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How to effectively and efficiently repair Laminate flooring

Enjoy the look of your new laminate floor and repair all damages pieces…It’s a simple process

Bright and new laminate flooring can truly be a joy and much needed upgrade to your home providing functionality, versatility and many other vast and unique options to your home’s décor and look etc. laminate floors can be a breeze to upkeep and maintenance can be minimal. With all of the positive pros in having a beautiful laminate floor there can be instances where the project has gone wrong or there may be defects or some damage done to laminate flooring due to daily wear and tear, accidents etc. It is good to know that all hope for beautiful and functional flooring is not lost because the flooring becomes damaged in some way. There are many effective ways to repair the damage to any laminate floor with the right steps and a precise and calculated process. Here, we will examine the best and most thorough way to repair any laminate flooring should these unfortunate instances of damage occur.

This is the most thorough and complete method and process when  attempting to repair your own laminate floor damages. First of all you will need to remove all baseboards. This will prep the flooring planks to be removed so that the damage can be repaired. Once the baseboards are removed in this first and primary step you will be able to get even closer to repairing your floor correctly. This could be a rather lengthy process depending on the size of the room and the area where the damage in the floor is. Before going to the next step I always suggest to use a best machine to clean your laminate floor daily to avoid damage.

Check out and thoroughly inspect the damaged pieces

Now you will want to locate the area of where the damage is. You will slowly want to remove the laminate flooring from that area until you have reached the damaged area. Depending on the size and intensity of the damage this will determine the length of time that it will take to repair the damage in the flooring. Removing the planks can take some effort but this is a critical and necessary step in the process of repairing your laminate floor and making it look brand new again! If the damaged area is rather small it is rather likely that you will only have to remove one or so planks depending on the location of the damage.

Let’s get prepped for our newly repaired floor and dispose of our old planks and get ready for the new!

Once you have located and targeted the damaged area and successfully and thoroughly removed the damaged planks you can dispose of those planks because now you will begin to install brand new planks. This seems to be the most effective tried and true method of repairing damage rather than fixing and trying to repair the old plank. It may be a bit more cost effective because of the fact that you are purchasing and entirely new plank it is certainly the most effective method overall for the process of repair. Once you have successfully removed the old planks you can take your new and identical matching plank pieces and install them into the floor according to the original installation method you used to first install your DIY flooring. Ensure in this step that the plank is properly and effectively glued down into the cement and that it is positioned correctly in reference to the rest of the flooring.

Let’s take a look and inspect our newly repaired flooring!

Now you can see that your damaged area has been removed and your flooring should look as good as new at this point and you are well on your way to a new look for your home. Make sure at this point to locate all damaged areas and replace those areas with brand new planks following the original process of installation. Depending on the damage to the plank this is the most tried and true method for many reasons because you are not purchasing an entire new floor, you are not attempting to fix the old planks. But rather all old planks are disposed of and new planks are added adding ease to the process of repair rather that attempting to fix the damages in the old planks whatever that damage may be.

It is highly unlikely that with the flooring choice of laminate flooring that there will be continual damages that occur. Laminate flooring is known to hold up to wear and tear rather well but you need not fret concerning a small, medium or larger sized damage to the flooring. This is a flooring type that can be easily repaired and reinstalled if damages occur because of everyday wear and tear or other reasons. Laminate flooring is a good choice for many reasons and the upkeep can be rather simple if instructions are followed correctly. Laminate flooring not only looks beautiful and can be compared to more expensive versions of hardwood flooring but it is considered one of the easiest to install, upkeep and maintain. It is also an initially cost effective choice costing much less than other similar flooring types.

Final steps now in progress! It’s time to re-install the baseboards!

Now, we are close to a completely repaired laminate floor. Next step in the process is to replace the baseboards or molding. This will be one of the last and final steps in the process of repairing. You may only need to replace a portion of the baseboards and not all baseboards entirely depending on the size of the area where the damage occurred and other factors. Once the baseboards are effectively replaced you can consider your DIY project of repairing your laminate flooring done! You will find that this is a quick, easy and simple process and also a process that will not likely need to be repeated to much over time as your laminate floor should hold up nicely through general wear and tear over the years in your home. You should feel proud that you are able to now enjoy completely damaged free flooring. After completing this process for the first time you can feel confident that should unfortunate damage ever occur again in your beautiful laminate flooring that you will be effectively able to handle it through this tried and tested process. All it takes is a little man or woman power and voila! Your floors can be made new again! It is important that through the years of enjoying your functional and beautiful laminate floor that you keep an eye out for damages that may occur in the flooring so you can effectively upkeep your flooring and keep it in tip top shape at all times. Early detection of damage can prevent further or more major damage from occurring. If the damage is in a small area of the plank catch it early so that the damage doesn’t continue to grow and grow into a larger problem to fix that may take more man power, effort and finances. Early detection of any minor damages in your laminate flooring can allow you to effectively fix the problem, replace the planks and be well on your way to enjoying your extraordinary laminate flooring in your home.

Once you have completed the process of repairing your flooring you will find that through installing brand new planks yourself you won’t even be able to detect that the damage ever occurred. Ensure proper following of repair instructions and you will find that this is a quick and easy process and definitely a task that can be done yourself without professional help.