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Oreck ORB550MC Commercial Orbiter : It’s Time To Get Off Your Hands and Knees!

Oreck ORB550 commercial floor machineIntroducing the amazing Oreck Commercial ORB550MC Commercial Orbiter Floor Machine:

We rarely get excited about floor cleaning machines, but in this instance, we really can’t say enough about the Oreck ORB550 commercial floor machine.  As far as we’re concerned, this machine is head and shoulders above its more expensive competitors.

This ‘bad boy’ really is ‘the’ multi-purpose machine. It makes it easy to sand, refinish, strip, scrub, wax & polish all floor surfaces.  We think all round it’s the best grout and tile cleaning machine, best hardwood & laminate floor cleaner, and the best home carpet cleaning machine currently available for the price.

Oreck Commercial Orbiter Hard Floor Cleaner Machine, Multi-Purpose Floor Cleaning, Random Orbital Drive, Wide Cleaning Path, 50-Foot Long Cord, ORB550MC, Gray/Red
  • MULTI-PURPOSE CLEANING: Commercial grade cleaner and effective on all types of flooring surfaces. Sand, refinish, strip, scrub, wax, and polish, as well as deep clean your carpets
  • EASY TO MANEUVER: Brush head rotates in a random orbital pattern to glide over the floor and prevent brush marks, swirls, sanding marks and gouge
  • DEEP CLEAN CARPETS: Dry cleans carpets so it won't leave a soapy or sticky residue that can attract dirt and cause rapid re-soiling
  • IDEAL FOR TIGHT SPACES: Ideal for use in bathrooms, under sinks and tight kitchen spaces
  • BUFFS AND POLISHES: Hard wood floors

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A short history lesson:

However, before we talk more about the machine and what makes it so great, it’s essential, you know a little about Oreck, the manufacturer.  As a brand, they are not a name you often see unless you regularly stay in hotels. Then you would have probably seen their industrial vacuum cleaners hard at work, as they tend to be the vacuum cleaner of choice for the hotel business.

In fact, Oreck started life back in the sixties making lightweight, yet powerful upright vacuum cleaners for the U.S. hotel industry – something they still do today but on a global scale.

These vacuum cleaners were so good; it was only natural that hotel staff wanted to buy these vastly improved cleaners for use in their own homes. And so, this led to the Oreck Corporation creating a comprehensive range of lightweight residential cleaning tools, each with exceptional power — for every room in the house.

One of the first new Oreck products to be launched was the ORB550MC commercial orbiter floor machine. Considered to be a revolutionary product with an exceptional build quality at the time, today, it continues to deliver first-class cleaning functionality.

We talk so often about new products or products that will soon get launched; we tend to forget about what great products already exist.  The ORB550 MC truly is a classic example of that old saying ‘if it isn’t broke then don’t fix it.’

This machine is just so Cool:

Advantage & Features of Oreck ORB550MC Commercial OrbiterOkay, now that you know a little about the history of Oreck and this machine, let’s get you straight up to date and talk about why we think the ORB550 MC is just so Cool.

Firstly there’s the weight, at around 24lbs – it still packs a punch but is lighter than the majority of the 13″ & 17″ commercial grade machines available; this makes it extremely portable and easy to use.

Then there are the usability features. The ‘T Bar’ grip handle is easy to use, and the convenient fingertip controls make scrubbing and polishing dream jobs.

Plus, with a 50 ft. heavy-duty power cable, you are always in control, you can move quickly and effortlessly safe in the knowledge you don’t need to keep stopping and relocating halfway through the job – great for saving time.

As a multi-purpose, low-cost cleaner, we believe the Oreck ORB550 Orbiter Commercial Floor Machine does it all and is simply the best in so many ways.

Like the fact that the fantastic build quality gives you an incredibly quiet machine, so it’s perfect for day or nighttime cleaning without disturbing the family or the neighbors.

The brush head spins and rotates in a random orbital pattern, so you get no marks, no streaks, gouges, swirls in, or on the floor your cleaning. To ensure a perfect clean every time the brush spins and oscillates at the same time.

So any cleaning fluids you’re using do not spray out from under the machine; they stay where they’re supposed to be. So there is no soaking you — or creating a floating mess — making it easy to mop as you go and, more importantly, its an economical use of cleaning solutions.

This commercial-grade cleaner was designed especially for the home, so it ideal for cleaning all those nasty sticky stains you’d rather not think about off your floors. The 13 ” brush is perfect for getting into those tight challenging hard to reach spaces.

