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Oreck Orb700mb vs Orb550mc: Which is Best for Cleaning the Floor?

In the technology and appliances industry, companies haven’t stopped improving and adding features to one product: floor cleaning machines. Ranging from vacuums, manual mops, electronic spin scrubbers, self-driving cleaners, and more, it seems like every brand is striving to create the ideal floor-cleaning product that works on every single type of hard flooring you can imagine. In this article, we’ll be comparing the Orb700MB vs Orb550MC by Oreck. Oreck has been successful in gathering up thousands of positive reviews and testimonials. The brand sells revolutionary floor cleaners for wood, laminate floors, carpet, marble, tile, and even concrete flooring that polishes, scrubs, and leaves everything as clean as can be.

Two of the main Oreck floor cleaners are the Oreck Commercial Orbiter, or the Oreck ORB550MC, versus the Oreck Orbiter All-In-One, or the ORB700MB. They use spinning and scrubbing technology to smoothly glide across all types of floors. Many of their features are different, and you may be left wondering which of these Oreck products is best for your floor. As a formerly curious customer, I tried out both of these cleaners on multiple floor types to give an unbiased and honest verdict on which product is best for cleaning the floor.

Oreck Orb700mb vs Orb550mc: Features and Technical Comparison:

Before testing, I closely examined the features of each of the Oreck products and took note of what exactly made the two different.

Power Cord: The Oreck Orbiter All-In-One (ORB700MB) has a 30 foot long power cord, while the Commercial’s (ORB550MC) is 50 feet long. This makes the ORB550MC much better than the 700MB for cleaning out very large rooms or hallways and makes cleaning a lot easier as you don’t have to unplug the power cord to find another outlet closer to where you’re cleaning due to a short cord.

Horsepower: The biggest difference between these two products is probably their horsepower. The Commercial (550MC) has a whopping ¾ HP, while the All-In-One (700MB) is only ⅓ HP. Therefore, the 550MC is much stronger and more robust than the 700MB, and the MC wins this round.

Warranty: The ORB550MC has a one year warranty, while the ORB700MB has a ten year warranty. Oreck states that during this warranty period they will gladly be able to fix any defects or issues with the product. While the 550MC only has a one year warranty, it’s motor is truly built to last. However, the 700MB wins this round due to its longer warranty.

Color: The 700MB comes in a black color, while the 550MC is silver with a red power cord and a black handle.

Price: The commercial 550MC costs $347.99, while the home 700MB costs $549.99. Once again, the 550MC takes this round.

Reviews:  According to Amazon, the Oreck ORB700MB has a total of 318 ratings and is 4.6 stars. The commercial 550MC is also 4.6 stars, but has 2,482 ratings.

Live Test Performance on Multiple Types of Floorings

I used these products on different types of floorings so that I could really get a feel of them and see how well they could do in a variety of surfaces. I documented my results below:

Hardwood flooring:
I brought the products to my friend’s hardwood floor home for some deep cleaning and testing. The commercial (550MC) did a mind-blowing job, and we used it with some floor cleaning solutions. The end result did look like it was done by a commercial floor-cleaning company and would have cost a lot of money to get done professionally. Also, I used the polishing pad on the 700MB to scrub the hardwood floors and it left them as shiny as ever.

Tile & Grout:
You can consider both models as tile & grout cleaning machine/scrubber. The 700MB worked incredibly on tile grout and gilded smoothly over the tiles. It easily scrubbed away dirt that would have been very difficult to scrub off manually on my own. Hi With the commercial, the before and after was pretty amazing. It rode smoothly and left the tile I tested on white and shiny; it looked brand new. Due to the 550MC’s horsepower, it did feel a lot more powerful and cleaned the area faster.

I suspected that the products would be harder to use over carpet because of its friction. However, I was proved wrong when testing. I could operate the 550MC with only a little bit of strength from one hand so it felt very light. It removed discoloration from the carpet and left it fluffy and smooth. The 700MB took out most stains from the carpet, but I had to go through with a towel and some cleaning products and scrub out some stains left on my own after.

Pros and Cons

Oreck Orb700mb


  • Ten year warranty
  • Restores marble floors, carpets, tile, vinyl, and hardwood floors
  • Glides with no gears or belts
  • 13-inch cleaning path


  • Shorter power cord (30 feet)
  • Small
  • Only ½ horsepower

Oreck Orb550mc


  • Restores marble floors, carpets, tile, vinyl, concrete, and hardwood floors.
  • Glides with no gears or belts
  • Large product size but lightweight
  • ¾ horsepower
  • Works on commercial flooring and properties as well as home and residential flooring and properties
  • 50 foot long power cord


  • Heavier product (33 pounds)
  • Brushes sold separately
  • One year warranty versus ten on 700MB


Where are these floor cleaning products from?

Both of these Oreck orbiter floor cleaners are made in the United States with globally sourced components.

Can I use the commercial orb550MC in my home/a residential building?

Yes! The Orb550MC is built to handle commercial floors with ¾ horsepower, but it can be used absolutely anywhere, no matter how big or how small the area is.

How do these products work to clean the floors?

These versatile cleaning products follow a spinning orbit motion that glides smoothly over any type of flooring without leaving marks. While it scrubs, it simultaneously polishes the floor.

Will these machines damage an epoxy garage floor?

You can prevent any damage on an epoxy garage floor with a pad or blue brush. A white pad is the softest and is recommended. 

What attachments will remove scratches from a Travertine floor, and what do I need to clean and polish?

You can purchase multiple sanding screens of grits ranging from coarse to fine to remove scratches, depending on how deep the scratches are. The final finish desired will determine how fine you need to go with the sanding screens (ie 80 grit > 100 grit > 150 grit > 220 grit [220 grit will leave a matte finish]). Be sure to finish with a sealer and keep the floor wet while sanding. Buff with a buffing pad and use a vacuum to get rid of sanding dust. 

Final Verdict

After the numerous testing sessions I held with these two products, it was difficult to pick which I would recommend the most. However, the commercial orbiter 550MC took first place. This product is cheaper and has more horsepower than the home 700MB cleaner, and it’s more versatile in terms of what it can do due to its commercial properties and longer power cord.  Once you purchase the Oreck commercial orbiter, there’s no going back– it’ll forever be your number one floor cleaner for your home, floor-cleaning business, office, apartment, and more.