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The Oreck Floor Scrubber is the Floor Scrubber You Have Been Searching For!

There are many floor scrubbers in the market but the Oreck Floor Scrubber is a well-suited, easy to use floor scrubber that won’t disappoint. However, that should not be an issue as Oreck is a brand that is to be trusted when it comes to floor scrubbers. This is because it is a brand that is trusted greatly when it comes to these products.

Top 3 Oreck Floor Scrubbers of 2020

Oreck Orbiter Ultra Multi-Purpose Floor Machine

This is one product that ensures that it is a lot easier to do scrubbing, sanding, stripping, polishing, waxing, and refinishing of all floor surfaces, and the same thing applies to the deep cleaning of the carpets. It is a lot better than regular floor scrubbers which are in the market.

The Oreck Orbiter Ultra Multi-Purpose is designed to work uniquely. The rotation of the brush head is done randomly, and the control is stress-free as it is done with the fingertips. As various cleaning pads can be bought alongside other excellent cleaning items, the Oreck floor scrubber is adequate when it comes to taking on any kind of cleaning task or any kind of floor surface. By using this product, the user is sure of getting the most outstanding appearance always.

It is particularly good for the following:

– Removal of grout stains from floors made with tiles.

– Restoration of floors made with marble and making the surfaces vibrant again.

– Restoration of the appearance on floors with hardwood surfaces.

– Removal of grease and oil from surfaces made with asphalt and concrete.

– Deep cleaning of carpets alongside the removal of stains and dirt.

All these are in addition to the fact that it comes with a warranty package that lasts for as long as 10 years. So, overall, it is a very good deal for customers who are interested in getting the best results with cleaning. There is also an arrangement in place for the replacement of filters.

Oreck Orbiter Multi-Purpose Floor Machine

Here is a product that has an overall impressive performance, and this is made possible because it is equipped with several features. First is that there is a no drying time feature. It is possible to do a pairing of the Oreck dry carpet cleaner for deep carpet cleaning without the need for water. It is also applicable for a variety of cleaning tasks like waxing, polishing, refinishing, sanding, stripping, and scrubbing.

It is also designed to be as easy as possible to make use of and part of how this is done in the presence of the random orbital drive. This feature allows the product to glide effortlessly over flooring surfaces while cleaning efficiently. It is also designed to be as easy as possible to utilize.

Regarding the specifications, this floor scrubber from Oreck is designed for carpets, and other hard floors and the dimension for the cleaning path is 13 inches. It weighs 22.2 lbs, and there is a limited warranty on the motor which lasts for five years. As for the other components, there is a limited warranty that is valid for one year.

This floor scrubber can work very efficiently because of its design. It has a brush head that has its rotation done in a random pattern which also makes control via the fingertips straightforward. For further ease of cleaning, various cleaning pads can be bought with other supplies needed for cleaning. The versatility is another side of this product that makes it truly outstanding.

Oreck Commercial ORB550MC Orbiter Floor Machine

Here is an ideal floor scrubber from the Oreck brand when it comes to surfaces like hard floors, bare floors, carpets, and hardwood. The power source is alternating current, and it is good for multipurpose use. Whether your task is to do the polishing of hard floors or even do deep cleaning of carpets, here is a versatile product that is good enough.

When using this, checking the status of the scrubbing head skirt is important. If it so happens that the scrubbing head skirt is faulty in any way, then it is going to affect the task. To ensure that your task is not jeopardized, you can simply make sure that you take a second look at the product before you start utilizing it. If the scrubbing brush is old and damaged, then you should take time to have it replaced.

It has a cleaning path that has a dimension of 13 inches, and the power cord measures up to 50 feet in length. With this product, you can achieve all your cleaning goals without getting anyone to help you. It is excellent for application with shampoos, pads, brushes, bonnets, and several types of cleaning solutions. There is a floor buffer that is utilized for the cleaning of wood, tile, vinyl, and other kinds of hard floors. The same thing applies when it comes to dry cleaning or getting rid of dirt from floors with carpeted surfaces.

