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How to Avoid the Damage : 6 Myths About Cleaning your Hardwood Floors That Are Untrue?

Hardwood flooring is one of the best investments that a homeowner can make and if cleaned properly by methods of a hardwood floor cleaner machine or spray mop, however, it is surprising how many myths there are out in the world about the cleaning and caring of hardwood floors. Thus, this article will alert you to some of the myths and why they are not true, allowing you to just concentrate on keeping your floors beautiful.

Just use a bucket of water and a mop to clean the floor

sounds sensible enough but wood and water are not a marriage made in heaven. The wood will absorb the water especially if they are not sealed properly. This will eventually cause the flooring to warp, crack, swell or splinter. Also mopping with water alone will not bring up all the dirt and will leave the floor looking dingy and old.

Just use vinegar and water to clean the floor

vinegar is a non-expensive substance that can be used to clean the house however it is not the best choice for cleaning hardwood floors. It is acidic which can wear away at the finish of the flooring, and when mixed with water it is not as effective as some neutral pH cleaners at bringing up dirt.

Use ammonia to clean the floors

in the same calibre ammonia is an age-old tested product that can be used for a variety of different cleaning methods. However, when it comes to hard flooring it is not a great method. It has a similar pH to bleach and thus, can be harsh upon the finish of the floor and will over time cause discolouration of the flooring.

Using a steam mop is a good method of cleaning hardwood flooring

think back to myth 1 and the idea that water and wood do not mix and all this method does is add heat into the mix also. By using this method regularly, it can cause hardwood floors to peel, discolour and crack. It would be better to use the bona wood floor spray mop.

Use an oil-based cleaner

for hardwood floors, oil-based cleaners will just leave a residue build up on the floor, which will in the long term make cleaning your hardwood floor harder to clean. This residue will resemble a milky film on top of the wood.

Just use a vacuum to clean your hardwood floor

vacuuming a hardwood floor, especially with a hard-bristled attachment can scratch either the sealant of the floor or the hardwood floor itself. The best thing to use would be a gentle broom or a microfibre mop as this will prevent scratches on the flooring. If you feel better using a vacuum then something like the smart robot vacuum cleaner or irobot Roomba would be the best thing to use.

As you can see, there are lots of information out there about cleaning hardwood floors, however it isn’t always right. With this article you are guaranteed the correct information top keep your floor looking as good as it did the minute it was laid.

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