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The Oreck Orbiter ORB700MB; an AIO Scrubbing and Polishing Machine

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Introduction to the The Oreck Orbiter ORB700MB

Having that I’ve moved recently and the type of flooring in my home is now different, I’ve been searching high and low for a great hardfloor cleaning machine to replace my old one- something that could take care of multiple kinds of cleaning processes while also not being heavy or difficult to use, then I came across The Oreck Orbiter Ultra ORB700MB. It stood out to me initially because of the style- the sleek design coupled with the fact it looked extremely lightweight was what drew me in. Then I ask questions, how can something that doesn’t look bulky still be powerful? What features and benefits did this product provide, or the cons? So I decided to look deeper inside and was pleasantly surprised by what I found, here is a compilation of the information on this product so that if you’re also in the market for something new, you can see all that is available to you!

What Stands Out

As mentioned before, the thing that really made me click on the device link was the style. Never before have I seen a tile floor scrubbing machine look as this one did. With the 10.5 inch long handle that is slim and the less than 22 pound head, it makes it so that cleaning multiple floorings doesn’t require heavy and bulky machines, you get all of them in one with this device. The fact that I can use this device for the grout lines in my tiled kitchen, then continue my cleaning to the hardwood floors of my living is great. This machine works on wood floor amazingly. My previous scrubber didn’t maintain the wood very well, but with one cleaning from the Oreck Orbiter 700 they looked brand new, even shining in the sunlight! It was brilliant, also not having my back hurt from pushing the old machines I had is another great sign. The 13 inch wide cleaning head also made the cleaning time halve. I even was able to get the grease stains in the concrete flooring of the garage! I was pretty excited by how much I got done in such little time and effort. Another stand out feature was the 10 year warranty they provide for the device, should you come across any issues their customer service is also outstanding.

Pros and Cons

Providing that there have been many companies and families that have used and reviewed the device as well, there are very informed and honest points we can explore with the Oreck Floor Machine. Having also used the product after deciding the device fit my home’s needs, I also made my own list of pros and cons of the Oreck Orbiter floor machine.


  • With my old set of machines I would always be left with my arms or back pounding from having to push them around my home (especially the carpets). But with this device being on 22 pounds it was a lot easier getting it around my home and cleaning. I noticed I didn’t have to go over a spot continuously like with my older devices as well. It also saved my so much kitchen space not having to store so many large devices and being able to tuck away the Oribitor, I even decided to hang it on a hook since it’s so light to save even more space!
  • Multi Surface and Purpose. This machine takes on hardwood floors, tile flooring and carpets- I was able to turn three devices into one with this. It was easy to switch between the settings and change the heads of the machine to take on the different floorings in my home. As well as all of the additions that you can use such as their Oreck floor buffer, their scrubber, polisher, and cleaning solutions that leave your floors looking brand new and shining!
  • The 13 inch head makes it so that my cleaning time was cut in half by taking on more at once, whereas I also noticed I didn’t have to repeatedly run over one area to remove stains or dirt so that also made it faster and easier to use.
  • The 10 year warranty also makes it so that if you happen to damage the device or have any issues using your device, you can receive easy assistance in whatever problems may arise.
  • The microfiber they use on their cleaning pads made it so I had absolutely no scratches and scrapes left on my floorings, which was a big concern of mine. And there’s no worries of bristles wearing down because of their brushless design. (Though you can purchase the microfiber bristle brushes to help with certain jobs if you’d like.
  • No maintenance required. It was nice to know that there aren’t any fancy hoses, belts or rotors I would have to change out or worry about. I’m not very skilled when it comes to hands on jobs so having it be easy to assemble and maintain is another really nice feature since I plan to keep it as long as possible.



  • Despite being lightweight, I did find that since the handle was so skinny and the head was much larger it was difficult to maneuver the device into tighter spaces because of this.
  • There was some noise production from the device, which made it so I knew that if someone were sleeping they may get distrubed by it.
  • Though I understand the mechanics of why it must have a cord, I am more used to devices that are cordless. But the fact that the cord is 30 ft long did make it better, I still dislike having to walk back to where I plugged in the cord to continue cleaning.
  • From the reviews left online, it does seem that their brush pads aren’t manufactured the best. And the fact that it doesn’t come with any extra items and are needed to be purchased separately is a little frustrating.


