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4 easiest ways to remove soap scum from glass doors

We found 4 easiest ways you can use to remove soap scum off your glass doors, but  first.. read this.

Soap scum or soap scam?

Are you frustrated when you see a whitish-yellow filmy layer is covering your bathroom surfaces, sink, shower glass and tub steadily and building up over weeks, months and years despite having to wash your bathrooms regularly? You bath your body daily using a soap to get your skin the squeaky clean but since all good things come with a price, the price for your squeaky clean body is your inevitable encounter with the soap scum. So, you feel cursed and rinse the sink, rub and scrub the glass doors/tub with soap bars and water but they are stubborn stains that keep coming back? If you can relate to this then congratulations cause you’re being scammed by your soap!

Simple equation to summarise the SOAP SCAM :

Hard water+ soap = soap scum.

Calcium and magnesium ions along with many other minerals present in the hard water combines with the fatty ingredients in soaps to form the solid substance “soap scum” that keeps building up until cleaned regularly and PROPERLY with the suitable cleaning agent. If you use the same soap bar and water to clean it, it’s unlikely the soap scum will ever leave you alone. NOTE IT DOWN- soap and hard water mixes together forming the soap scum so you need to use another method to clean them.

The soap scum also includes body oils, dead skin, hair and the floating dirt particles that eventually starts to attract mould, algae and bacteria. The soap residue becomes so irresistible to mould that the mould keeps thriving on the soap scum to give an unpleasant odour eventually and too gross to look at.

Hygiene checklist: Taking shower is supposed to make you feel germ-free and as clean as a whistle but it can’t when it itself is the most unhygienic place in your house so take some time off your busy schedule to fight against the soap scum!

Stubborn soap scum on your shower glass?

Unlike soap scum on the bathroom floor, sink and tub, shower glasses get dirty more often because it is constantly exposed to soap scum and hard water stains. The soap scum sticking on the shower glass can be very dense to cleanse easily and if you let it build for weeks without washing it off regularly, they’ll get more sticky. The glass doors eventually becomes less transparent and more opaque due to hard water stains and soap scum.

And in spite of daily wash, you can’t possibly keep that scum away for too long from hugging your shower glass as long as your body is not ready to give up hugging your soap in the shower. It’s a love-hate relationship with the soap and hard water.

But can you keep the scum at bay if not away? Fortunately, yes.

Let’s see how!

White vinegar:
Vinegar is a really acetic acid which makes it a thorough cleaning solution. Acids are widely known to remove mineral deposits particularly from sinks and glasses. So what’s the application? Very easy.

You take a spray bottle filled with vinegar and spray on your sponge or you directly dip a sponge in vinegar and let it get soaked for a while(you can also use a cloth instead of a sponge). Start rubbing the sponge across the entire glass door as if you are painting rainbows. Once you’re done cleaning, let it dry completely.

Baking soda :
Take a generous amount of baking sound on a damped cloth/sponge or mix a paste of baking soda with vinegar or lemon juice and put them all over the glass door. Let the paste sit on the glass for some time and then start scrubbing with the cloth/sponge. For more deep cleaning you can use homitt spin scrubber, it’s portable, lightweight and easy to use. Once you’re done scrubbing all the areas, rinse very well with plain water and let it dry.

Ammonia :
Fill a spray bottle with ammonia and water and spray all over the glass door. Let it remain for about 10 minutes then either scrub or brush the glass door thoroughly. Rinse it with plain water and finally let it dry or use a microfiber cloth to wipe it.

Commercial cleaners :
You will find plenty of commercial cleaners & handheld steam cleaner on market that can get your job done faster and better than the three other methods described above. Especially if you are busy person and don’t have time to mix ingredients then this is a far more easier way. But always make sure to buy a cleaner of pH 7 to 8 and it’s best to read the instructions before usage as each commercial cleaners might have different applicable techniques.