parts and labor.

The RM-1715 holds such high esteem in the commercial cleaning world that it continuously makes the list of the top 5 best cleaning machines around the globe.

The same machine for every job

The Innovation in the design and functionality of the Koblenz RM-1715 Industrial Floor Machine makes it possible to use just one machine for the cleaning and buffing of just about any type of flooring, from cement to natural wood to synthetic floor tiles, to laminates and carpets.

This machine offers a more hygienic alternative to traditional cleaning methods. It can clean messy, sticky floors or brings out the natural sheen of the flooring quickly and efficiently with a minimum of effort.

It ensures a completed job in much less time, and the floor should dry quicker, meaning less waiting time to resume normal activities, which is essential in a high foot traffic arena like a busy restaurant, school, or hospital.

For us, the RM-1715 is a floor buffing/scrubbing machine to be trusted entirely to do the job in hand; we believe it’s the best in class in so many areas, including; the best commercial tile and grout cleaner.  The best cleaning machine for removing embedded dirt and grime from hardwood floors. The best for cleaning tile & grout, the perfect for buffing all types of smooth laminates. And undoubtedly it’s one of the best to scrub and clean all types of carpeting.

Used in conjunction with environmentally safe soaps and cleaning fluids, the pads or brushes on the RM- 1715 use a circular motion to agitate a clean solution against floors to release the soils.

Their design helps with a reduced water system and to save the number of chemicals released into the environment as well as the amount of gray water produced. The specially designed shampoo brush cleans carpets with shampoo foam or dry powder without soaking or damage to the carpet. Few cases, this machine is an alternative to a carpet shampooer.

Brush and pad maintenance

The RM-1715 offers a large selection of brushes and pads capable of dealing with even the toughest of jobs, and like everything else about the RM-1715, brush and pad cleaning maintenance is pretty straightforward. You clean brushes and pads with warm soapy water – never hot water. Shake and then let dry over paper towels with bristles facing down, and they’ll be perfect and ready for use every time.

Is the Koblenz RM-1715 Industrial Floor Machine right for you?

There is no doubt that if you are the owner or manager of a large commercial or retail space that sees high daily foot traffic or an abundance of dirt and grease like an industrial kitchen, then this is undoubtedly the machine to suit your everyday needs.

It’s also a great fit for contractors who must have a versatile floor scrubber/buffer that is affordable and quiet. Who needs a machine to revitalize bare floors by stripping, cleaning, buffing, or polishing, and requires a durable multi-purpose cleaning machine that will power its way through any job – large or small.

However, if you’re the owner of a typically sized family house (mansions excluded), then such a machine is probably too big and cumbersome for use in the home.

With regards to the cons of this machine, the only thing we could find was the weight (we appreciate this is a necessary evil). But at a resounding 85lbs the RM-1715, it is one of the heavier models of floor machines, so lugging it up and down stairs or trying to load into the back of a van single-handedly might be challenging.


As expected, we shopped around to find the best price for the RM-1715, and Amazon came out on top, Current price Price not available. The second is a bundled offer that includes the machine with a pack of 5 Red 3M buffer pads. For everyday light scrubbing without dulling the finish or for spray buffing.  These pads clean when damp; buffs when dry.  Plus, a pack of 5 Black 3M stripper pads.  For use with water-based floor finish stripping solutions to remove old soiled floor finishes and sealers. These can also be used to clean heavily dirty surface floors, such as concrete when used with appropriate cleaning chemicals.
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The last word

In our estimation, the Koblenz RM-1715 Industrial Floor Machine is ‘the’ ultimate heavy-duty multi-purpose commercial floor machine made to last and perform to an exceptional standard that won’t let you down. It is an ideal everyday machine for both commercial and industrial business owners and independent floor contractors.

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I have a lot of marble and hardwood floors in my restaurant, is this machine the right choice to buy?
-The RM-1715 is the perfect choice for both of these floors and will clean both floors easily and quickly.

Is this type of machine hard to control, and is it easy to use?
-Ease of use is paramount to Koblenz, and the RM-1715 is no exception; the adjustable handle and extra-long power lead mean you have total control over the machine. However, you might need to practice a couple of times to get the handle in exactly the right position to be comfortable for you.

We have rubber floors in our gym that need to be continuously cleaned and polished. Is this the machine for the job?
Absolutely yes, select from the comprehensive choice of cleaning and buffing pads, and you’ll have a perfect floor every time.

Over several weekends we need to strip and rewax the common areas in a commercial office building is the machine up to the task?
-The RM-1715 is the perfect all-in-one workhorse to revitalize bare floors by stripping, cleaning, buffing, or polishing. So you should have no problems completing this job.

One of my guys accidentally split oil on our polished concrete workshop floor, and although it got mopped, there is still a slight stain. Would this machine clean without damaging the floor?
-Yes, it’s perfect for this type of job; perhaps try first with one of the Red 3M pads.

Are any pads and brushes included when I buy the machine?
-From what we understand, the answer is no, but you would need to check with the individual reseller at the time of purchasing the machine.

How much does the machine weigh?
-It comes in at 84 lbs. and is one of the heavier machines currently available in the industrial cleaner market.