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The Ultimate Pros and Cons of Laminate Flooring

What to look for in great flooring

When considering the ultimate flooring choice for your home you will want to consider a few factors when deciding. You will want to take into consideration what flooring option is most visually appealing for your tastes and décor. You will also want to keep in mind the simplicity or difficulty of installation procedures. Cost effectiveness and maintenance of your new floor are also critical factors when making your choice. After examining all of these factors you must ultimately decide the factors that are most important for you and choose accordingly. Laminate floors are a proven beautiful and durable choice and would be great for any home project. You will also want to take into consideration how to deal when spills and accidents happen in the home and decide what cleaning solutions are best for your laminate floor. We are sure that you will find laminate flooring to be a great option for you considering all of these deciding factors.

Here’s a few obvious pros of laminate flooring

Many do not know , realize or entertain the thought that laminate flooring is actually made out of recycled wood so it is considered a wood product and should be treated accordingly when it comes to upkeep etc.  Because of this factor it is important to note that this type of flooring can definitely be more durable and scratch resistant than other flooring types. Laminate flooring is also known to resist moisture better than its counterparts and also stand up to daily wear and tear for a more extended duration of time. These can all be attractive factors for your choice especially is you have a family with multiple people living in the home and have a lot of high traffic areas in your home that have to stand up to a lot of wear and tear. If this is the case then laminate flooring can be the perfect option for  you!

Another important factor to note about beautiful and durable laminate flooring is the look and décor aspect of the floor itself. Laminate flooring comes in a wide array of styles and looks and can actually resemble very closely to hardwood flooring. This can be a great aspect if you are looking for a cost effective flooring choice. Hardwood flooring can be hugely expensive and unnecessary if you choose laminate over hardwood. Laminate floors actually can look like real hardwood at a fraction of the cost of hardwood. This is a huge draw for those remodelling their home on a budget or those putting an entirely new floor in their newly built home. If you can save on the flooring in your home yet still get a quality, beautiful and comparable product then you have a winning choice and combination that can’t be beat or compared.

Installing laminate flooring can be super simple even for those who want to take on the task themselves rather than hiring a professional individual, group or team. Laminate flooring installation is a completely DIY project that is very possible even for the beginner. Laminate flooring can be purchased at any home store and the instructions for installation come right with the purchase so you can install it right away on your own with little to minimal effort. It just takes a willingness to follow the instructions closely and in a detailed way to make sure you complete all of the steps effectively and thoroughly. Installing the floor can be a simple process and procedure and starts with simply removing old flooring or carpet, cleaning up the cement underneath with a vacuum or sweep, then laying and gluing the new laminate floor pieces in place, then installing the baseboards. Anyone willing can surely complete this task on their own within an adequate time frame and have a successfully installed laminate floor in no time without the cost of a professional team. This is just another one of the many pros associated with choosing laminate flooring for your home!

Another nice aspect of this flooring type is that it has truly evolved over the decades and since it’s origination and accelerated into many different types of woods, looks and styles available. This makes it an attractive option for those looking to match a certain and specific décor theme in their home. There is sure to be a match for every style and taste. The varieties truly are endless and the possibilities astounding as you choose a flooring type that so closely resembles real hardwood you can barely tell a difference if at all.

The cost effective aspect of this flooring option is also astounding as you are able to save significant cash by choosing this flooring type. With the money you save choosing this floor over  hardwood or other types you can funnel that extra cash into other areas of your home remodel that need it. You can have extra funds for décor, furnishings, appliances and the list goes on and on.

There are also many other various important notes and factors to consider when deciding upon laminate flooring.  The laminate construction of the flooring planks actually gives the floor overall stability and prevents seams from opening up when changes in humidity occur. Laminate flooring installation also includes an underlayment always which eliminates the need for a tear out if you choose. Old flooring can remain and the flooring can be easily installed on top of the underlayment which is installed directly on the old flooring. You can choose whether or not to keep the old flooring or tear it out but this is one of the only floor types that at least provides the option for either installation.

Another exciting factor of this flooring type is that it is naturally made to be extremely durable. More durable than other floors to be exact. This type of floor can hold up to daily wear and tear better than any other type of floor. This factor makes it the perfect option for high traffic areas in the home or in a home where there are a lot of individuals residing. You can be sure that this floor will stand the test of time so it is an amazing investment for the long terms as well as the present. This floor also requires little to no upkeep. You will just merely want to do a traditional sweep of this floor in your daily or weekly cleaning schedule to keep away all dirt, grit and grime and there you have it a simple upkeep procedure for you! Every so often maybe once a month or as you see fit you can purchase a laminate floor cleaner made specifically for laminate floors and so a clean of the floor. You will never want to use a wet mop procedure or steam mop but rather use a state of the art Swiffer product with laminate floor cleaner or a dry swiffer with cleaning solution and you will see your floor as clean as ever! Many would have never thought that a beautiful state of the art laminate floor would be so easy and simple to purchase, install, upkeep and maintain but it in fact is a great option or you!

Here are a few Cons of Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring does obviously possess some cons. It can look and feel more fake than it’s more genuine counterparts such as hardwood. The durability of this floor may not be as strong and long lasting as more genuine hardwood flooring types or other types. Daily wear and tear on this floor has the potential to damage it and scratch it more easily than it’s genuine hardwood counterpart. But the good news is the damages can be easily repaired with the proper cleaning solution and cleaning methods and procedures. It is a less costly floor so you will forsake a bit of the genuine quality that you would get with and authentic and genuine hardwood flooring type. Also you cannot just use any type of cleaning solution or procedure on this flooring type as it is very sensitive to cleaners and cleaning processes so you need to choose products more carefully and maybe dish out a few more dollars for the proper cleaning solution for this floor as opposed to other more general floor types.