According to the brand, the essence of the product is to make scrubbing and polishing floor surfaces as easy as possible. The same applies to the in depth cleaning of carpets too, and it is relevant as it can be hectic to make use of regular floor scrubbers. That explains why it comes with a brush head that does its rotation with no gouging or torque.

Why Oreck Floor Scrubber is Best for Floor Cleaning?

There are so many reasons why it is ideal for making use of Oreck floor scrubbers as they are the best when it comes to cleaning floors. In this section, such factors are going to be discussed so you will also get to understand why it is such a preferred option for many.

The first is the overall design of the floor scrubbers themselves. The specialty floor cleaners made by Oreck are the real deal because they are designed specifically to assist the user. With them, you are guaranteed efficiency so much so that you do not need to do scraping and scrubbing manually all day. The floor cleaners are also designed to work with precisely the kind of floor you have, and that is where the versatility comes into the picture.

Oreck designs in such that you get exactly what you want. For instance, whether you desire to do polishing of hardwood or washing of tiles or deep cleaning of carpets or even cleaning of concrete, here is a brand that is seen as very reliable and trusted. It has a series of various attachments and cleaners.

When it comes to selecting the ideal floor scrubber, here is a brand that can be trusted. The ideal floor scrubber is one that allows for easy, effective, and efficient cleaning, and that means there will be no need to make use of conventional items like plastic buckets and regular mops.

Getting a quality product that will last is what comes with Oreck surface scrub hard floor cleaner, that goal is achieved flawlessly. All the user needs to do is simply apply the cleaning agents and do the scrubbing and drying of the floors. The best thing about these products is that they carry out all the functions simultaneously. What this implies is that using them is that there is no need to scrub and then come back to do the drying. This even saves time and energy as everything can be done at a go.

As there are several features put in place by the brand for maximal comfort for the user, it does not come as any surprise that it is a top choice for many interested in getting the best deal as far as floor scrubbing is concerned. Not all brands deliver as promised, but that is where Oreck is different, it is a brand that delivers as stated in the package. Their floor scrubbers are designed to give not just optimal performance but also value for money.

Tips for Using the Floor Scrubber to Avoid Damage

If you want to get real value from the Oreck hardwood floor cleaner, then it is important to be well-advised concerning the usage and maintenance. Here are useful tips for you:

  • Use the right type of liquid cleaner

This is one of the most helpful things you can do when it comes to making use of your floor scrubber. The wrong type of cleaning agent will damage the machine and not clean it well.

  • Check the components

Before you go ahead and make use of the floor scrubber, take time to take a look at the level of the power of the battery. The battery should be full before you commence work. What this implies is that you commence work with the device at the highest energy level and thus boost optimal performance. Another part that should be checked is the pad or scrubbing brush. If this part is damaged, you will not get the desired result.

The squeegee blade must also be checked and assessed properly. If a squeegee blade in the Oreck floor cleaner is damaged, then cleaning the floors is going to be a lot more hectic than it should be checked and replace when necessary.

  •  Check the status of the screen and recovery tank

This is important as it will save you time and get the task done swiftly. You should not use the product if there is any water left in the recovery tank. If there is water in the Oreck hard floor cleaner, it is going to get filled up, and that will mean spending more time on the task. Hence, you should ensure that it is fully empty before you resume work. While doing this, ensure that the screen is also made neat and ready to be used.


Q: How long do floor scrubbers last?

A: These products are designed for frequent use, and if used properly, they can last for years.

Q: What kind of surfaces do floor scrubbers clean?

A: As they are designed for cleaning hard surfaces, floor scrubbers can work well on concrete floors.

Q: Is it easy to get the accessories?

A: Yes, brands typically make the accessories available on demand.

Q: Does it come with brushes?

A: No, you need to purchase differently.

Q: Do the Oreck floor scrubber and vacuum cleaner work the same way for floors?

A: No, there is a difference.


The Oreck Floor Scrubber is important in keeping your spaces safe and clean at all times. However, there are so many models from various brands in the market today. That makes it stressful for buyers to know which one to go for or which features to look out for with Oreck surface scrub hard floor cleaner. What this product review has done is to provide the reader with the most relevant and useful detail in this regard as far as the Oreck orbiter is concerned.