Is It Right For Me?

Everyone has different needs for their home cleaning; before I had a smaller apartment with only wooden floors- so this device might have worked for me before, but all the other features wouldn’t have been utilized. Now that I lived in a multi surfaced hard flooring home, I find that this device is much better suited to my needs. Being as it isn’t a larger home, the standard Oreck Orbiter 700mb is perfect for my and my home, if you happen to have a larger home or office/business that needs daily or weekly cleaning you might find the Oreck Commercial Orb700mb to be better to get more done at once.

It’s nice to know that this device can perform so many different operations; buffering, polishing, scrubbing, deep cleaning- it means that you can get the most out of one device for your home. So I find that this device is almost always a perfect fit for homes, as well as the hundreds of thousands of other families and companies have found and expressed through Amazon reviews and other companies that carry the Oreck line.

My only concerns would be for families that have smaller children or pets, as sometimes that noise or even just the look of the device can cause animals to bark or react or babies to wake up from their naps. And some people may find it frustrating to have to buy replacement cleaning pads and brushes, so if you don’t think you are wanting to keep up with replacing parts this device also might not be the best for you.

Also if you have any kind of back, shoulder and arm health concerns or issues; having to push the device could cause these conditions to worsen or flare- which isn’t what we want. A lighter option would be best if you feel as if the pushing may worsen any aches or pains.


Final Thoughts

Though the initial set up is more costly, this an all in one device that will minimize the amount of time, cost and effort needed to clean multiple surfaces in your home. With high ratings across all the platforms that sell the device including Amazon, myself as well as millions of other families and companies have found this device to be the answer to all of our cleaning needs. Cost efficient and simple to use the Oreck Orbiter Ultra ORB700mb would be a great addition (or replacement) to your homes arsenal of floor cleaning machines.



Is the Orb700mb a better option for me than the Oreck Commercial Orb500mc?

This question can be answered by answering the following question; how much square footage of cleaning needs to be completed? If the answer is more than the average apartment or small home, then the Oreck Commercial Orb500mc would be better for you. The original Orb700mb has a ½ hp motor and a 30ft cord, whereas the Oreck Commercial Orb500mc has a ¾ hp motor and a 50ft cord. It’s much more powerful and does have 2 more pounds of weight coming at 24 pounds instead of 22 pounds. Also this commercial tile & grout cleaning scrubber comes with a 5 year warranty whereas the original model has a 10 year warranty.


I just purchased an Oreck Orbiter Orb700mb for my hardwood floors, what’s the best way to go about cleaning the floors?

So the Oreck company has produced many different cleaning pads and brushes, each specific to better clean the type of flooring or type of cleaning you’re looking for. For hardwood floorings I would recommend using the buffer and polishing pads, with the hardwood floor cleaner to spray in specific spots that may have stains. You could also use the Terry cloth bonnet brushes, but I’d make sure that your hardwood floors are sealed before doing so.


How do I use this device on carpet?

I would purchase the Oreck carpet brush, it uses nylon bristles for use on high pile carpet. Before doing so I would also use the Oreck dry carpet cleaner, putting a thin layer on top of the carpet, then using the Oreck soft release pre spray on any areas of the carpet that have old stains. Allowing this to sit for five minutes before cleaning with the Oreck is also recommended so the cleaning solutions have time to lift and penetrate any stains or dirt. You can read now: Best Carpet Cleaning machine in 2021


How does this model work on hardwood floors?

Besides the hundreds of positive reviews left on this specific question on Amazon and the like, I myself found that the Oreck Orbiter Ultra Orb700mb made my hardwood floors look brand new. I moved into a home that the previous tenants must’ve not kept up with well, having stains on the hardwood floors in the living room and entryway. I tried using my old cleaning devices on the areas and found no results whatsoever. After receiving and using the device, my hardwood floors genuinely shined after, looking years younger than they really are. There seemed to be wine stains in random areas, by applying some of the hardwood floor cleaner by Oreck than attacking the areas with the device once I immediately noticed a difference but by the second cleaning it made the stains almost disappear completely.