Tackles even the toughest of jobs with absolutely no fear:

Where Oreck ORB550MC Commercial Orbiter WorksFor the ORB550 MC – there’s no job too tough for this machine; it’s an absolute workhorse. Just select the right brush or pad for the job in hand, and in seconds you’re good to go. The individual brushes and pads are easy to fit; you click them in place onto the 12″ drive holder.

Then you’re ready to buff and polish all of those high traffic floors, including all types of hardwood floors with ease. Restore Marble floors, Scrub and clean ceramic tile, grout, concrete; you can even remove oil stains.

You can use your machine to clean vinyl planking, decking, porcelain tile, and VCT (vinyl composite tile). If you need to revitalize vinyl, brick, slate, painted, or treated concrete floors and or stone floors look no further than the Oreck floor scrubber.

If you want your carpets to have that brand new look and feel about them, or you need to clean up after small children, pets that occasionally have an accident or friends that spill their drinks, then the ultimate lifesaving cleaning tool is on hand.

But is it right for you?

Well, take a minute and think about this. Ask yourself the following questions; do you want a machine that’s the best grout and tile-cleaning machine? The best laminate floor cleaner? The best hardwood cleaning machine? Best vinyl plank cleaner. A machine that gives life back to brick and stone. That can be used in every room in the house and even get oil off the garage floor. Plus, is the best machine for home carpet cleaning?

If the answer to all or any of these questions is yes, buying an Oreck Commercial ORB550MC Commercial Orbiter Floor Machine does make for a very savvy investment indeed.

However, if the answer to any of those questions is a resounding no, then I’m afraid you only really have one solution. You’re back down on your hands and knees with some pretty severe cleaning products and a large scrubbing brush – I hope you’ve got plenty of good quality hand cream because you’re going to need it.

We highly recommend the ORB550 machine, but…

You would think that after all the positive comments we’ve made about this machine; there wouldn’t be a ‘but.’ But I’m afraid there is, and that’s the fact that when you purchase the machine. It comes with absolutely no brushes, pads, or cleaning fluids; it only comes with the 12″ pad driver in place  – not even a basic starter kit.

Fortunately, when we ordered ours, we spotted this. However, if you were to forget or were unaware you needed to do this, you would end up with a machine arriving that you couldn’t use straight away, which has to be said would be a tad disappointing.

The costs:

At the time of this review, the best price we found for the Oreck Commercial ORB550MC Commercial Orbiter Floor Machine was online at Amazon, at an affordable cost, including selected Free Shipping.

However, do remember this price does not include any brushes, pads, or cleaning fluids. You will need to buy these separately, and depending on what job you’re undertaking, & these are available on Amazon with very small cost.

When all is said and done

Except for the fact it doesn’t come with any brushes or pads, they have to be purchased separately. We found the Oreck Commercial ORB550MC Commercial Orbiter Floor Machine ticks all the right boxes.

We felt that as a lightweight, low-cost multi-purpose machine. That has the functionality to clean the dirt and grime from just about every household floor type, even carpets, does it with relative ease, quietly and safely. That comes from an established global brand with a comprehensive warranty cover; then, there is probably not a better alternative available.


Do I need any special cleaning fluids to use with my Oreck 550?
Oreck does market its own brand of cleaners, but no special cleaners are necessary. You will, however, need products specific to the job. For example, if you were stripping wax off a tile floor, you would use a wax stripper.

How easy is it to clean my carpets with this machine?
It’s effortless, depending on your carpet. You can either use a soft carpet cleaning bonnet or a soft bristle brush along with a dry carpet cleaner that you vacuum up when you have finished – so not wet carpets.

What brushes and pads come with the Oreck ORB550MC?
Unfortunately, no brushes or pads come with the machine. However, Oreck does offer a wide selection, each designed for a specific job, and you can purchase all of these on Amazon.

Do I need any special instructions on how to use my floor cleaner?
No, the ORB 550 is safe and straightforward to use and is effective on most types of floor surfaces. However, we would always suggest you test a small area to ensure your using the correct brushes before tackling a major job.

What warranty do I get with this machine?
The machine comes with a 5-year limited warranty on the motor and a 1-year limited warranty on all other components.

Can I steam clean my floors with this machine?
No, the Oreck ORB 550 is for scrubbing and polishing floors, not for steam cleaning.

Is it possible to lock the handle at an angle when I’m cleaning the floors?
No, Adjusts naturally as you push and then pull back motion, it’s very smooth, effortless easy. It’s perfect.