Laminate Flooring vs. Hardwood Flooring- Pros and Cons

Laminate flooring an all in one guide

Laminate flooring is truly a great choice for your home’s flooring! There are many positive points of this type of flooring and it has many many advantages as opposed to other types of flooring choices. There are many important and noteworthy factors to consider when choosing a flooring type for your home. It is important to weigh all of these factors carefully and decide which factors are indeed most important to you and vital in your flooring choice and decision. You can choose between a more affordable flooring and forsake some other factors or you can go for durability and a long lasting factor and dish out a few more bucks. You can go for easy do it yourself installation which is becoming more and more popular in today’s do it yourself era or you can choose a floor and get a professional team of experts to help by dishing out a few more bucks. With all of these factors to consider and even more you are sure to come up with the flooring decision that is perfect for your home, there is no doubt, just choose carefully! Here we will explore all of the positive and negative points of two of the most popular flooring types laminate vs. hardwood. Here we go let’s get ready for our exciting flooring option journey!

Laminate flooring is truly a great choice of flooring in many vital and important aspects. An amazing aspect is that it’s actually imitates real and genuine hardwood flooring very closely and resembles it in look, feel and even durability. Laminate flooring is truly a budget conscious choice and can be much easier on your wallet and budget than genuine real hardwood flooring. This can be an attractive option if you are remodeling your entire home and need extra cash for other projects or other areas of your home, laminate flooring can help open up your budget for other items. If you are looking for a lower priced initial investment in flooring then laminate flooring may just be the flooring type for you!

Laminate flooring is also incredibly easy and simple to install and can even be installed on your own without the assistance of a professional or professional team and this can prove itself to be a very attractive option for do it yourself people. The installation process is so simple and all instructions for the installation are generally included with the laminate flooring purchase itself. The instructions are spelled out with simplicity generally and are given in a step by step format that can be followed by any person or team. The simple process usually is quite the same and consists of the same general steps for the flooring installation. First step is to either remove the old carpet or flooring or even keep it installed and install the new laminate floor directly on top of the old flooring. You can choose either way and this makes for ease of installation because of this option. It also takes much less work and effort if you leave the old flooring installed. Then you will do a clean sweep or clean of the old flooring or cement planks then you will directly install or glue the new laminate floor planks side by side on the floor and before you know it you will be installing the baseboards along the edges and voila! You have a brand new floor and brand new attractive look for your home!

Another attractive factor is that laminate flooring is actually quite durable in comparison to its hardwood counterpart. For less price you will get an extremely durable flooring option for the price that will hold up through the years. Laminate flooring is also incredibly easy to upkeep and clean. You will do a simple sweep or vacuum of the laminate floor by a top rated laminate floor cleaner and then apply a specifically made cleaning solution whether a home based solution of vinegar and water or a store bought version made specifically for laminate flooring. Then you will do  thorough shine of the floor with a specifically designed shining solution for the floor and there you have it, shiny new laminate floors!

Another Pro of laminate flooring you might not have thought of

One more pro of laminate flooring is that it is excellent and holds up well in high traffic areas of the home and can resist against tough spills, accidents and general damages. If something is spilled on a laminate floor it can be easily and quickly cleaned up and if an unsightly scratch appears from everyday wear and tear it can be easily fixed with the proper repair process.

Potential Cons of laminate floors

There are some potential cons of owning a brand new laminate floor. Because of its lower cost you may forsake some durability as compared to its solid hardwood counterpart. Hardwood generally is more durable than laminate and can last throughout the ages and stand up to a lot of wear and tear.

Laminate floors are also a little trickier to clean than hardwood and require a special type of cleaning solution and process as compared to hardwood. There are many more hardwood cleaners on the market than laminate floor cleaners and the process can be simpler and easier for hardwood and the results of the cleaning efforts can sometimes be considered better than with laminate flooring. You will also want to take into consideration the overall look and feel of laminate flooring as opposed to hardwood. Laminate has the potential to look more fake than genuine hardwood because it is made up of a mixture of materials with a small percentage of wood contained in the flooring. It will not loom as genuine and real as real hardwood.

Hardwood Flooring Pros and cons

Hardwood flooring has many attractive pros as opposed to its laminate counterpart. Hardwood definitely has a more genuine and real look as opposed to laminate. It is made of genuine real wood and this definitely shows and is noticed in this type of flooring option. And since it is pure hardwood the durability is obviously better and the floor will generally last longer throughout the ages and throughout the life of your home with minimal to no need of repair of damages, floor replacement, replacement of planks etc. This is a genuine flooring type that will be noticed for its natural, pure, authentic and genuine look as opposed to all other floor types that can appear more artificial or man made in comparison.

Hardwood is definitely a more expensive option and can be harder on your pocket book but if this is not as important of a factor then you should go for it because the pros far outweigh the cons and cost if cost is of no reference to you. This floor can be easily maintained in some aspects as there are many specifically made hardwood floor cleaners on the market and you will want to choose carefully and find cleaners made specifically for hardwood and this can be another pro because there are many hardwood floor cleaners on the market. It can be a floor that can be more costly and difficult to install as opposed to laminate but in my opinion the pros of this flooring typo such as durability, look etc. far outweigh the cons.