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Review of the McCulloch MC1375 Canister Steam Cleaner with 20 Accessories

The environment is not at its best these days with global warming and oil spills polluting our planet daily. Adding even more chemicals to the environment through cleaning can make it much worse in the future. That is why steam cleaning has become so popular in the last few years. There are a lot of steam-cleaning machines on the market today and the McCulloch MC1375 Canister Steam Cleaner is one of the best.

Why Is Steam Cleaning So Popular?

As we mentioned before, steam cleaning has become an alternative to using harsh chemicals in order to protect the environment. Not only is it 100% environmentally friendly, but it can destroy dirt and bacteria that even some of the strongest chemicals wouldn’t be able to handle.

Besides draining your bank account, chemicals take up a lot of space in your home that could be occupied by a portable steam cleaner that can be more helpful to you than those chemicals ever would. So, instead of constantly spending money to refill your cleaning cupboard, you can invest in these devices as a safe and convenient alternative.

Yes, it’s great for the environment, but that is not the only reason it is so popular today. The main reason is that you will not need to use dangerous chemicals around your family, friends, or pets. There are horror stories every year about children getting into the chemical cabinets. You never have to worry about that when you have a steam-cleaning machine.

Well, What Makes the McCulloch MC1375 So Great?

The first great advantage of this machine is that McCulloch are very good at delivering their products safely and in a timely fashion. It will be well packed and probably in a box that is quite a bit larger than the product itself, but that is just for safety reasons.

To start of with a bang, the McCulloch MC1375 comes with 20 included attachments and accessories for your machine. These accessories include an angled nozzle as well as a scrub pad to give you a versatile device capable of cleaning all the small corners of your home.

The tank can be filled with 48 oz. of regular tap water which will then take 10 minutes to heat up properly. Though it might not seem so, you can use this appliance to clean your house for up to 90 minutes at a time. You can use the 10-minute heat up time to prepare the area you want to steam, and that includes kicking everyone out and putting the animals outside.

The power cord measures in at 18ft. so you can reach every part of the room without changing wall sockets. Obviously if you move rooms you will have to change it for your safety and comfort, but you won’t have to do it more often than is needed. Another awesome feature of this steam-cleaning machine is that it has variable steam control so that you can adapt to the task at hand. You can also lock the steam for an uninterrupted flow for big pieces of furniture or floors.

Adding on to the list of reasons why the McCulloch MC1375 Canister Steam Cleaner is great, it comes with a 2-year warranty included in the very low price.

How Does This Convenient Machine Work?

By heating the water to 200°F, which is insanely hot, the steam that is produced can destroy 99.9% of germs and bacteria in and around your home. At 4 bar pressure with an adjustable flow, you can remove the toughest dirt and grime from almost any surface. The flow is easily adjusted by a control dial that is simple and convenient to use.

With the provided fill cup, you can easily fill the tank to 48 oz. meaning that you will not spend a lot of time refilling. With 90 minutes of continuous steam in your hands, you can clean more than 1 room or pieces of furniture with ease. The steam hose is insulated and long enough for you to get into hard to reach areas of your grill or even bathroom.

Is it Right for Me?

If you prioritize keeping your home clean and safe for your family, then yes, this machine is right for you. Besides being convenient and environmentally friendly, it requires only minimal effort on your part besides moving the hose around. You will take less time to spring clean more surfaces in your home with a steam cleaner. It’s one of the best tile & grout cleaning machine for home use during Covid-19.

It is also a great product to invest in for the long term because you will save a lot of money on chemicals you may have had to continuously replace. There are so many uses for the McCulloch MC1375 that you will always discover another reason you are thankful to have bought it.

Grills and outdoor furniture can be steamed to blast away grime and oil, and it can sanitize surfaces even if they aren’t visibly dirty. It can be used by any adult in the family, and yes, I do mean adult as this device is not safe for children to use.

Is it Affordable?

Yes, it is very affordable, and any people of all classes will be able to invest in it. If it seems pricey to you, you need to consider the fact that it comes with 20 attachments. Besides the accessories, you will save more money on chemicals than the machine is worth in many years to come.

If you are still having doubts, remember that the 2-year warranty will cover this device if anything goes wrong while you’re using it.

Final Verdict

McCulloch is a great and trustworthy brand that delivers quality appliances at a great price. This is not the only reason that this machine is recommended, but it does prove that the brand values its customers. It is versatile and will give you plenty of steam time to give your home a once over every few days.

Keep your family, friends, pets, and the environment safe with this chemical steam-cleaning machine this year and be the envy of all your chemical using friends.


  1. How many times will I have to refill the water tank?

With 48 oz. of water and 90 minutes of steam time, you will not have to refill the tank often. This means that you will probably need to refill the tank once every 80 to 100 minutes.

  1. What surfaces can I use the McCulloch MC1375 on?

You can use this machine on pretty much any surface including tile and grout, and furniture. It is also perfect for outdoor furniture, grills, kitchen appliances, bathrooms, boats, as well as most types of other flooring like laminate.

  1. Besides bacteria, what else can this machine kill?

You can rid yourself of bed bugs and dust mites using this steam-cleaning machine as well as the bacteria and germs that it can eradicate. Any unwanted guests in your house can be kicked out using the McCulloch MC1375.

  1. Can I use the McCulloch MC1375 around my home without endangering anyone?

All cleaning machines come with some sort of risk and in this case the risk is hot steam. It should go without saying that you should not steam around other people because you run the risk of burning them. Although it is safe to use, it is best that you clear the area before you start steaming.

  1. What is the best cleaning solution to use with this device?

Do not, and I repeat, do not add any chemicals to this machine. Not only can it damage the machine and your furniture, but heating chemicals to a high temperature like that has a lot of other risks. It is designed to be used without chemicals, so use it that way.